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Magazines beginning with the letter
in very good condition unless otherwise described.


NAISSANCE. No 5 & 6. Ed. Paul SMITH. Winchetser. not dated.
Contributors include C Nixon, E Dunmow, B Cobbing, P Brown, D Jaffin, D C Carr,
R Salmond, T Morris, J Vidler, P Finch, M Horovitz, J Elsberg, M Booth, Editor, G Bowring, A Bold, W Oxley, G Bantock, G Boweing, M Booth, EDunmow, etc..
Original wraps in very good condition. £50.00

10 booklets written for the National Book League between 1951 & 1965, comprising:-
by Norman BIRKETT 1951.
by Arthur Byrant 1952.
by J B PRIESTLEY 1965.
All in original wraps in very good condition. £50.00 

Aug 1937. An Oxfordford Hamlet in the ‘Eighties by Flora Thompson; The Cricket of W G Grace by George Scott; A Stroll through French Literature by Mde St R Taillandier; Made in Moscow-a story by C Sorabji; etc. £18.00
Feb 1938
. Moscow and the Miners by F J C Hearnshaw; Hitler & Treitschke by J H Jackson; Food Prices & the Land by G Browne; Art & Patronage in India by W E G Solomon; Poems by G Santayana(on reaching the age of Fifty); H Oliver Hall; Prospects in North China by R Johnston; The Reformantion by the Bishop of Norwich; Go, Little Book –story by F Bickley, etc. £10.00

1951 March. (Articles by R Law, D Smith, C Brogan, E Blunden, etc.Reviews by E Gillett , V Purcell, A Robertson, etc.) £8.00
1951 April.
(Articles by Fitzroy Maclean, N Cardus , H Wyndham, etc. Reviews by Ivor Brown, E H Blakeney, Ruby Millar, A Robertson, etc.) £8.00
1951. May.
(Articles by A Stibio, J Connell, E Balfour, D Eccles, D Smith, etc. Reviews by St John Ervine, A Bullock, C Bax, D Carew, E Gillet , etc.) Lacks wraps. £5.00
1951 Sept.
(Articles by R Welensky, A L Rowse, E Gillett, Earl of Cardigan(Motoring is Fun!), etc Reviews by J Bayley, A Lunn, J Menken, E Boyle, etc.) £8.00

1974. April. (The England of Charles Dickens by R W Long. 42pp article with photographs by A Woolfitt.) £5.00
1975. Sept. (Mark Twain, Mirror of America by N Grove. 34pp article with
photographs by J L Stanfield.) £5.00

v.4/3. July-Aug. 1940. Special Transylvanian Number.
Publication concerning Minorities & the realisation of Minority Rights. (The Verdict of Vienna; Three Transylvannian Milleniums by A De Poka-Pivny; Cultural “Liberty” in Rumanian Transylvannia by P C R Hamilton; L'Abbe Capeaux –Two Legends. )
Original wraps with rough spine where it has been extracted from bound volume. £8.00

v .4/4. Fall 1984. Fiction by T York, J Falco, R Moore. Other contributors include S Pickering, G Ungaretti, L Rubin, C Colquitt, R Crawford, M Selender, TCosier, etc. etc. £5.00

Oct 1953. v.17/1.
ASNLH. (A Visit with Carver by E C Ford; Lewis Temple & the Whale by S Kaplan; Countee Cullen Collection by G P McBrown; etc.)
Original wraps. £12.00 

NEW AGE POETRY MAGAZINE. Jan. 1975. Ed H A WEIR . Folded sheet.
(H A Walden, L Beaumont, etc & L Fainlight who has written on the cover.) £10.00

NEW AMERICA. A Review. New Mexico.
Edited by B Baurecht & B Strelke. Not dated.
V.1/2. Articles by J Hutchinson, Baurecht, A Ehrlich, C A Huntermark, M Machichan, etc. Poems by R Gladney, D Remley, F Robertson, J Vene. Fiction by P Smith, A Bustamante, E Kieliszewski. Illustrations by P Rabalais. A very good copy in original wraps. £5.00

