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Issues in very good condition unless otherwise described


2 PLUS 2. Ed James GILL. Spring—Winter 1984. Mylabris Press. Lausanne.
A multilingual journal of poetry, fiction, belles lettres, criticism, translations and
interviews. Contributors include V Scannell, R Fulton, Michel Deguy, E Junger,
M Ortese, Andre Roy, Borges, Tony Curtis, James Kirkup, Jeremy Reed,
Alan Bold, Ronald Bottrall, and many other English, French, German, Spanish. Italian and American writers.
2 volumes each approx 240pp. Fine in original pictorial stiff wraps. £14.00

LA TABLE RONDE. Ed Thierry MAULNIER. Paris. 1944-1946.
6 issues were published all being limited & numbered & issued on thick quality paper.
A very substantial periodical.
1945. No 3. (Giraudoux, De Ronsard, J Anouilh, L Jouvet, E Renan, V Woolf, A Blok,
J Paulhan, J Genet, etc. Dessins de Boussingault, Andreu, Cocteau, Duprint,,etc. Gouaches, etc. Jean Hugo & Roger Morel. Facimiles & music for a poem by
G Hugnet,etc.) circa. 230pp. £45.00
1945 No 4. (Racine, Saures, Romains, Halevy, Ayme, Heriat, P de la Tour du Pin, Boutang. Dessins de Marchand, Jean Villon, Brassai, Grischia, Facs, etc.) £45.00
1946 No 1. (Claudel, Mauriac, Jammes, Colette, Gogol, Gide, Alain, Spender.
Dessins et Gouaches inedit de Matisse, Bonnard, Bourdelle, Marquet, Moreau, Berard, etc with facsimiles) Original wraps dust soiled otherwise near fine unopened copy. £50.00
1946. No 1. As above with original paper spine rubbed & torn. £40.00
1946. No 2. (Stendhal –fragment Inedit, Lamartine (correspondance), Supervielle,
J Green, Biely, Caillois, W Faulkner, Huxley, Daniel-Rops, Von Hofmannstahl,
Frank Liszt, etc. Dessins de Chagall, Thevenit, Hirvieu, Milleret, facsimiles, etc.)
Head & foot of paper spine rubbed, otherwise very good. £45.00
1951 Mars. No. 39.(G Greene-Voyage sans Cartes; F Mauriac-Les Quarte-vingt-dix-neuf ans de Paul Bourget; R Peyrefitte-A traves les rues de Naples; etc.)
Original wraps frayed, pages browned but contents tight and complete. £15.00

1st & 2nd Issues. All published? 1970 & 1972
(T Blackburn, E Lucie-Smith, C Day Lewis, P Redgrove, E Storey, M Hamburger,
D Holbrook, M Horovitz, R Fuller, G S Fraser, K Raine, B Pasternak, A Akhmatova,
A Ridler,Editors,L P Slater,G Meyer,J Heath-Stubbs.)
2 issues in original wraps. £40.00

TAK TAK TAK 4. 1989. Poems by N Toczek, A Clay, K Blake, Biff & Jayne, Scott Pack,
J Keery, M Holder, H Cleverly, K Madsen, D Bishop, P Buck, T Milton, etc. etc. Articles/stories by P Rypson, Wendy Hughes Ltd, Mde Daudet, S Phillips, M Stevenson, etc. etc. Illustrated & with 2 C90 cassettes! 3 items. £10.00

TAR RIVER POETS. East Carolina University. Fall 1973.
Eugene Robert Platt, M Mills, C Perkinson, S Quiin, H Whitfield, M Sheldon, A Brem, etc. Original wraps on very good condition. £6.00

TARASQUE. Edited by Stuart MILLS & Simon CUTTS.
No. TWO. Poems by S Hawkins, S Cutts, M Butler, Stuart Mills. No date (196O’s). £10.00
Tarasque Press Exhibition. METAPHOR and MOTIF. Nottingham. 1972.
Introduced by S Bann with contributions by R Kenedy, Editors, I Gardner, I Hamilton Finlay(3 pictures) & S Bann. Original wraps in very good condition. £20.00.

Poetry, Reviews & letters by D Wakoski, W Price-Turner, A Hollo, A Dixon, M Hall, B Nystedt, J Collom, D R Wagner, P Matthews, G Fowler, etc.
Original wraps in very good condition. £8.00

IL TAROCCO. Trimestrale Di Letteratura e Arte. Bologna, Italy.
Anno II, N.3-4. October 1966. Italian publication with contributions by R Di Marco, G Celli, F Solmi, M Baroni, A Ginsberg, P R Gatti, J-P Duprey, A Jouffroy, P & G Menarini, M Micozzi, G L Zucchini, L Lelli, L Nanni, etc.
Original pictorial wraps. 112pp. Illustrated. £10.00

TATE Etc. Issues 1-5. Summer 2004 – Autumn 2005.
Visiting & Revisiting Art, etcetera with articles on R Ondak, C Conder, M Kipenberger, R Fenton, M Fisher, H Rousseau, S Lucas, E Hopper, R Dadd, L Tuymans, J Beuys, S Dali, Turner, Whistler, Monet, A Strindberg, D Smith, Joshua Reynolds, F Kahlo, K Baker, J Beuys, S Dali, & many other topical events. Contributors include G Greer, F Bonami, M Cattelan, R Horn, K Tyson, A Caro, J Koons, etc.
Profusely illustrated both in colour & black & white. 5 issues. £25.00

A glossy magazine profusely illustrated both in colour & black & white, with adverts & photographs of topical events & people.
1985 June. (J Barnes vs M Amis, 2pp..S Schiff meets Charles Adams, cartoonist..) £5.00
1990 Feb. (Orangery-A Burgess talks to R Ross about his infamous Creation. L H Howler on Allen Ginsberg;, etc.) £8.00

T.C.D. Poetry, review and comment published by Trinty College, Dublin.
Number 1306. Not dated. (Poems by Ernest Bates; G Moreton & G Murphy, etc.) 20pp.
Original wraps. Illustrated. £6.00

TEARS IN THE FENCE. Poetry, prose and graphics periodical.
Editors David Caddy, Harry Seccombe, Paul Donnelly et al.
No.1. September 1984. Contributors include G & M Casey, K Cowdall, D Cunliffe, A Darlington, O Davis, R M Loydell, D R Morgan, etc.
Original wraps a bit dusty but contents very good. £10.00
No.8. not dated. Jim Burns, D R Morgan, P Lambert, B Fogden, R mallin, A Jordan, H Kenny, etc. Original wraps. £10.00

