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QUADANT. Jan/Feb 1969 . Australia. (A Koestler-The Melbourne Interview.
Poems by J McAuley, I Mudie, B Kiernan, etc. P Curtis-a play.etc.) £10.00

QUADERNS DE POESIA. No 8. Marc de 1936. Barcelona .
Includes 55 line poem in English ‘The Town Shore at Barcelona ' by S Spender.
Other contributors include Puig, Llovera, Escasons, Teixidor, Porcel, Bretran,
Oriola, de Riguer & Fagas.
Original wraps frayed & chipped along spine edge which has parted.
Internally very good apart from a little fore-edge damp marking.
Early issues are scarce. £25.00

QUARK. Reno, Nevada . 1967/68. Nos I, II and III , possibly all published.
Contemporary poetry comprising
(1) 1967. Translations from the Spanish by Cid Corman & Clayton Eshelman, etc.
32pp Cover by Walt McNamara.
(11) He Dreamed – 7 Poems by Richard Morris. &
(111) A Generation of Heights::Hoofs with Paths Ingrown by Will Inman.
All 3 in original wraps with cover illustrations by W McNamara & Ron Predika. £60.00

QUARK. N.Y. Nos 1-4. Nov 1970-Aug 1971. A paperback quarterly of speculative fiction. Contributors include A E Van Vogt, J Brunner, R A Lafferty, L Niven, S R Delany, M Moorcock, U K. Le Guin, T Disch, G Benford, J Russ, A. E. Van Vogt, C Emshwiller, F Lieber, J Sallis, K Wilhelm, J Harrison, A Davidson, P J Farmerand, etc. 4 volumes in original wraps in very good condition. £20.00

Poetry, Fiction, Essays. Original wraps in very good condition.
V 16/2, Jan 1967 containing poems by M Ondaatje, Christopher Priestley, Dorothy Livesay, G Whalley, H Beissel, etc. Story by D Spettigue, etc. 94-110pp per issue. Edited by David Helwig . Original stiff wraps. £8.00
V.39/2. Spring 1990. (Poems by G E Clarke,C Smart, R N Drummond & S Klassen; fiction by B Daurio, D Dickinson; M Helwig –Dreaming about the Bomb; C Bond – Ted Hughes in Cambridge;etc.) £6.00
V.39/4.Fall 1990. (Poems by L Welch, R Miles, D Harrison, G V Grant, J V Hicks, D Langevin, M Cochrane, L Kerr, M Cameron, B Carey; T Wayman on Poetry & Politcs; fiction by B Gowdy, A Friedman,etc.) £5.00
V.39/ 1-4. 1990. One issue is devoted to British & Irish Poetry ; another is the Annual Fiction issue. Contributors include J Fenton, A Motion, P Reading, J Reed, C Rumens, G Szirtes, Seamus Deane, B Kennelly, M Sweeney, T Kinsella, P Fallon, M Sweeney, S Barker, P Dale, D Constantine, W Cope, C A Duffy, etc.) £20.00

THE QUARTERLY . The Magazine of New American Writing. USA . Nos 3.4.5
Fall 1981-Spring 1988 . Ed Gordon LISH . Each approx 250 pp. (S O'Connor,
E Donoghue, J Kincaid, R Fox, J Lowry, D E MacLeod, H Schulman, Y Murphy,
J Allen, D Mairowitz, L Rooke, W Webb, A F Moritz, J Pendleton, etc.) £10.00

Published for the Book Club of California-membership limited to 750.
V.17/4. v.18/1-4. v.19/2-v.24/1.3.4. v.25/1.3. Winter 1952-Summer 1960
Articles on all aspects of Book Collecting & Production such as Post War Fine
Printing in Britain by R McLean ; the Rare Book Departments of famous Libraries, A check list of club publications 1914-1952; with articles on the Rounce & Coffin Club, the Roxburghe Club; The Caxton Club; Zamorano Club; Durham Cathedral Library; Silverado Press; The Lakeside Press Library; The Anvil Press; Jack London, G Burgess, the Echaniz Press, Gold Rush Miners & their Books; Stevenson in his letters; a check list of Keepsakes; the Printer as Contemplative; etc. (R McLean, R Adolph, E L Doheny, Jack London, Oscar Lewis, J Graves,
J Mason, Hanford Baker, J Rylands, etc). Illustrated.
29 issues in original wraps with the Index for volumes 1-20. 1933-1955 .
All in very good condition. £80.00