NEW AMERICAN AND CANADIAN POETRY. Ed. John Gill and Earle Birney , Trumansberg, New York . No.2 Dec 1966, No.4 Sep 1967 and no. 6 Apr 1968 . Poems by Chaim Mendelson, Dick Lourie, Alden Nowlan, Mark Anson, Clinton Keeler, Paul Snoek, Hagiwara Sakutaro, Stephen Vincent, Red Lane, Gene Fowler, Robert Peterson, etc. Reviews by W S Merwin, Frank Kuenstler; Short story by Peter Spielberg; etc. 3 issues in original wraps. No.4 has a small tear to spine but the contents of both issues are very good. £15.00

Fiction, Essays, Poetry.
No.1. Sept 1967. (Anne Sexton, Conor Crusie O'Brien, A Dugan, A Akhmatovd,
M Richler, John Ashbery, Philip Roth, R Graves , Richard Eberhart, etc. £10.00
No.2. Jan 1968. (Doctorow, Barth, Robert Coover, S Kauffmann, S Moss, William Stafford, Günter Grass, etc.) £8.00
No.3. 1968. (J Berryman-Three Dream Songs, F Kermode on "Obscenity"
and the "Public Interest" 15pp; P Roth, H Carruth, S Berg, R V Cassill, etc.) £10.00
No. 4. Aug 1968. (Robert Coover, Conor Cruise O'Brien, W Stafford , E Bentley, M Richler, James Welch, I Feldman, etc. ) £8.00
No.6. 1969.
(D Levertov-Despair; V S Pritchett-Creative Writing, A Hecht, S Hochman.) £8.00
No.8. Jan 1970. (Ted Hughes(3), Snyder(2), J Ashbery, E Bentley, W Smith, etc.) £10.00
No.9. Apr 1970.
(S Kunitz, M Rukeyser, D Ignatow, W S Merwin, R Graves, R Lowell.) £10.00
No.11. 1971. (A Ginsberg, L Rubin, P West, W S Merwin , J Merrill, Sylvia Plath - "Last Words" Poem.etc.) £15.00
No.13. 1971.
(J McCourt, G K Williams, G G Marquez, J Nolan, J C Oates, J L Borges, H Nemerov, G Paley, etc.) £5.00
No. 24. Apr 1976. (Henry Miller by Norman Mailer; Robert Penn Warren , Donald Hall, William Logan, etc.) £15.00

NEW ARCADIAN JOURNAL. No.28. Winter/Spring 1988-89.
Issue devoted entirely to TERRIBLE PLACES by Patrich EYRES this being one of 300 numbered copies. £5.00

A Quarterly Review of the Arts.
v.1/3. Winter 1975
. (J Kosinski interviewed-3pp; S Lanes on E Gorey; Lunch with W F Buckley; G Gould on E Krenek; G Barraclough-The Controversial Historian; K Tuttman on M Mazur; G Bruhn on T Mann & Hesse; Poems by N Farber, J Tate, G Pool, G Ellenbogen, J Jaconsen, etc. £6.00
v.2/1. Summer 1976. (Lunch with G Frazier; Coleman on Yourcenar; Jagger performs Borges by R Christ; B Benstock-Flann a la Creme; J Harbisson on Roger Sessions; R L Stein on J M W Turner; A cornish on E Bond's National Theatre; Charles Olson: A Memoir & poem by H Kenny; etc.) Poems by E Honig, X J Kenedy, etc.) £5.00

Ed Anne TURNER. Nos. 1-3. 1955? Glasgow.
Contributors include W Price Turner, S Tremayne, H Creighton Hill, C R Levenson, T Heywood, E Nixon, J B May, J Brooks, G Wharton, T Wright.
3 issues in original wraps-a complete run of this short lived verse magazine which specialised in parody & satire.£45.00 