THE TEILHARD REVIEW. Ed A O DYSON. v.3/1.2. & 4/1.2. 1968-70.
To promote greater awareness and understanding of the thought of P Teilhard de Chardin with its many implications for the ordering of our common life!
Contributors include S M Daecke, E Keon, Earl R MacCorman, L Reid.
4 Issues in original wraps. £12.00

TELEGRAM. Poetry, Fiction, Reviews, Comment.
1980. No 1. (J Ash, T Denegris, P Dent, J Kennon, E A Markham, A Paterson, Ken Smith...) £6.00

TELEPHONE. Ed Maureen Owen. NY.
No 14. 1978. (Poems by C Bernstein, T Weigel, G Owens, G Matteson, C North, R Wright, J P Vega, A Levitt, V Hudspith, T Greenwald, S Schuchat, etc. Stories D Sharbrough, B Mayer, M Stetler, T Savage, B Dumont, etc. L Hornick on Ted Berrigan. £10.00

TEN. 8. Ed Martin SLAVIN. A quarterly Photographic Magazine.
No 23. 1984. The 3 main articles deal with ‘Colour Supplement Living’ 25pp; Problems for documentary in the 80’s & Strategies in Feminist Photography. There are also reviews of exhibitions & books. 48pp large 4to. Original pictorial stiff wraps. £5.00

TEXT & CONTEXT. A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. North Staffordshire Polytechnic Department of Humanities.
1986 Autumn. Vol.1 no.1. (Exorcism in Literature and History; J Coutouvidis on T S Eliot’s preface to The Dark Side of The Moon; other articles on Defoe, Northern Ireland radio and politics, the Cold War, Doris Lessing, etc.) £6.00
1988 Spring.V.2/1. (Pierre Bourdieu-The Work of Art as Fetish; Douglas Tallack-The short story “Genre” & American Romanticism; The Gothic Dialogue in Jane Eyre by Paul Giles; etc.) £6.00

TEXT.7. Ed Mark KARKINGS. Aug 1978. (J Taggart-from Dodeka; Concrete poems by G Sobin, C Bernstein, J Perlman & V Zambaras. Louise Landes-Levi translates an article by R Dumal; Review of Kelly by McCelland.) Original wraps. £8.00

1960. Spring/ v.3/1
. (M K Spears on the Function of Literary Quarterlies; A Prando on Painting in Argentina; Poems by V Watkins, W Weathers, H Behn & J Logan. W Burford - Selections from the work of John Guerin; Stories by H L Shore & J D Strohm C G Wilber on Charles Darwin’ S E Hyman-Surrealist Botany; etc.) £6.00
1964 Autumn, v.7/3. Essays by B Patmore(E Pound in Britain), C Middleton on E Walser, R Walser on Masters & Workers; J Brooke on Denton Welch as Painter & Writers; W H Nolte on Mencken, J Fowles –On Being English but nor British, etc. Fiction by R Walser, R Granat, M Senesi, A R Bosworth, P Sanavio, etc. Poems by G Ekelof, E lindegren, P Lagerkvist, W Dickey, etc. £8.00
Essays by R Hoggart, M Bradbury, T Driberg, Henry Green, A L Rowse,
H Massingham, H Gaitskell, C Cockburn, etc. Stories by Ted Hughes, A sillitoe, K Farrell & W Sansom. Poems by J Wain, P redgrove, Dom Moraes, P Larkin, G Barker, Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes 7 E Jennings. Illustrated by Rowland Emett & H Beacham,
Very good condition with a dw which is a little frayed but complete. £25.00

Nos. 1. 3-16. 1976-1985.
(R Fuller, D Davie, T Gunn, D J Enright, J Hollander, A Thwaite, D Dunn, A Brownhjohn, M Longley, S Heaney, G Ewart, P Porter, J Mole, J Wain,
P Redgrove, G Ewart, J Heath-Stubbs, I Caws, K Crossley-Holland, R Fulton, J Beeching, J Kazantzis, P Craig, W Radice, C Fry, C Rumens, D Abse, M Laskey, R Gittings, etc.)
15 issues in original wraps. £150.00
Winter 1976. v.1/1. (Boos of Different Durations by R Fuller; Poems by D Davie, A Thwaite, D J Enright, T Gunn, J Hollander, etc. Cleary reviews Heaney’s North Ship; etc.) £5.00
Nov 1977. v.1/4.(Poems by J Wain, J Hollander, S Heaney, G Ewart, P Redgrove, etc.
Editor on Hughes’ Gaudete; etc.) £6.00
Dec 1978. v.1/6. (Poems by G Ewart, M Hulse, Editor, J Maule, P Howe, A V Simcock,
P Scupham, etc. reviews by M Longley, R Fuller, Editor, etc.) £6.00
July 1979. v.1/7. (Poems by D J Enright, G Ewart, M Farley, P Porter, A Thwaite, etc.Editor reviews Tenebrae by G Hill; etc.) £8.00
Feb 1982, v.2/10. (Poems by G Ewart, R Fuller, W Radice, W G Shepherd, etc.) £5.00
March 1983, v.2/12.(Poems by D J Enright, R Gittings, G Szirtes, P Porter, D May, etc.) £6.00
Oct 1983. v.2/13. New work by D Abse, P Dale, D Davie, D J Enright, R Fuller, P Stoddard, etc.) £6.00
March 1984, v.2/14. New work by A Brownjohn, G Ewart, S Heaney, C Rumens, etc. C Fry translates Lysohorsky’s The Bird’s Nest; etc. £8.00
Oct 1984, v.2/15. (Poems by R Fuller, R Fulton, J Beeching, D Grubb, P Porter, D J Enright, etc.) £6.00

THEATRE: ALIVE OR DEAD? Ed E J BURTON. 1959. (Articles on Theatre & Community; Theatre Today & Theatre & the Future by Editor, M Sulman, B Way, F Mackenzie, G Wickham, A WeskerJ Whiting, etc. With a poem by B Brecht. ) £5.00

A monthly, well produced & well illustrated magazine featuring all aspects of international stage, including film, music, operas, design & ballet, etc.
1930 Nov; 1932 Oct; 1933 Feb, March, May, Sept; 1934 March, April, Sept, Dec; 1935 July; 1937 Feb; 1941 May; 1946 Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec; 1947 Jan-July;
1947 Dec; Jan 1948.

