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All issues in original wraps, in very good condition unless otherwise indicated.

No.1. April 1974. (A Wilson-a Profile. E O'Brien-A Scandalous Woman. Poems by R Lowell(10) & D Dunn. Letter to the Editor by G Steiner; Alvarez, etc. C Blackwood on Women’s Lib.etc.) £8.00

No.2. May 1974. Poems by J Fenton & J Fuller. P Highsmith-story. Profile of R Barthes. Criminal Activities by J Symons, etc. J McGahern-The Leavetaking, etc.) Neat, scarcely visible library stamp on front cover-well amsked by the black in of the cover design. £6.00

No.3. June 1974. (J Rhys-Sleep It Off Lady.5pp. S Heaney-Trial Pieces. P Larkin-A Profile by Dan Jacobson; F Wyndham-Out of the War. C Tomlinson-Black Mountain, etc.) £12.00

No.4. July 1974. (A Profile of Kingsley Amis. Owen & Sassoon by J Stallworthy. Poems by H Williams & R Fuller(7); J Symons, N Ginsburg, P Porter-Grub St versus Academe; J Raban-One American City, B Bergonzi, I McEwan; etc.) £6.00

No.5. Aug.1974. (Tributes to J C Ransom by R Lowell, D Donoghue, R Ellmann, R Fuller; Poems by C Falck, D Dunn & P Porter. Story by N Gordimer; I Hamilton on Little Magazines No.2; C Chabrol-a profile, etc.) £8.00

No.6. Sept.1974. (A Powell-A Profile by A Brownjohn-7pp. Poems by R Murphy(7), G Ewart, D Dunn, D Rokeah; S Naipaul-story; C James on E Ambler-7pp; Alvarez on Solzhenitsyn-3pp; Reviews by P Porter, D Dunn, B Bergonzi, C Ricks; L Sage on Flann O'Brien-5pp; etc.) £6.00

No.7. Oct.1974. (J Fowles-A Profile by Lorna Sage. C James on Solzhenitsyn; J Carey on A Huxley; J Fuller, B Aldiss, R Condon, etc.) £6.00

No.8. Nov.1974. (D Lessing-A Profile by C J Driver; S Gray-Two Sundays. J Bayley on Shelley. Bergonzi on The Bloomsbury Group; J P Stern-The Man without Ideology; I Hamilton on The Little Magazines No.3. Story by R Queneau. J Symons-Criminal Activities; Poems by A Motion, M Holden, G Ewart, etc.) £6.00

No.12. March. 1975. (R Hayman on The Calendar of Modern Letters; Profile of J Hawkes by D Dunn. Poems by J Cooper, J Fuller, D Harsent. Stories by M Bradbury - parodying M Spark; J Raban, J Symons;etc.) £6.00

No.13. Apr.1975. (H Pinter-No Man's Land-play. R Fuller on L Trilling. B Aldis -Astounding Pix;etc. R Conquest-Opinion. Poems by D Hope, D Dunn, A Waterman, C Pilling, etc. J Brooks-story. J Carey on Auden.etc.) £8.00

No.14. May 1975. (J C Oates interviews P Roth. S J Keyser - Does Steiner know his stuff. Celine during the Occupation by P McCarthy; P Hale on The Trial of Michael X, etc.) £6.00

No.18. Sept.1975. (S Bellow An Interview with Myself. Poems by R Lowell(5), O Mandelstam(8). Story by I McEwan, F King, H Williams, etc.) . £8.00

No 19. Oct 1976. (R Hayman on F R Leavis. Brian Moore-a profile. D Daiches-Cockburn’s Millenium. Fiction by J McGahern, L Sciascia.) £6.00

No.34/35. Feb.1977. (N Gordimer-The Need for Something Sweet: R Lowell-poems(3). £6.00

No. 36. March 1977. (Poems by A Hopkins(2), D Harsent & J Matthias; H Pinter on Lola; P Porter on Family Life(ii); M Marceau in conversation with B Lecker; V Sage-Story; Reviews by J Fenton & M Davie, etc.) Ex Library Stamp on Front Cover. £4.00

No.37. April 1977. (J Genet talks to H Fichte; 3 poems by Craig Raine; J Fuller-Story.) £5.00

No.39-40. July 1977. (H Pinter-2 Poems. J Barnes contributes a poem in the manner of Clive James. I Calvino talks to Almansi. I McEwan, Craig Raine, S Spender) £6.00

No.43. Oct.1977. (R Lowell Two last Poems. J Fenton on John Le Carre, etc.) £6.00

No.44. Nov.1977. (C E Carrington on Kipling's Life. 5 Poems by R Fainlight. A Quinton on Thackeray. C James on E Wilson's Poetry. Simon Gray Molly - a new play;etc.) £6.00

No.47. Feb.1978. (A Ross on Family Life. S Heaney, B Hardy on Berryman's Fate.) £8.00

No.48. March.1978. (J Hollander on R Frost. Poems by M Longley(3), H Williams(4). Editor interviews Alvarez. New story by S Tharoor. I McEwan on Lewis Carroll. Reviews by C Falck, J Barnes, H Lee on The Human Factor by Greene, D Lodge Success by M Amis, etc.) £6.00

v.5/1. Summer 1978. (The State of Fiction-a symposium:- K & M Amis, A Alvarez, B Aldiss, J G Ballard, D Bendictus, S Barstow, M Bradbury, J Braine, A S Byatt, J Brooks, B Brohy, A Carter, W Cooper, E Fenstein, P Highsmith, D Jacobson, M Holyroyd, D Lodge, O Manning, E O’Brien, B Pym, D Plante, F Raphael, P P Read, A Ross, P Theorux, A Thwaite, W Trevor, A Wilson, I McEwan, etc. Poems by A Motion, G Cannon. C James on Mandelstan translations; etc, ) £8.00



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