Ed. N MILLER & J JEROME . New York. Grove Press. USA.
A magazine of Fiction, non fiction, drama & poetry selected by such famous writers as K Shapiro, M Cowley, C Hartman, etc.
The contributors are from a wide spread of American Universities.
No.2. 1952. (G Starbuck, P Levine, P Petrie, R Mezet, K Shapiro, M Cowley, C Hartman, W Stegner, W Havinhurst, A Karlen, H Rowland, S M. Wuest, F Conn, M Rey, L Rubin,
A W. Harris, R Worthington, D M. Fiene, M McKinny, C Carlile, J Leigh, D Madden, M Mason, etc. £5.00

28 booklets containing forthcoming film titles for July 1968-Sept 1970. April 1973-March 1974 plus July-Sept 1971 from the National Film Theatre
dealing in some detail to forthcoming programs, film festivals, a precis of each film, stills from the film. Inserted in some of the boklets are several B F I (British Film Institute) News sheets nos 3-5.7.9-11. Jan 1973-May 1974. & also included are 7 NEW CINEMA CLUB booklets July 1968-Sept 1970. The booklets, many dealing with particular themes, contain critical summaries with accompanying stills covering the whole gammit of World Cinema, relevant comment from the directors & actors involved. A veritable treasure house for anyone interested in cinema.
Some 42 items in original wraps in very good condition. £75.00

Quarterly Poetry magazine published by Rhodes University, South Africa.
Ed Guy Butler & Ruth Harnett.
Vol 4 no. 4 December 1968.
Poets include Graeme Addison, Bernard Levinson, Roy Holland, Ruth keech, etc.
Original wraps a little creased but contents bright enough. £5.00

Illustrated poetry and prose magazine. Sarasota , Florida. Ed A M Miller.
Vol 1/1. 1970. Poems by W Hedrington , M Trimble, L Sawyer, etc;
Short stories by R Mallet & M Bremer. £5.00
Vol 1/2. 1971. Poems by S S Cassell, C Cormier, P head, J P White, etc. £5.00

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th day.
Original stories by E Waugh, D H Lawrence, D L Sayers, Compron MacKenzie, M Sadler, E Rickword, L A G Strong, L P Hartley, G Bullet, W Gerhardi, A E Coppard, Storm Jameson, V Sackville-West, E M Delafield, N Royde-Smith, etc.
6 volumes. All published. Some covers a rubbed on edges with some foxing but otherwise in very good condition. £225.00 (Some duplicates available )

NEW EDITIONS. San Francisco. Ed Byron R Byrant and Michael Grieg.
Volume 1 no.1 Fall 1956. Contains D H Lawrence's play The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd, with a new introduction by Mark Schorer. Also contains a memoir by Natahn Asch, poetry by Weldon Kees and a short story by Fred Safier. Edition limited to 1500 copies.
Original wraps slightly soiled and chipped but contents remain very good. £15.00