Contains reviews, articles, & comment by Ashley Dukes, John Grierson, Sewell Stokes, Barry Jackson, J B Priestley, Gertrude Lawrence, Beatrix Lehmann, Terence Rattigan, Christopher Isherwood, Borris Aronson, Alan Dent, Cecil Smith, Kwei Chen-Three Folk Dramas, J Laver, J Middleton Murry, Cocteau, P Hope-Wallace, Jo Mielziner, G Bottomley, Val Gielgud, H Granville-Barker, E Carrick, A Nicoll, S D'Amico, Alistair Cooke, N Mitchison, I Claire, R Sherwood, N Sokoloff-Music in Soviet Russia, etc.
Illustrations by Beaton, Toulouse-Lautrec, Bemelmens, Picasso, Dali, etc, with many action portraits of prominent film & stage performers.
All issues very good with coloured pictorial wraps. 26 issues including special issues on The Tributary Theatre, Architecture for the New Theatre, Theatres of the World. £225.00
March 1958. USA. The complete text of “The Potting Shed” by G Greene illustrated with photographs by B Owen. Together with Programme of the first production laid in, held at the Globe Theatre with John Gielgud, Irene Worth & Gwen Ffrangconi-Davis. (Other articles on Feydeau, Ionesco, etc.) 2 items. £25.00

A Magazine of the New Spirit in the Theatre. Nos.1-5.1919-1920? All Published.
Published by Poetry Bookshop for the Bloomsbury Press. Articles by E Pound (2),
P Nash, Editors, I Zangwill, F Rutter, Lennox Robinson etc.
Illustrated by C Lovat Fraser, P Nash, H Rutherston, etc.
5 issues in original wraps, one lacking wraps & two having frayed wraps. £150.00

Nos 1-12, Nov 1981 – 1984. An Anglo-French magazine the articles being
presented in both languages, “…. alongside features concerning international
theatre events, we are seeking to provide a forum for major matters of debate in
world theatre”. Contributors include David Edgar, Arnold Wesker, Clive Barker,
Tadeusz Kantor, Colin Duckworth, Melina Mercouri(interview), Stanley Kauffmann,
John Pick, John Martin, etc. Illustrated. Issues approx 66-120pp. 12 nos in 10.
All near mint in attractive original pictorial wraps. £60.00
No.2 1981. Articles on Arts Funding, Children’s International Theatre and Eccentric Theatre; abstracts in Russian, Spanish & Arabic. £5.00
No.6. Feb. 1982. Mel Gussow on Lee Strasberg; articles on the Tibetan Theatre of China and popular drama workshops in Northern Nigeria; etc. £5.00
No.7. March. 1982. Clive Barker on the Theatre in a declining economy; Eckhard Schulz on Peter Weiss and the Drama of the Revolution; articles on theatre in Cyprus and Greece; Emily Buchanan on the Avignon Festival; etc. £5.00
No.9. Jan 1983. John Martin on Indian Dance Traditions and the Modern Theatre; articles on A Shakespeare festival in Armenia, the No Acting Theatre of Ryszard Cieslak, Palestinian Theatre and Finding a Theatre for Somalia; etc. £5.00

THINGS. Ed E Jarrett & R Schreiber. USA.
1964-1965. Nos 1 & 2
. possibly all published. (Poems by B Deutsch, N Porter, W Hoffman, J Unterecker, D Levertov, G Malanga, J Miller, T Clark, M Goldberg, J Leed, P Whalen, etc. Prose by F Salomon, L Wieder; G Butler, Allan Knee(story); Wash drawing of W C Williams by Ben Shahn; other art work by J Kurhajec. )
2 issues in original wraps. £25.00

THEN. 1972. Ed E Gundrey . Editorial adviser & introduction by A Briggs.
A two-monthly illustrated magazine aimed at compiling the events and conditions of one year from history, this issue being dedicated to the year 1901. Events covered include the death of Queen Victoria: Australia’s first parliament: the Boer War and the first British submarine. Original pictorial wraps. 104pp.£5.00

A newspaper format magazine of Poetry, Lectures & the Arts including reviews.
No.9. Spring 1982. (Poems-R Fainlight, T Gunn, B Eastman, A Shapiro, J Knight,etc.
Steve Wasserman-Interview with Jacobo Timerman; Conversation Between Two Writers-L Michaels & D Johnson; T Laqueur-Perspective:Medicine & History.) £8.00
No.21. Spring 1985. (Poems by R Fainlight, H Schwartz, T Gunn; New Fiction by Jane & Paul Bowles; The Problem with the Film Amadeus; Jewishness & Writing -
interview with E Jabes; The Creator as Creature: Kafka’s “The Burrow”. )
The upper wrap has cancelled US postage stamp & is addressed to Ruth Fainlight, Vanderbilt University, Nashville. £15.00

A forum for free reasoned discussion and debate.
v.7/3-4. v.9/1, 3, 4. v.10/1. July 1985-January 1988.
An invaluable source on the history, problems & politics that beset the third world
with a useful number of detailed & pertinent reviews.
The issues vary from 250-450pp. 6 issues plus indexes volumes 6, 7 and 8.
together with the cumulative Index for Vols 1-5, 1979-1983. 84pp. £40.00

THIS AND THAT. 9/11/29. Articles include “Draining The Mediteranean” and
“Shall we ever reach the Moon?” Illustrated. 40 pp. £7.00

THOTH. Ed Neil Astley & Bob Lawson.
A Morden Tower Anthology. No.1. Dec. 1977.
Poetry, Fiction, Poets' Worksheets, Drawings, Interview.
(A Stevenson, R S Thomas, Edwin Morgan, Wes Magee, Lee Harwood, R Garioch, R McGough, F Adcock, G Ewart, J Silkin, R Kell, S Spender, E Randell, M Hamburger, N MacCaig...) £10.00

THEOLOGY. Nov. 1966. Ed P Coleman et al.
(F Kermode-The Uses of Error; Alan Wilkinson-The Poetry of War) £5.00

