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A periodical of books & authors published by Jonathan Cape.
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1924. Summer No.12 . (N Mitchison by E Power; A E on O'Flaherty;
T Moult on H D & W H D, etc.) £20.00

1924. Autumn No 13 . ( N Mitchison , Emily Dickinson by C Aiken;
James Joyce by H Russell.) £20.00

1924. Christmas No 14 . (J Middleton Murry by H M Tomlinson; Post war Britain by G Glasgow; C Lamb by C Shorter; L O Flaherty, etc.) £20.00

1925. Spring No 15 . (Pauline Smith by A Bennett; The Tide by V Q Bell, etc.) £20.00

1925. Summer No.16 . (N Douglas on Arabia Deserta. Other reviews by M Armstrong, A Lowell , R L Gallienne, A E Coppard, Q Bell, etc.) £20.00

1925. Winter No.18 . (The Wave by L O'Flaherty. The Later Davies by T Moult. C Morley on Visiting Bookshops. Review by E Power. R Tagore on H Keyserling's Travel Diary; etc.) £20.00

1926. Spring No.19 . (The Old and the New by I Brown; Carl Sandburg by Rebecca West illustration by E Kennington; etc.) £20.00

1926. Autumn No.21 . (The Books of E R Eddison by A Ransome.
D Massingham by E O'Neill. The Story Series reviewed by E J O'Brien.
J Middleton Murry reviewed by P Gilchrist; etc.) £20.00

1926. Winter No.22 . (W H Davies by H Jackson. Children Prefer Real Books by N Mitchison; Murder for Profit by H Bolitho reviewed by W Teigmouth Shore;etc.) £2000

1929. Spring No.31 . (H Williamson-A Note on Combed Out by F A Voigt; R Forbes, L Housman, R L Megroz, Beverely Nichols,etc.) £20.00

1929 Summer No.32 . ( E Linklater -a poem. Wolf Solent by J C Powys reviewed by E Garnet with portrait of Powys; Other reviews by T Moult, J Middleton Murry, R L Megroz, etc. Story by H E Bates; portraits of Radclyffe Hall & F Ayscough. ) £20.00

1929. Autumn No.33 . (Alice Meynell by Shane Leslie; Edward Garnett, A Ransome, O St J Gogarty, W H Davies, N C James, etc.) £20.00

1930. Spring No.35 . (H L Mencken reviews America and English by N Roosevelt; articles about Byron by D MacCarthy and others) £20.00

1931. Spring No.38 . (A Note on Sinclair Lewis by N Royde-Smith;
Mr Sinclair Lewis & the Nobel Prize by F Whyte; Reviews by J B Priestley, M Plowman, W Gerhardi, R Graves, Mrs Le Mesurier, etc.) £20.00

1931. Winter No.40 . (Story by H E Bates; Reviews by L Housman,
E Linklater, C E M Joad, J Oxenham, C Fox Smith, B Dobree, etc. ) £20.00

1932. Spring No.41 . (Arabian Travellers by Aircraftman Shaw;
Eugene O'Neill as Playwright; Reviews by N Farson, J Middleton Murry, B Webb, Oscar Williams, ,etc.) £2000

1933. Summer No. 45. (G Greene review of The Rash Act; Jack Yeats A Self Portrait; E Blunden - poem; Reviews by M Elwin, I Brown, T Moult, A Ransome; E Garnett, B Dobree, etc. ) £20.00

1933. Winter No. 46 . ( W H Davies poem; G Blake The Celtic Strain; Reviews by C Bax, Storm Jameson, J Collier, J B Morton, K O'Brien; J D Beresford on J C Powys; H Read Ourselves & The Elizabethans; E Thompson Birds and Gardens; Drawing by R Whistler.) £20.00

1934 . Spring. No 47. (G Greene-The Travellers Library; T E Lawrence reviewed by Auden; S Spender-In defence of Poetry; Other reviews by G Keynes, M Itwin, E S P Haynes, W Plomer, L A G Strong, V S Pritchett, D Garnett, A G MacDonell, H Miles, etc.) £20.00

1935. Winter No.52 . ( Andrew Young- 2 poems; Reviews by C Day Lewis, Havelock Ellis, N Mitchison,J Adam Smith, J Hayward, H Miles, L A Pavey, H A Manhood, etc.) £20.00

1936. Spring No.53. (With Tradition or Without by J Adam Smith;
Obituary of F P Smith by Richard Hughes. Dr Johnson's Mrs Thrale
by H Miles. Reviews by J Brophy, N Mitchison. L A G Strong. G W Stonier, H Simpson, E W White, D Verschoyle, etc.) £20.00

1939. Spring No.62. (Where I Work by H E Bates. Passionate Ferguson by A Thirkell. Bedford Sq by C E Vulliamy. Ignazio Silone. The Real Thing by N Mitchison . Stevie Smith. Hands Old and New by H E Bates) £20.00

1951.Spring No. 83. (Reviews by Norman Lewis, P Dickinson, etc.
J W Haines on Andrew Young; E Bowen The Writer's Predicament.) £15.00

1952. Summer No. 86. (P Hansford Johnson reviews The Plouffe Family by R Temellin; Other reviews by E Blunden, T W Earp, A Paton, C V Wedgwood, etc.) £12.00

1956 Summer No.97. (Reviews by W Plomer, R Waller; Extracts from E O'Neill's last play; Irwin Shaw's new novel-Lucy Crown;
E Linklater's-The Dark of Summer, etc.) £12.00

1956-57 Winter No 98. (E Linklater's The Dark of Summer reviewed by V S Pritchett; Extracts from Fear God & Dread Nought by A J Marder & Sunlight on the Lawn by Beverely Nichols & Imaginary Conversation; Illustration by R Jacques for Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; J Verney, etc.) £12.00

1957 Summer No. 99. (T H White reviews Man Unlimited; other reviews by C Day Lewis, W Plomer , Fitzroy MacLean, J L Synge, P H Newby, etc. Obituary of J Middleton Murry.) £20.00

1958. Spring No.101 . (The Death of Porthos by A Maurois;
other reviews by V S Pritchett, H Nicolson, J Verney, etc.) £12.00

1958. Autumn No.102 . (A Person from England introduced by Fitzroy Maclean. Writing Short Stories by P H Newby. Pepote by I Quigley.
Reviews by V S Pritchett. W Plomer , J Arlott. R Greacen. I Brown, etc.) £20.00

1959. Autumn No.104 . (The Great Prince Died by B Wolfe. Reviews by C Day Lewis, W Plomer . Norman Lewis, etc.) £12.00

1960. Autumn No.106 . (Discovery by A Wesker. Letters from the Dowager Lady Aberconway to Beverley Nichols. Reviews by Daniel George, D Patmore, etc.)£12.00

BOOKS FOR AUTUMN 1951 1952 and Winter issued by Jonathan Cape . Containing work by I Brown, W Gaunt, Augustus John, Bevereley Nichols, H E Bates, E Bowen, N Cameron, W H Davis, R Frost, D Garnett, J Joyce, E V Knox, Norman Lewis, T E Lawrence, E linklater, N Mailer, P H Newby, H Simpson, T H White, H Wouk, & many others. Original wraps. £12.00

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