(New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly.)
Ed Sidney LEA et al.
Kenyon Hill Publications. USA.
Stories, poems & essays. Each approximatley 150pp with notes on the contributors. Original wraps in very good condition.
v.1/1. 1978. A Hecht on Emily Dickinson; R Penn Warren & E Clark interviewed; stories by A Beattie & G Mackay Brown; poems by P Neruda, S Heaney, A Stevenson, R Pack, R Eberhart, C Simic, etc. £10.00
V.1/2. 1978. Stories by Howard Moss, R Selzer, G Lish, K Ungerer. Poems by D Justice, D Hoffman, J N Morris, T A Simpson, R Eberhart, R Morgan & K Pitchford, P Davison, R J Mills, J Stone, C Dennis, R Danon, A Poulin, R Siegel, L Raab, B Galvin. R Pack on Wordsworth; other articles by P Deitz, J D O'Hara, etc. £15.00
v.1/3. 1979.
(Poems by R Penn Warren; W Dickey, S Kunitz,J Engels, F Morgan who is also interviewed; J Guillen, etc. Y Ritsos-The Moonlight Sonata translated by P Bien; Stendhal-translation of San Francesco a Ripa by S Ashe; R Coles on Eskimo Visions and Binds; etc.) £7.00
v.2/3. 1980. (Poems by R Penn Warren, B Pasternak, R Pack, G Kinnell, A Stevenson,
J D O'Hara, D Wagoner, etc. H McClave on Sylvia Plath; Stories by S Eisenstein,
O Shiro, J Bovey, George Greene, etc. £8.00
v.2/4. 1980. Stories by L Doner, A B Paulson, S Hammer & D Crawford. Poems by M Hacker, L Rubin, J Engels, M Hefferman, etc. G Greene on John Marquand; E J Jensen on the poems of R Wilbur; etc. £6.00
v.5/1-2. Autumn-Winter 1982. (Stories by R Carver, J C Oates, E Larsen, A Beatie, Ward Just, L A Fiedler-On becoming a Pop Critic..Poems by J Engels, M Hacker, P Levine, R Penn Warren, -story, J Reed, R Penn Warren, W Dicke, J Monatgue, etc. £10.00
v.8/4. Summer 1986. (Poems by K Rosen, J Engels, N Stock, J Berke,etc.
Articles & stories by M Bergland, A Bloom, G Deledda, A Hudgins,etc.) £5.00
v.9/1. Autumn 1986. (Poems by L Emanuel, J Flanders, E Grosholz, M Jarman, etc. With other contributions by D Feingold, P Rovina, T Bahr, etc.) £5.00
v.10/4. Summer 1988. Writers of Wales with contributions by R S Thomas, T Curtis, P Finch, D Abse, L Norris, C Merriman, C Meredith, etc.) £15.00
v.8/4. Summer 1986. (Poems by K Rosen, J Engels, N Stock, J Berke,etc.
Articles & stories by M Bergland, A Bloom, G Deledda, A Hudgins,etc.) £5.00
v.9/1. Autumn 1986.
(Poems by L Emanuel, J Flanders, E Grosholz, M Jarman, etc. With other contributions by D Feingold, P Rovina, T Bahr, etc.) £5.00
v.10/4. Summer 1988.
Writers of Wales with contributions by R S Thomas, T Curtis, P Finch, D Abse, L Norris, C Merriman, C Meredith, etc.) £15.00

Ed. TOM MASCHLER. 1959-1968. Nos 1-14.
Contents include:- A Wesker in 5 issues including Chicken Soup with Barley; R Bolt-A Man for All Seasons; H Pinter-The Dumb Waiter; other contributors include J Orton, J Osborne, D Lessing, B Kops, Alun Owen, J Whiting, J Arden, P Shaffer, M Hastings, D Storey, S Conn, I Hamilton Finlay, B S Johnson, G MacBeth& J S Bingham, A Fugard, J Orton, D Pinner, etc. 14 volumes in original wraps-all published. £125.00
No.6. 1966. Reprint. Intro by H Hobson. Contains R Bolt-A Man for all Seasons.
John Whiting-The Devils & Henry Livings-Nil Carborundum. £5.00
No 9. 1966. Intro by M Billington. Contains A Lily in Little India by D Howarth.
Skyvers by V Reckord & The Four Seasons by A Wesker. £15.00

May 1945-Dec 1951. Feb 1952. v. X1/1
(first issue with this title previously called HOME & EMPIRE) - v.XVII/2. with New Series. V.1/1-v.4/5 (last issue).
Among the many well-known contributors to this topical magazine are M Peake, A Waugh, A Powell, K Raine, R K Narayan, O Sitwell, D Val Baker, E Blunden, “B B”, J Heath-Stubbs, R Penn Warren, F Mauriac, R Macaulay, N Farson, J Piper, J Rothenstein, A G Street, Shane Leslie, G Grigson, M Muggeridge, Henry Miller, S O’Faolain, C Bax, H Pearson, St J Ervine, G Barker, L Whistler, E Muir, etc.
82 issues, all published (save one) in this series. £400.00

15/2/34. (Pastiche by E Linklater. Leigh Henry on Germany Now; J O'H Cosgrave-Rejoiner to Mr Powys; D Ireland, Conversation in Chicago; Poem by C H M Bompas-On Hearing of the Communists decision to Exterminate the Wild Animals in The USSR.) £15.00