THREE. The magazine of No.3 Formation College, Chiseldon.
March 1946. No.1. (Stories by A Green, J Cooper, A S Rein; Poems by E Ambrose, S Owen, R Wright; Illustrations by M Fry, P Harle; etc.) £7.00
May 1946. No.3.
(Stories by G Ginn, J Ingram, P Impey; Poems by F Gellner, C Dover,
F Lompscher, S Jolly, R Wright, E Ambrose;
Illustrations by H B Powell, D Fowler, F A W Barnett, etc. £7.00

Spring-Winter 1960. Nos 1-4.
All published.
Illus by Cocteau & Mervyn Peake (in 3 of the 4 numbers).
Other contributors include G Corso, C Day Lewis, L Durrell, A Wesker, Ionesco,
H Moore, S Holroyd, Roethke, P Potts, Alvarez, J Schevill, etc.)
4 issues in original wraps together with Drawings by 13 Artists, a catalogue
issued by The Woodstock Gallery containing full page illustrations in black/white
of the artist's work. (J Knoblock, M Brooks, A L Wyatt, N Hosali, M Foley, L Watson,
D Bordass, M gilmore, F Palmer, V Fuller, J Jackson, J Moore, J Green) -28pp.
5 items in original wraps all near fine with the original wrap around holder. £85.00
No.3. 1960. (A Wesker-Act. Poems-T Roethke, G Corso, L Durrell, M Peake, etc; ) £15.00

THE THRUSH. A Periodical for the publication of original poetry.
1901. Feb. No.2. Issue mainly devoted to Queen Victoria’s death.
Poems by C W Wynne, A P Graves, Mackenzie Bell, F Prevost, K Howard,
T M Ellis, E H Withers & H Begbie contributing a poem on Kitchener.
Original wraps complete with black ribbon. Small nick on rear cover. £50.00
1901. June No.6. Poems by E Fawcett, R Mulholland, F Prevost, W J Dawson, T Brydie, H M Abrahams, R Dennis. £20.00

Nos. 1-6. 1909-1910
. Chapman & Hall.
A Journal of Poetry, Articles & Reviews by H G Wells, F M Hueffer, K Tynan, E Thomas, F Swinnerton, M Sackville, A C Benson, L Housman, S Sassoon, W De La Mare, A Noyes, F Brett Young, A P Graves, S C Roberts, J Drinkwater, D Goldring, W Jerrold, H Farjeon, A St John Adcock, Q, D S Shorter, C M Verschoyle, etc.)
6 issues in original pictorial wraps very slightly frayed. All published. £140.00
v.1/1. 1909 Dec. (Ford Madox Hueffer, Q, A C Benson, N Gale, J Drinkwater, G Gould, D Godlring, Allen Upward, A P Graves, F A Swinnerton, etc.)
Original wraps. Spine frayed. £25.00
v.1/2. Jan 1910. (N Gale, L Housman, D Goldring, W De La Mare, A Upward, R C MacFie, etc.) Paper spine marked & rubbed at head & foot. £20.00
v.1/3. Feb 1910. (A Noyes, N Gale, M Sackville, A P Graves, F Brett Young, T Burke,
L Housman, etc.)
Wraps slightly frayed with very slight foxing on the first few pages. £25.00
v.2/1-2. April-May 1910. (E Rhys, N Munro, E Nesbit, A St John Adcock, B Dobell, W B Nichols, J Drinkwater, etc.) Bound in red buckram, half calf. Spine a little rubbed. Photocopy of contents included. £30.00
v.2/1. 1910 April. (A C Benson,A St John Adcock, M Sackville, I A Williams, N Gale, D S Shorter, H G Wells, etc.)
Original wraps marked & rubbed away at the upper & lower parts of the spine. £25.00

THUMBSCREW. Ed. T KENDALL. Nos 2-5. Spring 1995 – Summer 1996. Oxford. Poetry, Articles & Reviews. (T Hughes on S Plath: The Bell Jar and Ariel;
J Stallworthy, B O’Donoghue, E Lowry, I Hamilton, G Ewart, C Simic, K Miller,
L MacNeice(Two new stories), P Muldoon(Interview), C Rumens, J Redmond.
4 Issues in original wraps. £40.00

THE TIGER'S EYE. Ed. Ruth STEPHAN. 1947-49. Nos 1-9.
A substantial, well-produced, quarterly magazine of Art & Letters, with plate &
tipped in illustrations in both colour & black & white. Contributors include H Read, T Garrigue, R Todd, T Newton, W Stafford, H Gregory, A Nin, M Moore, L Frankenberg, W Carlos Williams, B Deutch, H Moore, R Duncan, J L Borges, Giacometti, Calder, Lipchitz, Zadkin, H Laurens, Chagall, J Schervill, K Patchen, T Roethke, Picasso, Magritte, K Rexroth, De Chirico, M Ernst, W Lam, Braque, Queneau, P Goodman, C Aiken, S Spender,
S Moss, Neruda, Eberhart, T S Eliot, W S Graham, W Everson, D J Enright, R Char,
K Seligman, J G Villa, J Laughlin, E Olson, Gent, Miro, A Masson, K Schwitters,
W Folwie, E Wilbur, P Klee, G Roualt, Tanguy, W Kandinsky, C H Ford, etc.)
9 issues in original decorated wraps. Uncommon magazine. £300.00
No 2. 1942 (R Quereau, Pasternak translated by B Deutch, K Rexroth, P Goodman, M Ernst, W Kees The attitude of ten artists on their writing:- B Margo, A Gottleeb, F Orlando, H Ferber, J Stephan, etc) £25.00
No 5. 1948 (W Kees, S Moss, C Aiken, W BazioTes,etc.) £25.00
No 6. 1948 (T S Eliot, K Patchen, Chagall, W Lam, M Ernst, G Bataille, T Merton, J M Brinnin, R Eberhart, W S Graham, J Schevill, etc) £25.00
No 7. 1949 (4 opinions of the White Goddess by R Graves by J Campbell, F Golffing, J L Sweeney & T Cole H Gregory, W Fowlie, R Queneau, R Wilbur, P Klee, Tanguy, Kandinsky, R Magritte, A Artand, etc) £25.00
No 9. 1949 (J Genet, L Hearn, E Olson, R Char, J Laughlin, W Lam, K Seligman, P Klee,
M Ernst, E Honig, K Rexroth, D J Enright, etc) £25.00

