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Bound volumes in very good condition


Jan -March 1913. V 7/4-6. Stories E P Oppengein(serial); R W Chambers, Hall Caine, E Gylnn, C E Dawson, G R Chester, R S Liddell, B Lessing, M Rittenberg, V T Van Der Water, E Ferber, etc. G B Shaw-Toilers in the Abyss; M Corelli-An Appeal against War; G K Chesterton-The New Power of the Police; C H Meltzer-Arsene Lupin at home; What the pubic reads with contributions by E P Oppenheim, T Watts-Dunton, J Oxenham, E Gyln, C Shorter, etc. S Dark on Marie Tempest-Pierrot; E Hubbard-several, etc. Poems by E Wheeler Wilcox, Childe Harold..
Half calf rubbed boards stained, Contents very good. No index.
Name on front end paper. £15.00
April –Sept 1913. v.8/1-6 ( M Corelli, E P Oppenheim, Hall Caine, B Lessing, R W Chambers,G K Chesterton, E E Wilcox, Elbert Hubbard, Gouv. Morris, Rex Beach, G B Shaw, Granville Barker, E Glyn, etc)
Brown cloth with some fading. No index £15.00
June-Sept 1913 . (G B Shaw, E P Oppenheim, E Glyn, C D Gibson, E Hubbard, R W Chambers, Hall Caine, Bruno Lessing, E W Wilcox, G K Chesterton, J K Jerome, etc.) Brown cloth a little rubbed & marked. No index. £15.00
Oct 1913-March 1914. v.9/1-6. (E Hubbard, R Beach, R W Chambers, E P Oppenheim, Hall Caine, Gouv Morris, O Oliver, Charles Beresford, E Glyn, Bruno Lessing, M Corelli, G Parker, M Sinclair, Booth Tarkington, G K Chesterton, Haldane, Compton Mackenzie, etc.
Poems by Childe Harold, E Wheeler Wilcox, S Phillips, etc.)
Brown cloth gilt , no index. £15.00
Jan-June 1914. v.9/4-v.10/3 . (E Hubbard, C Beresford, Booth Tarkington, R W Chambers, G K Chesterton illus by Will Dyson & R Lind, Compton Mackenzie, Lord Haldane, Bruno Lessing, E P Oppenheim, R Kipling, etc. Poem by E Wheeler Wilcox; Cartoons by Childe Harold, etc,)
Blue cloth, gilt-no index. £15.00
March-Aug 1915. v.55/263-268. (F Hodgson Bunett, A Stringer, B Lessing, Gouv Morris, Booth Tarkington, H Belloc, M Maeterlinck, G Ferrero, R W Chambers, A Rives, G M Trevelyan, J Galsworthy, E Glyn, I Zangwill, W L George,F P Dunne, etc)
Half calf with small slit at the bottom of the front spine. Contents very good.No index. £12.00
Sept 1915- Feb 1916. v.56/269-274. Stories by R Kipling (Mary Postagte; Sea Constables): R W Chambers, J Oppenheim, F P Dunne -Mr Dooley stories, A Stringer, E Saltus, Bruno Lessing, Booth Tarkington, Coningsby Dawson, Booth Tarkington, Atkinson Kimball, W J Locke, etc. Campbell MacCulloch-Christian Science and the War; Havelock Ellis-Masculism & Feminism; H Belloc on the War; Billet Notes, E Wheeler Wilcox-poems;
Half calf a little rubbed . Name on front end paper otherwise very good. No index. £15.00
March-Sept 1916 . Stories by E Phillips Oppenheim, R W Chambers, F P Dunne-Mr Dooley stories, W J Locke, Gouverneur Morris, Booth Tarkington, F Tennyson Jesse,
D Byrne, A Rives, M Benton Cooke, R W Chambers, Bruno Lessing, Cosmo Hamilton, A B Reeve, etc. Poems by E Wheeler Wilcox, etc.
Half calf a little rubbed,. Name on front end paper but otherwise in reasonable condition .no index. £12.00
April –Dec 1917 v.59/288-296. (Stories or articles by R Kipling-Regulus, E Glyn, J Oppenheim, Booth Tarkington, M Corelli, , J Galsworthy, C Hamilton, H Kaufman, R W Chambers, B Runkle, E W Wilcopx, E Ferber, P Bewsher, H De Vere Stacpoole, W J Locke, Gouverneur Morris, R W Chambers, E Hubbard, etc. E Blyton-poem; etc.)
Half calf. Top of spine damaged. Name on front end paper. Contents very good. No index. £18.00
April-Sept 1920. v.65/324-329 (Hall Caine, W Payne, Ahune, W J Locke, Gvn Morris, F Hodgson Burnett, E P Oppenheim, etc.) Blue cloth, gilt, no index. £15.00
Jan-Dec 1920. v.64/321- v.66/332. (G K Chesterton,W J Locke,B Lessing, Hall Caine, Gvn Morris, R W Chambers, W Payne, F Hodgson Burnett, E P Oppenheim, H Brighouse, Bruno Lessing, E A Guest, etc.
Poems by R Kipling(The Clerks & the Bells), E Mannin, E Wheeler Wilcox, A Newberry Choyce, E Markham , A Noyes, etc.)
Dark Mauve(?) cloth gilt with indices at rear. £18.00
April-Sept 1921 v.67/336-341. (E P Oppenhein, W George, W B Trites, Hall Caine, I A R Wylie, C Dawson, G K Chesterton, R W Service, G Frankau, Gouverneur Morris, Stephen Leacock illustrated by W Heath Robinson, Rex Beach, F Hodgson Burnet, E W Hornung.... Poems by R Le Gallienne, E Pyror ...)
Bound in green cloth, gilt. No index. £15.00

Issues in original wraps.
1930. Dec. (Dunsany-The Mermaid's Husband: H Walpole, Sinclair Lewis, H Wolfe, F Dulac...) Spine frayed. £15.00
1931 April. (J B Priestley, M Arlen, Sinclair Lewis, R Hichens, P & A Gibbs;
The Electric King by Dunsany-illustrated by A Rackham.) £20.00
July 1936. General Conversation by O Sitwell. The Catch of the Cherub by L Housman (story). Further Experience by Sassoon Part 2. Beverley Nichols. £15.00
Aug 1936. General Conversation by O Sitwell. S Sassoon Further Experiences, conclusion.Camill's Education by Storm Jameson, story. £15.00


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