1927 Oct. ( G Sampson-Music & the Plain Man; A Cecil on Napoleon & Wellington; S L Bensusan on Agriculture; The July(1927) Revolt in Vienna;
The Greek view of Life by G M Sargeant...) £5.00
1928 Oct . (S L Bensusan on Agriculture; R W S Mendl-Musical Labels;
A Cecil on the Earl of Balfour; G M Sargeant on Greek Tragedy;
C H P Mayo-The Public School Spirit...) £5.00
1934 Jan . (Lord Grey of Fallodan by A Murray ; J Fortescue on Marlborough ; F J Harvey Dobson - Dickens the Beginner; J A P Marriott on Casterlereagh; E Partridge on The History of Pirates;etc. Ireland by J K Bart..) £5.00
1934 April (D Vare on Byron & the Guiccioli; F S Boas-The Elizabethean Literary Society; C E Lawrence-Poetry & Verse & Worse; T S Dugdale on Layfayette;. ..) £5.00
1934 July (A Macphail-The Short Story; D S MacColl-Books on English Art; G M Harper on S T Coleridge; E S Haldane on E Irving; J L Hammond on The Age of Cheevey.) £5.00
1934 Oct . (C E Lawrence-Elia; S L Bensusan-Renaissance in Farmland; J A R Marriott-Dictatorship & Democracy; I Cohen-The Jewish Tragedy; W H Dawson-Cromwell & The Jews; H Steinhauer-Literary Survey of Repupublican Germany.) £5.00

1949. v.4/4 . (Poems by Eluard, Appolinaire, W Carlos Williams, L Olson & 12 Japanese Poets; Articles by Flaubert, R Heppenstall on Sartre; D Stanford on Rilke. Fiction-R Fontaine & A Austin ,etc.) £10.00
1950. v.6/1. (Features 15 poems & an essay by Lorca translated by Ben Belitt together with the original poems. Other contributors include W Carlos Williams (From Patteron, 5pp) G Orlovitz, G Magner, A Gregor, R Pomeroy, etc. £10.00
1956 . v.8/4 . (Stories by J Garrigue (49pp), S D Foster.M Cecovini. Poems by J Ciardi,(6), H Levin, L Everson, R Pomeroy, D J Hughes (3), James Wright(3), E Triem , etc. ) pus index to vol 8. £6.00
1971. v.15/3-4. Double Prose Issue with contributions by T A Broughton, F Busch, K Cicellis, C E Eaton, P Friedman, J Jurkowski, J Gardner, K Kusenberg, J Carol Oates, R Watkins, etc.) £6.00

QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY . Ed T W WORMELL, J S SAWYER, H CHARNOCK, R C SUTCLIFFE et al. v.77/331.332.334.337.338.341.343-v.103/438. 1951-1977.
Covering over 26 years. Together with Centenary Proceedings of the
Royal Meteorological Society, 1950 & The Proceedings of the Toronto
Meteorological Conference 1953. £200.00

Compiled monthly in Paris , published by Iliffe & Son, London .
v.1/ July 1896-Oct 1897 . Founded by A A Anderson .
Poems by Wertos Tod, W T Peters, M K Davey, etc. Articles by F D Marsh, E E Patter, L S Gordon, E S Thompson, S P Kelly, W M Chase, C C Marston, L Anson,
A Tierney, L L D Black, M K Davey, L Herbert, S Reid, E H M Cooper, WE Wood,
M C Edgar, E B Mendun, L Middleton, L How, C Huysman, etc.
Illustrations by H C Lehmann, J S Gordon, H G Fangel, H H Foley, E Cuenel,
H A Hogg, A Campbell Cross, A Jones, J J Guthrie, C Pears, H G Fangel, etc,etc.
An attractively produced periodical, "devoted to the arts," profusely illustrated,
with fine art noveau advertisements printed in red and black. . Octavo.
11 issues in original pictorial wrappers dusty & in 2 cases frayed. £350.00