TIME. Swan Sonnenschein, Lowney & Co.
A Monthly Miscellany of Current Topics, Literature & Arts. Ed Edmund YATES.
1887. NS. Vol. 6. July-Dec 1887.
(G Moore-Confessions of a Young Man-a,complete story in 6 parts; C Kernahan-sonnet; A Symons on Walter Pater, S F Weyman-A Party of Four-short story; etc.)
Covers damp stained with front & rear hinges very tender. £5.00

A Howard Baker compilation of 16 of the best-loved pre-war children’s comics in original colours. (Tiger Tim’s Weekly, The Rainbow, Puck, Larks, Chips, Merry & Bright, Jolly Comic, Comic Cuts, The Joker, The Butterfly, Funny Wonder, Jester, Film Fun, The Kinema Comic, Tip Top and Playbox.) A very good copy in like dust jacket which is very slightly frayed on top of spine. £15.00

TIME. Atlantic Edition. Ed H DONOVAN.
A weekly magazine covering the Arts, Cinema, Theatre, Modern Medicine, Business, commenting on the whole gamut of topical events.
Jan 1962-June 1965 (7 vols), Jan-Dec 1966 (2 vols), July-Dec 1967 (1 vol),
Oct 1969-June 1970
(2 vols). 12 bound volumes. Full details on request. £80.00

A magazine to commemorate the bicentenary of The Times. 166pp.
Contributors include John Mortimer, Roy Jenkins, Miles Kingston, Dirk Bogarde, Colin Watson, C Douglas-Home, etc. Profusely illustrated with pictures & photos commemorating famous events throughout this period. Original stiff wraps. £6.00

TINSLEY’S MAGAZINE. An illustrated monthly magazine. Ed Edmund YATES.
Vol. XIV Jan-Jun 1874. (James Grant – Fairer Than a Fairy; B L Farjeon – Jessie Trim; Justin McCarthy – Linley Rochford; The Day-dreams of a Dawdler; Wife or Work-Anon, etc.) A very good copy in half calf with marbled boards. £10.00

TITMOUSE REVIEW. Vancouver, Canada. Ed Y De Carlo.
Nos 1-7. 1975-1976? Possibly all published. A satirical illustrated magazine combining verse & prose in "Concrete, Business, Agricultural" issues.
Contributors include C Helman, E McNamra, A Hoffman, D Zaiss, J Digby, R Harper, D Blaek, J Maher, E A Markham, R Snyder, A Codrescu,L Zirlin, etc. etc.
Original pictorial wraps all very good save for the first issue whose covers are a little stained. 7 issues. £50.00

TLALOC. Leeds. Ed. Cavan McCarthy.
A (duplicated) “Magazine of the New Literature.” Mainly verse on stapled pages.
No.9. 1965. Jim Burns, H Bell, R Tait, B Cobbing, etc. £10.00
No 13. circa 1966. Nichol, E R Baxter, T Clark, E Thacker, R Hausmann, Angela Carter, P Jones, D A Levy-Manifesto. £7.00
TNT on Pop. Jan’69. Ed D Arnold-Top of the Pops; J Baddeley-Jumping on the Band Wagon; W Dean-Radio Lost; C Hockley-Radio Won; J Rees-Psychology of Pop,
J Drinkall-Jobs? What Jobs? Etc. £5.00

TO-MORROW. Edited by SMART, HIGGINS, SALKELD and EMERY. Dublin. No.1. 1924. W B Yeats-Leda & The Swan. To All Artists & Writers-a Manifesto signed by
H S C Salkeld but definitely ascribed to Yeats. L Robinson, L O'Flaherty, J Campbell,
F R Higgins, M Gonne, etc. Large folio. Very good copy. Illustrated. £100.00

TOMORROW. Keeble College. Oxford. ED I HAMILTON & S PIERIS.
XI c: 1959-1960. Nos.1-4.
(R Fuller, M Hamburger, M Horovitz, R Duncan, D J Enright, C Hamblett, E Jennings, C Middleton, C A Trypanis, Alvarez, J Fuller, P Heliczer, B Kops,
H Pinter, T Blackburn, R Adams, A Brownjohn, R Skelton, T Baybars, etc. )
4 issues in original wraps-all published. £75.00
No.2. 1959. (Poems by R Duncan, D J Enright, C Hamblett, M Horovitz, E Jennings,
C Middleton, E Morgan, C A Trypanis, etc.) £15.00
No.3. Feb-March 1960. (Poems by A Alvarez, V Benton, R Duncan, M Ffinch, M Horovitz, B Kops, J Fuller, P Heliczer, E Jennings, B Kops, C Middleton, KJ Spink, V Benton, F Hope, etc.) £15.00
No.4. 1960.( H Pinter-A Slight Ache-Play. C Middleton-story. Poems by M Horovitz,
R Skelton, A Brownjohn, P Dale, J H Prynne, J Fuller, Richard Adams,
T Blackburn, T Baybars, etc.) £20.00

T.P's WEEKLY. 26/9/14. (Holbrook Jackson on Winston Churchill; Extract from The Red Badge of Courage by S Crane.) £10.00

TOPIC:37. Journal of the Liberal Arts. 1983. Washington. Pennsylvania. USA.
6 articles on Henry James by G Montero, A R Tintner, C A Brown, V C Fowler,
R Gregory & L E Oelschlegel. £15.00

No.9. Special issue on parapsychology with preface dated January 1960.
Contributors include Duncan B Blewett, Francis Huxley, Eugene Exman, Karlis Osis, Thomas T Paterson, etc. 264pp. Original wraps in very good condition. £10.00
No.10 Mai-Juin 1957. Special number of La Tour Saint Jacques devoted to the author, J K HUYSMANS (1907-1957. Some 200pp on his life & work by a number of french critics & acdemics. Includes "textes inedits de Huysmans, a bibliographie, etc. French texts. Original publisher's wraps in excellent condition.£10.00

