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1.Edited by George WOODCOCK.
2.Published by Monktons.
3.Edited by Roger PINKHAM & Michael GILL.



A Journal of Good Writing edited by George WOODCOCK.
Freedom Press.
Poems, Articles & Stories.

1940. June-July. No.2. (Poems by F Prokosch, N Moore, H B Mallalieu,
K Rhys, K Raine, T Heywood,etc. J Symons-Notes on the Poet & the War;
O Blakeston-Advertising Display; etc.) £12.00
1940 Fall. No.3. (Poems by R Todd, J Symons, R Fuller, G Woodcock, K Rhys,
N Moore, D S Savage, etc. Articles by R Fuller, N Moore, D S Savage, P Wells.
3 statements by “Conchy” poets. O Blakeston-story.) £12.00
1941 Easter. (Poems by J Symons, G Woodcock, R Fuller, K Raine, N Moore,
H Brown, etc. D S Savage-Goodbye to all that; J M Murry-After the War; etc.) £12.00
1941 Whitsun . No 5. (Poems by R Todd, F Scarfe, N Moore, A Comfort,
G Woodcock, etc. H Read on P Klee; J Huxley –Art as a Social Function; R Davies,
R M Rilke-Letter to a Young Poet; H L'Anson Faussett, G Woodcock, etc. £12.00
1941 Summer. No.6. (Poems by J Symons, A Comfort, G Woodcok, A Romanis, etc.
Stories by R Fuller & O Blakeston; J Symons-The Burger's Mind;
A Comfort-Wartime Ballet; H Ross Williamson-Bread & Circuses; etc.) £12.00
1943. No.1. 2nd Series. (H Read-The Cult of Leadership; Poems by J Symons,
G Woodcock,E Litvinoff, A Rook, J Bayliss, etc. J Symons-A Poet in Society;
D S Savage…) £12.00
No. 2. 2nd Series (H Miller-A Dream of Mobile. H Read-Collaboration for Liberty.
G Woodcock on William Goodwin. F Lohr on Tolstoy. A Comfort, L Adeane, etc.
Poems by L Adeane, C Lee, P O'Connor,etc.) £15.00
No.3. 2nd Series (D S Savage on E M Forster & The Dilemmna of Liberalism;
J Symons-Writing & Society; H Read on H Rousseau; H Miller-2 Fragments;
Poems by E Litvinoff, E E Cummings, G Woodcock, etc.
L Adrane, M Kuncewicz, etc.) £15.00
No.4. 2nd Series. Articles & stories by G Woodcock, Dwight MacDonald, P Wells,
V Serge, etc. D Preston & A McCarthy-Negro Worksongs. D S Savage on E M Forster.
Poems by L Adeane, A Comfort, etc. £10.00
No.5. 2nd Series. J Symons-The End of a War; H Read, H Milleer-Obscenity & the Law of Reflection; L Adeane, D S Savage, K Rhys, G Woodcock, G Roualt, etc £15.00
No 6. 2nd Series (G Orwell-How the Poor Die. G Woodcock on G Greene. C Berneri on Nietzsche. P Goodman, etc. Poems by G Barker, Wrey Gardiner, P Wells, K Rexroth, W Everson, etc. Reviews by J Symons & R Fuller. Paintings by J Adler. ). £25.00
No. 7. Feb-March. 2nd Series (J Lindsay vs D S Savage-The Function of Poetry; Poems by W S Graham, L Adeane, C Fox, P Lamantia, etc. J Symons-Freedom & Reality; A Breton-The Colours of Liberty; A Comfort, K Rexroth, V Serge, etc.) £15.00
No.8. 2nd Series (Essays by H Read, A Comfort, D Stanford, R Fuller, etc. J Symons-review; Poems by R Eberhart, L Durrell, J Laughlin, D Levertov, etc.
Mary Harris-story) £12.00
No.1-9. 1943-1947(?) Last issue not dated.
A very good full set of 9 issues in original wraps. £230.00

NOW. People and Stories of Today. Published by Monktons.
v.1/2. nd. (Dylan Thomas on how to be a poet. Fiction by Peter Gery, James Telford, Edith Hankin, Ann Nash & “Jimmy Dugan”.) £15.00
Special Issue. nd.(Pen against Time by James Hemming; Fiction by W Somerset Mauham(God's Truth), Alan Gower, T Vincent, Hyghe Thomas, Joanna Latimer,
C H Wood, Lisa Waye, James Stagg, Mark Prescott, Scott Grantham, J Lane.) £12.00

NOW. Ed Roger PINKHAM & Michael GILL.
June/July 1960. v.1/2. (I'm in Prison for 90 Days by Jo Tez; Rex Hartley-From Dover-150 Miles a Day; Ann Morgan-South fron Galway; Roger Pinkham on Sean O'Casey; Roger Waymouth-A Night of Despair; etc. ) £5.00

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