THE QUARTO. J S Virtue. 1896. An Artistic, Literary & Musical Quarterly
‘Our chief endeavour is to bring before the world the work of young or unknown artists who have at some time or another received instruction at the Slade. This does not in the least preclude the work of others'.
(Cyril Goldie, G Clausen, J Pennell, G K Chesterton, Todhunter, Gleeson White, A B Woodward, N Syrett , Lord Leighton, etc.)
Original boards loose , darkened, rubbed by with the binding loosening yet internally clean & fox free. £10.00

QUARTO. No.1-7. Spring 1951 - Autumn 1952. Ed James REEVES.
A Quarterly Broadsheet of New Poetry with poems by S Broadbent, D Davie, M Raper, P Oakes, J Reeves, R Houston, J Russell, R Taylor, M Seymour-Smith,
C Madge, M Hamburger, P Oakes, J Daglish, R Graves, J Tibbits, J Price,
T Hards, J Lunt, R Sharrock, F T Prince, M Cameron, L Roberts, K Lowenthal,
P West, S Purser, A Boyars, E Jennings, E Fearn, etc.
Translations of F G Lorca by M Seymour-Smith, of Neruda by J B Donne.
7 issues in original wraps. £125.00
No.1. Soring 1951 . Poems by S Broadbent, D Davie , M Raper, P Oakes, J Reeves, R Houston , J Russell, R Taylor , M Seymour-Smith. N Cameron, J Daglish, etc. £10.00
No 2. Summer 1951 . M Seymour-Smith, R Graves, J Tibbits, J Lunt, B M Loon, R Chase, N Cameron, J Price, H Rogers, J Daglish, E Fearn, D Bell, H Tasker, M Boulton, G Konstam, T Hards. £10.00
No.3. Autumn 1951 . T Hards, J B Donne from the the spanish of P Neruda, E Fearn, A C Jones, R Houston, R Taylor, J Reeves, J Lunt, etc. £10.00
No.5. Spring 1952 .J Reeves, E Fearn, T Hards, P Qest, K Loewenthal, S Broadbent, etc. £10.00
No. 6. Summer 1952. S Purser, L Roberts, A Boyars, P Oakes, P Gammond, E Jennings, R Taylor, E Fearn, J Lunt, etc. £10.00
No.7. Autumn 1952. Poems by C Madge, M Hamburger, M Seymour-Smith, P Oakes, J Daglish, T Hard, etc. £10.00

