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USA . Ed J Laughlin
Prose and Poetry

All fine in original wraps.


No.17. 1961. (Poems by J Cocteau, D Levertov, L Ferlinghetti, F Ponge, A Ginsberg, R Lowry, J Kerouac, G Corso, R Creeley; D G Bridson interviews Ezra Pound; other contributors include T Merton, E Dahlberg, C Tomlinson, J Purdy, W C Williams,etc.) £10.00

No.18. 1964. (T Merton-The Early Legend-Six fragments of work in progress;
fiction by R Edson, M Cohen, A Jarry translated by R Gladstone & B Wright, F G Lorca translated by B G Duncan, J B Hall, J Hawkes, G Eich, M Mayer & M Power. R Heppenstall on Raymond Roussel with 3 short stories by him;
Drama by G Corsom; Poems by D Levertov who has also translated a story by J G Ponce, R Fitzgerald,L Ferlinghetti & short story & play; etc.) £15.00

No.19. 1966. (Poems by D Levertov, H Carruth, G Macbeth, L Ferlinghetti, D Posner, G Corso, T Merton; other contributors include R Alberti, E Dahlberg,etc.) £10.00

No. 20. 1968. ( I Hamilton Finlay, C Guenther, E Katz, D Levertov, J Purdy ,
Tennessee Williams, M Rukeyser, T Merton, K Rexroth, etc.) £10.00

No. 21. 1969. (Poems by E Lindegren, A Hollo, L Ferlingetti, M Goodman,
C Pavese, W S Merwin, E Roditi , etc. T Merton; Stories J Purdy, M Randall, etc.) £10.00

No.22. 1970. (Poems by R Lowry, L Ferlinghetti, R Meyers, A Young; photogaphic collection by I Hamilton Finlay; other contibutors include C Tomlinson, P Friedman,etc.) £10.00

No.23. 1971 . (Poems by R Bly, W Bronk, A de Campos, R Duncan, L Ferlinghetti, D Giannini, D Levertov, E Lihn, R Meyers, C Rakosi. Stories by J Purdy, G Snyder, Y Ritsos, etc.) £10.00

No. 24. 1972. (Poems by J Taggart, J Purdy, D Blazek, E Honig , D Halpern, etc.
Stories by E Roditi , J P Olwyler, etc.) £10.00

No.25. 1972. (Poems by E Brock, L Ferlinghetti, P Handke, T Olson, C Rakosi, A Zanzotto; story by W Abish; other contibutors include J Purdy, G Snyder, etc.) £10.00

No. 26. 1973. (Poems by G Snyder, K Rexroth, C Corman, R Nichols, R Morgan, O Pound, Y Ritsos. T Tanner on J Purdy; Stories by R Duncan , E Roditi , etc.) £10.00

No.28. 1974. (Poems by R Sanesi, W Everson, C Rakosi; other contributors include W Abish, J Purdy, J Rothenberg, P West, F Sobkowsky,etc.) £6.00

No. 29. 1974. (Poems by L Ferlinghetti, D Levertov, M McClure, C Corman, etc. Stories by M Bax , Tennessee Williams, J Purdy, etc.) £10.00

No. 30. 1975. (C Olson interviews E Pound, New German Poetry selected &
translated by A Lefevere; Poems by R Morgan, Tennessee Williams, J Hierro,
etc. Story by J Purdy, etc.) £10.00

No. 35. 1977 . (Poems by L Ferlinghetti, T Olson, D Shapiro, C H Ford, G Snyder, J A Valente, M McClure, M Antic, etc. Articles by D Schwartz, K Baker on W Abish; with story by Abish; Other contributions by S Sontag, J Purdy, E Currie, C Dowell, G Lish, etc.) £10.00

No.38. 1979. (Poems by B Adams, L Ferlinghetti; drawings by A Remizov; other contributors include W Heinesen, J Purdy, P West, etc.) £10.00

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