A Quarterly Review in original wraps in very good condition.
No. 7. 1939 August. (E Pound-Statues of Gods. R Duncan comments on Yeats, etc.
Poems by L Olson & R Hambleton; R March, L Olson, M Turnell, etc.) 28pp. £25.00
No.10. Feb 1940. (E Pound-The Inedible. R Marsh-The Literary Revival in Germany;
R Duncan-Draft of a Miracle Play & Epitaph on the Illiterate Left; C Austin-poem;
M Desai, etc.) £25.00
No.14. 1941 Aug. (Poems by R Duncan, R Greacen & W Roberts, etc. Review of Williamson's The Story of a Norfolk Farm.) Cream wraps dusty & creased. £15.00
No.15. 1942 Feb. (War Mentality by the Duke of Bedford. Decentralised Money by H Swabey; Poems by R Duncan, W Roberts & L Olson. etc.) £15.00
No.17. 1942 Sept. (Poems by G Every & R Duncan who also wrote De Vulgari Eloquentia; N Nicholson reviews Invitation & Warning by H Treece; R March, G Brenan, etc.) £15.00
No.18. 1943 Jan. (Poems by L M Lindsay & R Duncan who also wrote an article on How to keep Goats! Other articles by G Every, G Brenan, J Jenks.) £15.00
No.20. 1944 Feb. (C H Douglas, K E Barlow, Agricultural Bulletins isued by USA, Soviet, Brazilian & Chinese Embassies.) £15.00
No.21. 1944 Summer. (A Bell-Milk & Corn; H Williamson-Herefordshire Hops;
G Reilly on Sugar Beets; R Duncan-poem; etc. …) £25.00
No.23. 1945. March. (H Williamson-The Fair; G Stapledon-Achievement;
G E Fussell-The New Forest-An odd Corner of England; J Jenks-The Turning Wheel;
3 Balkan Poems by Lord Portsmouth; L Olson, N Cheke...) £25.00

TR. Ithaca Press. USA. Edited by Abdullah AL-UDHARI.
1976. No.3. Cover design by R Steadman. (S Beckett-Come and Go with Arabic translation; Poetry of Dispossession by U Ibn al-Ward, Arji, A al-Shamaqmaq, S al-Qasim
& M al-Haidari. Other poems by P Porter, G B H Wightman; J Heath-Stubbs on Palomides & an interview with him;etc.) £15.00
1979. No.4. Texts in English & Arabic with black/white illustrations. Poems by K Raine(13 poems & an interview in English); bilingual texts of poems by F Adcock, A Beresford, F Downie, P Hesketh, J Joseph, A Stevenson, etc.with other contributions by E Agar, Khansa, U B al-Mahdi, Nazhun, Wallada, H Khalil, etc. etc. Ilustrations by V Bell, E Kuryluk, J Matcham, etc. £12.00

TRACE . Ed J Boyer MAY.
A Chronicle of Living Literature & A Guide to "Periodical Modern Writing".
no.2-5. 8. 10-16. 18. 23-73. 1952-1970. Contains original critical articles (with an emphasis on periodicals)& creative prose & poetry as well as graphics. The guides to periodicals & presses are indexed, world wide in coverage & continually revised.
There are interviews, bibliographies & critical articles on well-known writers.
(S Beckett, T S Eliot, H Nemerov, M Fraenkel, N Braybrooke, C Corman,
J Supervielle, Oleson, Orlovitz, J Schevill, M Randall, G Wagner, etc. )
65 issues in original wraps. £260.00
1959. No 30. Dylan Thomas and Wales Magazine. D C Jenkins-the first complete list of Thomas's contributions to that magazine.) £15.00

TRACT. University of Sussex. Ed. Peter ABBS.
nd. ‘Crisis in the Visual Arts.’ Includes open letters from J Herman & P Arnold & articles by G Auty-The Failure of Modernism, M Daley-The Debilitation of the British Art School; P Abbs-The Emerging Literaure of Protest; etc. £5.00

TRACTOR. Santa Barbara. USA. Ed Barbara SZERLIP.
Nos.1,2 & 3. 1971?-1972.
West Coast poetry with occassional illustrations.; Contributors include G Snyder, A Karle, J Rothenberg, J Naiden, G Malanga, K rexroth, S Vincent, Ling Chung, P Whalen, R Alberti, L Lifshin, J Ribar, F Gitin, A Codrescu, etc. )
Only 175 of the undated first issue & 500 copies of each subsequent issue were printed.
3 issues in original wraps. Possibly all pblished. £28.00
No.2. 1972. (G Synder, J Rothenberg, A Karle, J Naiden, Ling Chung translated by K Rexroth, S Vincent, P Whalen, etc.) £12.00
No.3. 1972.(R Alberti, L Lifshin, J Ribar, D Gitin, A Codrescu, etc.) £8.00

TRACKS. A Magazine of Literature & the Arts. Published by University of Warwick.
Ed Neil POWELL. No.1-8. 1967-1970. (A Conversation with Philip Larkin(6pp). B Bergonzi, D Davie, R Fuller, P Porter, C Pilling, J Silkin, M Booth, J Mole, P Neruda, E Feinstein, J H Prynne, A Crozier, J Hall, J Wain, B Patten, J R Reed, K W Gransden, etc.)
8 issues in original wraps. £50.00

TRACKS. Dublin. Daedalus Press.
Poetry, translations & fiction edited by J F DEANE.
Nos 1-3.6.. 1982-86. (S Heaney, C Rumens, Pasolini, O Paz, J L Borges, W Oxley,
O Mandelstam, M O’Donnell, P Celan, R Brennan, J Banville, J Liddy, Vayenas, Denegres, H Boll, J Stathatos-translations.etc.) 5 issues in original wraps. Approx 64pp each issue £40.00
No.2 1982. (Poems by I V Lalic with an article on his poetry by F R Jones; O Mandelstam,
W Oxley, J Deane, M O’Donnell, etc. Stories by A Barrett, J S Sorensen, N Archer,
F R Jones on the poetry of I V Lalic; etc.) £8.00

A run from 1945-1977 lacking 1959, 1960, 1964/1 & 1971/1.
36 parts in original wraps & boards as issued, all near fine, together with the History of the Society of the Gwyneddigion & Cymreighddionic.
Articles in Welsh & English on varying aspects of Welsh life, customs, & achievements
with contributions from many learned welshophiles. Articles on Dylan Thomas, G Borrow, Work Study & Robert Owen, A Welsh Knight in the 100 years War; Welsh Minstrels, Famous Welsh Leaders in War, Edward Thomas – Poet & Critic, Josiah Wedhewood, G Manley Hopkins, M Arnold, James Cook & New Wales, David the Last Prince of Wales, etc. ) £220.00

1917. Vol. 5 Part 2. 1916-1917. being the 14th number of the Society's Series.
Articles on The Church of Clan Macfarlne by W B MacFarlane; The English Cradle of the Royal Stuarts by Prof Cooper; The Castle of Edinburg & Religious Houses by W M Bryce;
Illustrated with four separte plates. Externally a somewhat moth eaten issue but internally in very good condition. £10.00

Vol.3. n.d. (Articles by H Read, M C D’Arcy, P Bloomfield, D S Savage, H Treece. H Moore, P Nash, M C D’Arcy, G Stein, S Spender, R Herring, M J Anand, G Every, B Norman & J O Thomas. D Val Baker, etc. Poems by B Chamberlin, B Norman, J O Thomas & G Every; etc.) Original wraps dusty but contents in very good condition. £25.00

TRANSIENT. No.4 April 1975. The Transient Press. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Poems by Tom HILL, Frank PARMAN & Henn HAUS. Illustrated. Original wraps.