The Literary Paper (Film, Drama, Books, Reportage & Poetry.)
A Vole Publication. no.1-17. Oct 1979-May 1981. Ed by R Boston & J Ryle.
Contains leading articles, stories, interviews, poems & reviews by many of the authors of the day-S Heaney(Dante), Simon Gray, M Bradbury, A Burgess, G Hill, G Steiner, J Fowles, D Hare, E Tennant, A S Byatt, J Barnes, B Morrison(Heaney), T Paulin(short story & writes on Ireland), G Szirtes, P Ableman, A Coren, Wittgenstein, H Brogan, J Arlott, R Ellman. Naipaul(A Burgess), J Barnes(G Greene), J Lucas (F R Leavis), H Beaver( Emily Dickinson), Jonathan Miller, Thom Gunn, W Golding. Vladimir Voinovich, J Fowles, G Steiner, V Glendenning, G Ewart(+ letter), D Hare, E Tennant, F Raphael, R Blythe, A S Byatt (David Lodge), Lorna Sage(Aphra Ben),, G Grigson(E Thomas), Simon Gray-Memories of Lopez; Vladimir Voinovich – Letters to the KGB, M Bradbury on Post modernism, R Dinnage on Thomas Merton; P Conrad on John Lennon; M Amis-Special Damage – the first chapter on his new novel “Other People” prepublication; A L Barker-You Could Say-a play,etc etc.
There are poems by J Updike, D Dunn & Craig Raine. D M Thomas, M Hoffmann. W Cope, C Rumens, U A Fanthorpe, C Reid, J Fenton, J Fuller,T Hughes, S Rae, F Adcock, G Hill, G Ewart, etc etc. Short stories from C Sinclair, P Lively, K Ishiguro, etc. Unpublished Pasternak Letters & Photographs; Letter from Harry Fainlight. A veritable literary treasure trove. 17 issues in original newspaper format. Sheets browned but none-the less in very good condition. £170.00
No. 1 1/10/79 (Poems by J Updike, D Dun, C Raine, . Reviews by A Burgess, J Fowles, G Steiner, etc.) £12.00
No . 15. 15/3/81. (An Interview with G Hill; L Sage on Aphra Behn; G Gigson on E Thomas; H Brogan:Brecht in America; R Wokler-The Apes and Us; J Arlott, G Grigson, G Sizirtes, C Tate on Bakelite; G Ewart, etc. £15.00

QUARTO incorporating Topolski's Chronicle.
No.28. May 1982.
Special poetry issue with poems by Grigson, Szirtes, Ewart, Kunitz, J Joseph, Gerda Meyer, P Didsbury, etc. Tony Harrison-poem & interview. Articles by P Larkin,A Stevenson, G Grigson, C Sinclair(on Bellow), S Curtis on Wireless. Illustration by Adrian George. Etc. The complete story & trial of Adolf Hitler -anonymous. 8 page supplement entitled, “ South America ” with drawings by Topolski. £30.00

. Oxford.
1920 & 1921 with MISCELLANY 1934 . (Poems by E Blunden (7), G Elton, L Golding, Alan Porter, E Jacot , P Russell, H G Massingham, A W M Byrant, Editors.,etc.) Original wraps of two of the volumes slightly frayed, one a litle used. Name on cover of volume one, otherwise all are in far better than good condition.
3 issues-all published - a complete set rare of a very scarce item. £225.00

DER QUERSCHNITT. Berlin. Jan 1930. A magazine in original wraps which contains an article on Joseph Conrad by Virginia Woolf, and includes a photograph of Conrad's bust in the Leicester Gallery. It is a 70 page magazine with German text on the London Scene of the time, literature, art, politics, scenes, etc. Many illustrations from photographs and line drawings. Other contributors include Maurice Baring, Beverley Nichols, Charles Duff, Sir Barry Jackson, and photographs of the Bloomsbury set. Original pictorial wraps a little soiled and rubbed along the edge of spine, otherwise a better than good copy. £20.00

QUERY. Book No.3 1939. Britain Through Foreign Eyes.
(K Capek, N Farson , S I Hsiung, S Leacock, A Maurois, Nehru, P Robeson, O Keun, C Sforza, etc. Illus by Topolski & with cartoons-English for the last 100 years.) £20.00

THE QUEST. Quarterly literary periodical published in New York.
Ed David G Hartwell
. Vol 2 No 3. Fall 1967. Fiction issue with stories by John J Iorio, Shirley McPherson, Henry H Roth, Robert Joe Stout & Philip Ward; August Stinberg story translated by Erik Sandberg-Diment; poetry by Julia Kestin, Hugh Knox, Helmer O Oleson, Raymond Roseliep and D L W Smith. Original wrapsa little sunned; contents in very good condition. £6.00

v.1/1. v.2/3. v.3/2. 1948-Spring 1951
Each issue is devoted to essay of single subjects:- The Problem of Leadership in a Free Society, Man's Creativeness? Man & Freedom? etc. (H Read, G Wilson Knight, Stafford Cripps, J Heath-Stubbs, L A G Strong, K Raine.) 6 Issues. £18.00

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