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A Weekly Newspaper in original wraps.
All in very good condition unless otherwise described.


26/5/12. (W W Gibson-poem; H W Nevinson, etc.) £6.00

13/7/12. (M Gorki-Comrade-a tale; W W Gibson-poem, etc.) £6.00

17/8/12. (W W Gibson-poem; J Drinkwater on William Morris;
H W Nevinson on The Suffrage Movement;etc.) £8.00

4/5/12. (Vanka by Tchekoff translated by S Kropotkin; Letter from G K Chesterton; Poems by H Trench, R C K Ensor, W W Gibson; etc.) £10.00

5/10/12.(Edward Thomas-The Fear of Death-story.) Covers dusty & torn but complete & the contents very good. £15.00

7/12/12. (J Stephens-A Heavy Husband; K Tynan-poem, etc.) £8.00

4/1/13. (J Stephens-short story. ) £8.00

5/4/13. (Poem by J E Flecker.) £6.00

12/4/13. (The Stone-man by J Stephens; H W Nevinson, etc.) £8.00

3/5/13. (H W Nevinson. Letter from I Zangwiil. ) £6.00

10/5/13. (St John Ervine-The Burial; Letter from G B Shaw & J H Dancy; Poem by J E Flecker.) £10.00

7/6/13. (J Stephens-The Firelight; H W Nevinson; Letters from St J Ervine, R B Cunninghame-Graham, B E Kidd, D Hannay, etc.) £10.00

26/7/13. (J Stephens-Un Brok Brun; Poem by Tagore; letter from Ramsay MacDonald.) £10.00

16/8/13. (J Stephens-The Horses.) £10.00

11/10/13. (Lennox Robinson-The Return; R Casement.) £8.00

18/10/13. (T Hardy-poem; Letter from G K Chesterton.) £8.00

All the following War-time issues
have articles/doggerel about the war

28/7/17. (G B Shaw on Mozart; W H Davies-poem.) Covers loose. £10.00

18/8/17. (Poem-J Galsworthy; G Birmingham on Sinn Fein.)
Covers loose. £8.00

20/4/18. ( W H Davies-poem.) £8.00

18/5/18. (W H Davies-poem; The Only Way in Ireland.) £8.00

3/8/18.(Poem-R C Trevelyan; War on the League of Nations.) £10.00

10/8/18. (O Sitwell & W H Davies-poems; C Bell-letter; Review by A Birrell.) £10.00

31/8/18.(W R Childe-2 poems; H M Tomlinson.) £10.00

21/10/18. (Miles-poem entitles The Next War. A Birrell.) £10.00

15/2/19. (Employment Base Depot (1917)-anonymous poem; letter from E Clodd; H M Tomlinson, J G Fletcher on The Wrong End of Modern American Poetry.) £10.00

22/2/19. (H W Nevinson-Looking Backward; J Campbell-Thoughts in a Farm Garden; Poem-by Winifred Bryher.) £6.00

15/3/19. (Raise the Blockade. G Cannan, S Miles-poem; In Hospital by A F T.) £10.00

29/3/19. (J Campbell-poem; F Manning A Unionist's Apologia'; H Waddell reviews An Eastern Anthology.) £8.00

12/4/19. (W Bryher-poem; letter from Evelyn Sharp.) £6.00

19/4/19. (H D-Hippolytus-poem; H M Tomlinson, Havelock Ellis-What is Life? E Garnett-review.) £10.00

10/5/19. (2 Poems by W H Davies; G Cannan.) £6.00

17/5/19. (J Galsworthy-The Muffled Ship; The World of Books by H M Tomlinson.) £6.00

24/5/19. (Letters from G B Shaw, R Brimley Johnson, L Housman & J K Jerome, S Sassoon & E J O’Brien. Enjoying Life by W P N Barbellion; An Impression of Germany by H N Brailsford.) £15.00

31/5/19. (R Aldington & G Gould-poems; W J Chamberlain & W D Morrison-letters; H N Brailsford-Overheard in Germany.) £8.00

14/6/19. (Havelock Ellis on L Da Vinci.) £8.00

21/6/19. Poems-J G Fletcher, S Lynd, etc. World of Books by H M Tomlinson; W N P Barbellion, etc.) £7.00

16/8/19. (Clive Bell on the French Pictures at Heals; Letters from N Buxton, J Drinkwater.) £6.00

22/11/19. (H N Brailsford-In Occupied Ireland; R Rolland, W Archer, F Swinnerton; L Housman-poem; R Fry-letter.) £7.00

29/11/19. (R Romain, F Swinnerton, etc. E Storer-poem.) £6.00

13/12/19. (G B Shaw on Carpenter; R Graves-poem.) Original wraps loose. £12.00

27/12/19. (How England Governs Ireland; Youth & the War by a Soldier, etc.) £6.00