NEW GENERATION. Ed P RATAZZI. Nos 1 & 2. 1946-1947.
Social & literary views of young writers & ex-servicemen.
Poems by W Jarman , R Tong, G A Wagner, S Read, J Atkins, D Abse, R Heppenstall. Articles & stories by D Stanford, Howard Sergeant, P Baker, etc.
2 issues in original wraps-Uncommon-possibly all issued. £30.00

. Published by the Corvina Press in Budapest.
Spring 1964. v.5/13. Shakespeare Memorial Number. Articles includes Shakespeare & the Hungarians, Shakespeare & Human Nature, Hungarian Poet's Shakespeare, On Staging Shakespeare's Hamlet – texts & 4pp illus including 2pp colour. £6.00
Autumn 1964. v.5/15. Includes “Helping Charles & Mary” (Lamb) by J C Trewin, The Budapest Days of the Snows ( C P Snow & P Hansford Johnson).
J Steinbeck & Peter Brook (8pp) & Veesenmayer's Report to Hilter on Hungary. £6.00
Summer 1967. v.8/26. (Short stories by P Veres, I Orkeny & I Mandy. Articles on Z Kodaly by B Szabolecsi & D Keresztury; I Boldizsar on America ; 4pp poem by Z Jekely translated E Morgan. Other articles by Z Halasz, K Hanak ,etc.) £6.00
Winter 1967. v.8.27. ( Poems by L Nagy translated by G MacBeth & by S Csoori translated by E Morgan. Three One-Act Plays by M Hubay, F Karinthy, & G Gorgey. Etc.) £6.00
Winter 1967. v.8/28. (Hungarian Writers on the October Revolution-Z Moricz, G Krudy, P Veres, G Illyes. L Reczei-Back fron CVietnam; T dery-story; I Boldizsar on Amereica; In Memorian of L Kassak by A N Nagy, L Kassak, E Korner, etc.) £6.00
Summer 1968. v.9/29. Poem by I Vas translated Donald Davie, by L Szabo translated by E Morgan; Articles on G Buday, B Uitz, G Bene, P Gadany D Maurer, A Gross, E Balint, etc. illus both in colour & b/w. One minute stories by I Orkeny, etc. £6.00
Autumn 1976. v.17/63. Translations of poems by William Jay Smith with an interview with the poet. Imre Nagy's paintings illus both in colour & black & whire. £6.00

NEW LEAF. Chelsea College-London.
Ed T Fitzgerald & F Mellon, et al. Poetry & Prose.
Nos.3. Summer 1979. (T Eagleton, N Colyer, C Falck, G Boland, F Mellon, J McCann, M Sullivan, etc.) £6.00
Nos. 4. Spring 1980. (S Deane, J Simmons, G Tardios,G Boland, N McBeath, C O'Driscoll, M Sullivan, etc.) £5.00
No 6. Autumn 1982. (T Arghezi, A Beresford, R Fuller, L Gallastegui, G Macbeth, E A Markham, A Faiz, I Spidalieri, etc.) £10.00

A Magazine of fine writing published by The University of Missouri,
Kansas City. A continuation of The University Review.
Vol.38 Number 1 Fall 1971. (Poems by H MacDiarmid, H Carruth, J Carol Oates,
W Stafford, J Reiss, D Bigger, A Hollo; etc. Stories by R Bly, J Jacobsen, T Lorenz,
T H Benton, etc. W S Braithwaite remembers E A Robinson; R Hugo – interviewed
D Ignatow – Journal;etc. A very good “ex libris” copy.. £10.00
Vol.38 Number 3 Spring 1972. (Poems by C P Cavafy, L Harwood, J Cain, J Poston, M S Harper, W Hathaway, etc. Articles by E Brandabur, D Curley & play; Stories by E Ganz, J Logan.etc.) £8.00
Vol.44 Number 1 Fall 1977.
(Poems by J L Rayford, G Hewitt, A Ostroff, V Worth, L Wagner, H Carruth, G Hitchcock, M Southwick, J W Moser, etc. Stories by G Weaver, N L M Petesch, W Manus. Articles by E Von Vogt, etc.) £6.00
Vol.44 Number 2. Winter 1977.
(Stories by W Manus,E Von Vogt,etc. Poems by W & A Barnstone, S Harrigan, R Schulte, R Paley, V Miller, D Oliphant, G Gildner, J Cain, D Kherdian, H P Otto,etc. R Kostelanetz-A construcivist Fiction; etc. ) £5.00
Vol.44 Number 3 Spring 1978.
Featuring the Personal Memoir by J Clellon Holmes – Exile's London 1967; B F Lefcowitz on Teaching in a Women's Penitentiary; H Roskolenko & B B Swados. Poems by H Witt, M Halperin, S Goldstein, L Nathan, D Wier, D Bottoms, W Joyce, K Patten, A Starr Hamilton, A Vivanti, S Lynn, etc.). £5.00
Vol.44 Number 4 June 1978.
(Two novels by Natalie L M Petesch: The Leprosarium & The Long Hot Summers of Yasha K.) £6.00
Vol.45 Number 4 June 1979.
(Fiction Omnibus with works by C Colter, G P Elliott, R Graubart, J Jacobsen, N L M Petesch, R Sukenick, E Tifft & D Ray.) £6.00
Vol.51 Number 2 Winter 1984-85.
(C Beasley Jr on E Dahlberg; Poems by R Char,
R Carver, R Bly, R M Rilke, H Carruth,etc.) £10.00