A Journal of Criticism and Information. Winter 1973 – Spring 1994.
v.1-4, 10-13, 15-23, 25, 28, 29. Though most issues contain verse, fiction &
articles from a worldwide variety of countries many issues are substantially
devoted to a single country, area or language. Translators are usually well known poets or experts in their particular field.
Contributors & translators include S Spender, W J Smith, J Barzun, S Kunitz, Achebe, R Bly, N Gordimer, J L Borges, Montale, C Middleton, M Hernandez, Roditi, Moravia, W Styron, Vonnegut, G Greene, G Grass, A Burgess, T Wilder, A Miller, V S Pritchett, R Wilbur, D Levertov, Simenon, M Duras, R Queneau, J Laughlin, Kirkup, W S Merwin, Yerfushenko, H Boll, Y Kemal, M Atwood, N Ginzburg, S Heaney, P Muldoon, M Longley, D Mahon, G Kinnell, S Beckett, J Montague, V Iremonger, and many others.
Issues run to more than 200 pages. 20 issues near fine with inserts. £130.00
Vol.X. Spring 1983. German Issue. F Golffing translates G Eich & I Bachmann; C Middleton translates R D Brinkmann and F Mayrocker; E Osers translates S Kirsch; W Arndt translates Y Karsunke. Postwar Dutch poetry. £7.00

TRANSPACIFIC. Ed Nicholas Crome. Japan then USA 1970.
Poetry, Fiction, Translations, Art & Mixed Media from America, England,
Hawaii, Japan, Vietnam, Ireland, India & Yugoslavia. A well produced periodical in original pictorial wraps.
1970. No 3. (W A Roecker, D Gilman, G Gildner, R Gillespie, etc.) 56pp. £8.00
1970. No 4. (J Bridge, B Kennelly, G Locklin, etc.) 52pp. £8.00
1970. No 5. (W S Merwin, J Kirkcup, etc.) 60pp. £8.00

THE TRAVELLER - for whom the World is a Playground . G Newnes.
v.1/1-v 6. July 1900-1902. Must be one of the first publications to deal with tourism. An atractive publication profusely illustrated dealing with every aspect of travelling, towns, countries, activities, dress, excursion, health and climate, etc.
6 vols in original publisher's cloth gilt. Aeg. £250.00

One & Two.
1946-1947. A Collection of short stories, poems & short novels by James Gordon, E Berridge, Gwyn Thomas, Edith Heal, J Atkins & D K Haynes. Some of the stories have a war background. 2 volumes-the second volume being scrace. £40.00

THE TRIBUNE. 5th January 1924. Ed J McCabe.
A Weekly Review of Events & Opinions. 24 pp. £12.00

TRIO. A Magazine publishing the work of Oxford Undergraduates.
No. 1.3-7. 1952-1954. (Editors, C Driver, M Baldwin, Jonathan Price, Thom Gunn, M Barry, A Eliot, E Lucie-Smith, A Lias, Adrain Mitcell, D Marno, Q Stevenson, M Elliot, Jonathan Price, E Lucie-Smith, R Selig, J Mallett & A Hammond, Anthony Bailey, John Renehen, B Donoghue, G Pearson, A Brownjohn, G Hill, J Joseph, M Strachan, etc)
6 of the issues of this scarce magazine. £85.00
No 1. Edited by E Greenwood, K Lund & G MacBeth. (C Driver, A Thwaite, M Baldwin, J Price,C Driver,G Hill, E Lucie-Smith, J Joseph, the editors, etc.) £15.00
No 3. Edited by J Bingham, G MacBeth, A Thwaite. (Thom Gunn, M Barry, A Brownjohn, etc.) £10.00

TRINITY UNIVERSITY REVIEW. A Journal of Literature, College Thought & Events.
April 1974. v.87/2. Issue entitled “A Matter of Innocence” with article & poems on this subject by K D Murray, D Schenk, J D Wilson, A Brodie, R Paulaitis, F Ross, A King, D Duffy, M Dale, M J Sidnell, F C Ford, H Hardy, C Powles, K D Murray, etc. with a portrait of his daughter by F Madox Brown. £10.00

TROUBADOUR. Ed Kennedy Williamson. A Writers’ Guild Publication.
Nos 3 & 4. nd. (G H & J Woodward, F L Wicklegren, T Heywood, etc.) One poem by J Ogle contains thepoet's corrections. £58.00

TUATARA. Poetry and Review. Canada. Ed M Doyle.
No 3 November 1970. Poems by C Corman, T Enslin, D McFadden, N Ball, J D Whitney, W Stafford, D Wynand, F CAndelaria, etc. Original pictorial wraps. 48pp. £10.00
No.8/9. Fall 1972. All Canadian number, with poems by Tom Marshall, Ed Byrne, George Bowering, Dorothy Livesay, Larry Rafferty, Nelson Ball, Lionel Kearns, Oscar Watchman, etc. Illustrated. £20.00

TUBA. Privately Printed. Cirencester. 1970’s
Edited by Ken ELLIS, Ron GEESIN.
This magazine has the official Seal of Rejection from the British Arts Counicil!
No. Poems by Editos, K Wright, M B Mannion, D Glen, I Cutler, B Norman, R S Thompson, M Wilder,J Dinalson, J Heath-Stubbs, M Rees, A Cruikshank, M Geddes, K Hamsun, P Mcmeek, S Shaw, S Le Turc, G Ewart, P Porter, J Pudney, G Mayer, B C Leale, P Potts, G Holloway, R Rainbird, P Hoida, S Cassidy, Y Goll, C Levenson, J Waller, M Sweeney, Y Goll, G Fantoni, etc. together with excerpts from Jonathan Swift, William Blake & similar authorities. A well produced, large format stencilled magazine. £50.00
No 16. A Home from Home. Contributors include R. Mallin, C. Bowdrey, C. Hamm, B. Fantoni, J. Singer, P. Potts, A.Murphy, J. Daniel, S. Barker, M. Cohen, G. Gott, S. Frazer, M. Ffolkes, M.Henrey, H. Williams, M.Horovitz, etc. Staples rusty. 18 sheets. £8.00