26/2/21. (K Mansfield-Life of Ma Parker; G Santayana-Society & Solitude; J Middleton Murry on Keats; E Blunden-letter; J Huxley, F Swinnerton; W H Davies-poem.) £10.00

13/8/21. (De La Mare-poem; J Middleton Murry on Lawrence.) £10.00

1/10/21. (M Hewlett-The Plight of Their Graces; J Middleton Murry, E Rhys-poem. Letters from R Cecil, A M Laing.) £6.00

15/10/21. (Caroline Poetry by J Middleton Murry; E J Dent.) £6.00

22/10/21. (M Hewlett-Work & Business; Forrest Reid-The Perfect Novel; J Middleton Murry on Beowulf; H M Tomlinson.) £8.00

12/11/21. (Why I Shall Not Be There by G B Shaw; K Tynan-poem; J Middleton Murry on Proust; A G Gardiner-Literary Portraiture.) £10.00

19/11/21. (After You, Sir by G B Shaw; Poem by P Colum; letters from J G Fletcher, J Middleton Murry; H M Tomlinson; E Rhys-The Moles.) £10.00

26/11/21. (The Limitation of Christ by G B Shaw; M Gorky-An Appeal; J Middleton Murry on Croce & Criticism; Mary Webb-The Fruits of the Earth.) £10.00

24/12/21. (J Middleton Murry on Dostoevsky; Havelock Ellis on The Islamic Reformation.) £10.00

21/1/22. (J Middleton Murry on Hauptmann's Idyll.) £6.00

28/1/22. (J S Huxley -The Science of Heredity; Poem by R N D Wilson.) £6.00

11/2/22. (Havelock Ellis-The History of Marriage; J Middleton Murry on A R Orage-Readers & Writers.) £8.00

18/2/22. (A Little Masterpiece by H M Tomlinson.) £6.00

25/2/22. (Havelock Ellis-An Unfulfilled Genius; J Middleton Murry-Rhyme & Modern Poetry; The World of Books by H M T.) £10.00

4/3/22. (H W Nevinson-Farewell to America; J Middleton Murry on Saint-Evremond; E J Dent.) £8.00

25/3/22. (H W Nevinson The Burden of Ireland; The Truth about the Fifth Army by A G Gardiner; Poem by E Blunden.) £8.00

8/4/22. (J Stephens-poem; J Middleton Murry on Tchekov; H M Nevinson "Anzac".) £8.00

15/4/22. (J Middleton Murry on Mr Gosse; S S(assoon)-Villa D'Este Gardens, poem; Wedgwood Benn-Lost Chances in Egypt.) £20.00

6/5/22. (H J Laski-A Little Tour in France; G Dearmer-poem; H M Tomilinson.) £8.00

13/5/22. (J Middleton Murry on Samuel Butler.) £6.00

17/6/22. (J Middleton Murry-A Popular French Novel; Poem-L Golding; E J Dent; E Candler-The Assault on Everest.) £8.00

24/6/22. (H M Tomlinson-In Memory of Hesketh Prichard; Ivan Bunin by J Middleton Murry; Ida Graves-poem.) £10.00

29/7/22. (H W Nevinson-The Waters of Jordan; J Middleton Murry; Poem by E T Scheffauer.) £6.00

12/8/22. (F Meynell-poem; H M Tomlinson, J Middleton Murry.) £6.00

19/8/22 (Forrest Reid-A Group of Novels; E J Dent, J Middleton Murry.) £8.00

26/8/22. (J Middleton Murry-The Short story; H M Tomlinson.) £6.00

16/9/22. (Poem by Blunden; E J Dent.) £6.00

23/9/22. (Poem-W H Davies; J Middleton Murry, H M Tomlinson.) £6.00

30/9/22. (J Middleton Murry on Hazlitt; M Eastman-The Battle Fields-poem.) £6.00

14/10/22. (J Stephens-poem; J Middleton Murry.) £7.00

21/10/22. (J Campbell-poem. World of Books-H M Tomlinson; Forrest Reid-The Literary Hero; J Middleton Murry on Proust; Wedgwood Benn.) £8.00

28/10/22. (J Middleton Murry, E J Dent.) £6.00

4/11/22. (Poem by E Blunden. World of Books H M Tomlinson.) £5.00

25/11/22. (How I Won Aberavon by J Ramsay MacDonald; H J Laski, E J Dent on A Bax; J Middleton Murry on Drinkwater & Davies.) £6.00

23/12/22. (J Stephens-poem; J Middleton Murry on Nietzsche; Forrest Reid-Dream & Reality.) £8.00

21/4/28. (Winnifred Holtby on School Marms; L Woolf on Robert Peel; T S Eliot-letter; Review of The Tower by Yeats.) £12.00

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