NEW LUGANO REVIEW. Ed James Fitzsimmons.
No.1. 1979
. Reviews and Dialogues. (M Cranston , J Holloway, Anne Stevenson, J Press, M Beloff, etc.) £8.00

Bound volume starting with p 753-896, then 1- 672.
Each month starts with The Play of the Month with photogaphical studies of the
actors; the contributors include Houghton Townley, Frank Shaw, W Le Queux,
H Pendexter, I A R Wylie, G Bronson-Howard, R Lichfield, T Gallon, L J Beeston,
E M Jameson, Baroness Orczy, C Garvice, M Audouin, etc.
There are other sections entitled Woman's Kingdom; Tempt the Invalid;
The Girl who earns her own living; Our Baby; The Precocious Child;
The Latest Modes in Hats; etc.
Well bound in brown boards which are split on top of spine. (lacks wraps.)
(Landry identified it as nos.13-17 April-Aug 1910 & No 24-March 1911.) £7.00
May 1910. (C Garvice, L J Beeston, F H Shaw, F Hubert, G Hammerton, C C Andrews, S H Adams , etc.) Loosely inserted folding advert for “Wincarnis”.
Lacks wraps. £5.00
March 1911. (P Hubart, W Le Queux, T Gallon, H Fitzalan, H Townley, etc.)
Contains 2 coloured adverts.Lacks wraps. £5.00

NEW MEASURE. Donald Parsons & Co.
A Quarterly Magazine of Poetry. Ed P JAY & J ACZEL. Nos 1-10.
(W H Auden, G Snyder, M Schmidt, M Horovitz, G Bantock, G Holloway, P Whigham, P Levi, V Scannell, J Stallworthy, A Brownjohn, P Russell, C Middleton, M Horovitz, H Guest, A Hollo, P Levi, G Seferis, S Moss, J Cotton, J Clemo, etc.)
10 issues in original wraps in very good condition. All published. £100.00
No 2. 1966. (Translations from German by R & M Mead of poems by W Bachler, H W Sabais; from French by S Purcell, J Franchette; from Russian by L P Slater of Pasternak, Akhmatova, M Tsvetayeva & Y Yevtushenko; from Iitalan by L Mansel of Quasimodo; From Greek by P Levi of G Seferis, O Elytis, T Sinopoulos & K Palamas. Other poems by C Middleton, J Clemo, H Guest, A Hollo, S Purcell, R Fisher, etc.) £10.00