(E Toller-My Works; M De Ghelderode- The Ostend Interviews; Yeats as a Dramatist by H Popkin; J Vilar-Secrets; W Arrowsmith-Criticism of Greek Tragedy; R Peacock-Public/private Problems in Modern Drama. ) £8.00
No.8. Summer 1960. (Articles on Brecht by E Bentley and L Baxandall with Baden Lehrstuck; a play by Brecht; T Driver on A Miller; A Klarmann on F Duerrenmatt;
R H Fogle on Coleridge..) £8.00
No.19. Spring 1963. (Sartre on J Genet; O F Pucciani, B Nelso, M Pierret, J Svendsen
with 2 articles by him; articles on E Ionesco including an interview with an article by him and Bedlam Galore-a play by him; Interview with Roger Blin..) £8.00
Summer 1963. What's Next in the Theatre with articles on this subject. M Esslin-on Brecht-Once Again, a play by J Copeau. £8.00
Fall 1963. (Articles on M De Ghelderode and The Theatre of the Grotesque, by G Wellworth, G Hauger, A Weiss; L Abel, an interview with him; G Rizzo on Ugo Betti's
Drama; Calderon de La Marca; A House with Two Doors and a TDR play..) £8.00

TULANE STUDIES IN ENGLISH . Volume X. Isaac Rosenberg. From Romantic to Classic, 14 page essay in original printed wraps. £6.00

MARK TWAIN JOURNAL. Kirkwood, Mo. USA. Ed Cyril Clemens.
Vol XV no. 3 Winter 1970-71.
Poems by G Hollowell, A Fowler, A R Pratt, A F Mayhar, T C Chubb; Articles on Twain by K Kiralis, A Ensor, P L Kegel, etc.
Editor's inscription £8.00

TWOFOLD. Paris. Nov 1980. No.2. Poems either in french or english by P Le Jeloux, Peter Robinson, W S Graham, C Micoski, A Semmens, A Zanzotto, D Vacchi, C-E Gadda,
E Montale & J Follain. £5.00

TWO CITIES. La Revue Bilingue de Paris. Ed J FRANCHETTE.
Nos 1-9. 1959-64.
A complete set of this independent, biliningual, review which set out to boostLawrebce Durrell's talent. The first number "Hommage a Lawrence Durrell" contains articles on his work by H Miller, A Perles, F J Temple, R Aldington & an interview "On Mount Olive" by E Mullens. Later issues contain Durrell's new preface to the Black Book; Letters from Dylan Thomas; Letters to J Franchette & Poems. Other contributors include A Nin, Delteil, Snow, Bolt, Aragon, Golding, Huxley, K Tynan, Rilke, Ehrenberg, etc. 9 numbers in 8. £95.00
No.1. April 1959. (Homage a Lawrence Durrell with articles on his work by H Miller,
A Perles, F J Temple and R Aldington and an interview with E Mullens.) £12.00
No.2. July 1959. (H Miller-Defence of the Freedom to Read) £12.00
No.3. Dec 1959. (L Durrell-extracts from the Black Book. K Shapiro on H Miller.
Poems by A Bosquet, P Levi, M Baldwin, C Middleton, etc.) £12.00
No.5. Aut 1960. Issue devopted to Tagore with articles on him by S Radhakrishnan,
G K Mookerjee, M Markovitch, A Xhakravarty, M Picon-Salas, B Bose, S H Ghose,
J Auboyer, K Kripalani, H Kabir, etc.) £12.00
No.6. Ete 1961. (Poems by O Paz, T Hughes, J Gawsworth, J Wittenborn, H Norse,
P Vielhomme, P Redgrove, etc. Stories by W Burroughs, E Janvier, S Berenson, M Hutchins, J Franchette, C Hornung, etc. A Guibert on Roy Campbell; letter from Colin Wilson; W G Smith on Richard Wright; J Ashberry, etc.) £12.00
No.7/8. Hiver 1961. (L Durrell- Down the Styx; Poems by P Emmanuel, J Fairfax,
M Baldwin, J Franchette, C Middleton, F J Temple, C Hornung, G Regler, etc.
I Ehrenburg on I Babel. Stories by P Ableman, E Mullins, etc. Illus by Forrester, Lettre Inedite de R Rolland; J Delteil, A Guibert,etc.) £12.00
No.9. Automme 1964. (L Durrell-Letters to Jean Franchette & poem; Poems by M Deguy, R Rao, J Franchette, C Haldeman, T M Livingston, P Zweig, etc. C L Barrett-story.
J Helion-illustrations & abstractions; D Castelan-Un itineraire pour Finnegans Wake;
F Loheac on Baron Corvo; etc.) £12.00

TWO RIVERS. A Literary Quarterly. Ed M GREEN & P DURCAN.
1/1 & 2. Winter 1969-Spring 1970.
All published. (T Blackburn, J Jordan, P Potts, J Heath Stubbs, J Liddy, H MacDiarmid, B Lynch, D Gascoyne, G Barker, C H Sisson, Harriet Waugh etc. ) 2 issues in original wraps. £65.00

TYDSKRIF VIR LETTERKUNDE. Poetry and Review in Afrikaans, published in Johannesburg, May 1965. Ed Abel Coetzee. Articles by J Lohmann, A Alberts, V van der Westhizen, etc; Poems by D M Greeff, C Jacobi, F plekker, Du Preez Martins, P C Schoonees, etc. Original wraps slightly sunned but contents very good. £8.00

THE TYRO. Nos 1 & 2. All published. Ed. Wyndham LEWIS. nd. .
A Illustrated Review of the Arts of Painting, Sculpture & Design (Lewis-Essay on the Objective of Plastic Art in our Time; Tyronic Dialogues X & F, & Bestre.
T S Eliot-The Three Provincialities; with other contributions from S Hudson, J Rodker, H Read, Wadsworth, F Dobson, R McAlmon, W Roberts.,etc.)
Original wraps with one issue slightly frayed. £500.00
Postage extra at cost.

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