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Editor G GRIGSON .

This important literary magazine helped to establish the
reputation of the more favoured poets of the thirties as well
as bringing to the fore many who were then either
little-known or unknown.
Original wraps in very good condition unless otherwise stated, although some staples may be rusty.


No.1. 1933. (I A Richards on Lawrence's Last Poems; H Read on G Manley Hopkins, W H Auden, C Day Lewis, J G MacLeod, L MacNeice, N Mitchison, R Bottrall, etc.) Some foxing.   £15.00

No.2. 1933. (G Barker, W Empson, L MacNeice, J Pudney, H Read, G Grigson, C Madge, A Tate, etc.)   £15.00

No.3. 1933. (G Ewart-Phallus in Wonderland; Spender, Tate, Grigson, Pudney, Heppenstall, C Madge, etc.)   £15.00

No.4. 1933. (A MacLeish, W H Auden, C Madge, G Ewart, N Cameron, C Day Lewis "The Conflict", J Pudney, S Spender, etc.)   £15.00

No.5. 1933. (S Spender, W H Auden, L MacNeice, C Madge, D Gascoyne, G Ewart, Pound's Cantos by G Grigson, etc.)   £15.00

No.6. 1933. (C Madge - Surrealism for the English. Poems by E Muir, G Ewart, D Gascoyne, L MacNiece, A Craig, H Read, etc. Reviews by S Spender, G Grigson, etc.) Lacks original front wrap but this has been neatly photocopied. £6.00

No.7. 1934. (W H Auden, S Spender, L MacNiece, K Raine, A Tate, D Gascoyne, G Armitage on One Way Song-Lewis, etc.) £15.00

No.13. 1935. (Poems by Auden, B Spencer, L MacNeice, K Raine, six poems from the German of Karl Marx by G Taylor, etc. Reviews by D Gascoyne, Editor…) £15.00

No.15. 1935. (Poems by B Spencer(4), D Gascoyne(5), G Taylor, MacNeice, R E Warner(4), etc. On New Poetry-J B Priestley, H Wolfe, A Huxley, T S Eliot, E Blunden, etc.) £15.00

No.17. 1935. (W H Auden, F Prokosch, S Spender, B Spencer, K Allott, K Raine, etc.) Covers foxed. £13.00
No.17. 1935. Original wraps cellotaped & browned. £5.00

No.19. 1936. (Poems by L MacNeice, K Allott(4), F Prokosch, B H Gutteridge, R B Fuller, etc. Bourgeois News by C Madge; etc.) £15.00

No.20. 1936. (Poems by C Madge, K Allott, G Grigson, B Spencer, Auden, N Cameron, K Raine, etc. H Sykes Davies on Sympathies with Surrealism. Auden reviews H Read’s Psychology & Criticism, etc.) £15.00

No.21. 1936. (K Allot, B Spencer, G Grigson, D Gascoyne, W H Auden, N Cameron, etc.) Neat annotations on some poems. £15.00

No.23. 1936. (L MacNeice, K Raine, K Allott, G Grigson, A E Housman, A Terrible battle fought on 25th day, etc.) £15.00

No.24. 1937. (C Madge on Mass-Observation; K Allott, K Raine, B Spencer, etc.) £10.00

No.25. 1937. (Poems by Auden, K J Raine, F Prokosch, R Todd, G Barker, P O'Connor, G Grigson, K Allott, etc. Auden reviews “Illusion & Reality” by C Caudwell.) £17.00

No 26-27. 1937. Auden Double Number with tributes & articles on aspects of his work & containing a long poem-Dover by Auden, a facsimile of an Auden Mss check list of his writings & a portrait. Isherwood, S Spender, G Greene, G Grigson, Allott & Rickword have all written articles on different aspects his work. L MacNeice –A Letter to Auden. (Dylan Thomas, A Tate, C Day Lewis, H Read, G Barker, H Walpole, W J Turner, E Pound, J Masefield, C Madge, B Spencer, D Gascoyne, .) Covers badly foxed. £20.00

No.28. 1938. (E Muir, L MacNeice, A Young, G Barker, B Spencer, K Allott, P O'Connor, W H Auden, etc.) £15.00

No. 29. 1938. (Poem-F Prokosch(8pp), S Spender, K Allott, R Todd, K C Douglas, P O'Connor, etc.) £12.00

No 30. 1938. (Poems by R Queneau, Auden, Grigson, K Raine, G Woodcock, P White, G Ewart, etc. E Muir on Holderlin, etc.) £15.00

No 31/32. 1938 (Commitments: A Double Number with contributions from, W H Auden, K Allott, L MacNeice, F Prokosch, H Read, S Spender, G Grigson, Charles Madge-In Memoriam T S E, etc.) £15.00

1939 v.1/1.N.S. (G Barker, C Caudwell, F Scarfe, R Todd, G Grigson on Auden, L Riding-letter, etc.) £15.00


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