1824. Vol XI. Part 1. With the first 200 pages of Vol.13.Includes conversations of Lord Byron, 9pp review of book by Thomas M edwin ,articles on The Rhine,Troubador Songs, Life in India , Greece ,Canadian Emigrants,London Clubs,etc. Half leather,parting at upper edge of spine. £10.00
1828.Vol 22.
Includes 13 pp review of Leigh Hunt's "Lord Byron & some of his Contemporaries". Canning's Speeches; The Treatment of the Nataives(in the Cape of Good Hope); Eating French & English; Travelling Abroad; Walks in New South Wales, etc. etc. Spine worn. Name on front end paper. £10.00
Vol 25. (No index.) Spine worn. £10.00
1830. Vol 28. Part 1.
Original Papers on Rossini, Byron, Menzikoff, Londoniana, The East India Company's Charter; Brazil , etc with contributions by F Hemans, T Campbell, etc.) Baronial Bookplate. Covers worn. £10.00
1843. April-May. (The Aerial Steam-Carriage with an engraving; Short rides in the author's Omnibus; Extracts from my Indian Diary by the Old Forest Ranger;
Ellistonia by W T Moncrieff; The House-Warming by T Ingoldsby; Recollections
of the Emperor Napoleon by Mrs Abell; The Hop Gardens of Kent by E Carrington; stories by Laman Blanchard, esq, “Peter Priggins”, etc.)
Bound in brown cloth with top inch of fore-spine torn otherwise very good. £15.00

Jan. 1957. v.3/1.
(Poems by J Wright (3), P Petrie (4), H Fleming (5), C Balck (4), R Pack, G Johnson, G Abbe, etc). £6.00

v.1/1.2.3. May 1933-Feb 1934.
(Poems by W H Auden, R Swingler, L Whistler, C Day Lewis, K Nott, O Blakeston, etc. F Pakenham on De Valera; N Mitchison-chapter from an unpublished Novel; C M Bowra on Stefan George & George Moore; V De Sola Pinto on Rochester's Poetry; F Pakenham on De Valera; Short story by Spender; R H S Crossman on The Labour Party & War; Henry Green as H Yorke, F Prince, A J Ayer, etc.)
3 issues in original wraps. £120.00
V.1/31. May 1933. (Poems by W H Auden, L Whistler & N Lindsay. S Spender-The Burning Cactus. A M E Goldschmidt-“Alice” Psycho-analysed with other articles by K Clark, C M Bowra, F Pakenham, etc. Lacks front wrap. Title page present. £40.00

NEW POEMS. Hutchinson.
The P.E.N. Anthologies of Contemporary Poetry of previously unpublished poems.
1952-1963. 1965. 1967. 1970-1978
-final volume.
Contributors include W H Auden, G Barker, J Betjeman, A Brown, C Causley, D Dunn, L Durrell, D J Enright, R Graves, T Gunn, T Harrison , S Heaney, J Hewitt, G Hill, T Hughes, P J Kavanagh. T Kinsella, P Larkin, H MacDiarmid, L MacNeice, J Montague, Slyvia Plath, S Sassoon, S Smith, Dylan Thomas, C Tomlinson, etc.
20 volumes - all published in this series - no volumes being published for 1959, 1964, 1968 & 1969. All very good in dust jackets.
A very good complete run of an interesting publication. £200.00
(Several duplicates available.)

An Arts Council Anthology with a wide gamut of contemporary contributors with different Editors each year:- A Brownjohn, M Duffy, P Redgrove, P Porter, J Symons, C Osborne, J Silkin, K Crossley-Holland, P Beer, F Adcock, A Thwaite, T Hughes, D Harsent & J Fuller. Vols. 1-9. 1975-1983. 9 volumes all with dust wrappers.
Volume 3 is inscribed, signed & dated by the Editor, Alan Brownjohn. £125.00
(Ted Hughes, D Abse, T Blackburn, A Brownjohn, G Ewart, R Fainlight, D J Enright, M Hamburger, D Holbrook, E Jennings, J Kirkup, G Macbeth, R McGough, G Mayer, R Nye, J Pudney, V Scannell, J Stallworthy, J Wain, etc.) £12.00
. Ed. A BROWNJOHN & M DUFFY. 1977. Dw.
(Wes Magee, J Cotton, D Holbrook, A Thwaite, A Bold, F Scarfe, V Scannell, E Lowbury, J Pudney, C Lee, M Redgrove,, R Fainlight, P Redgrove, G Szirtes, M Crosland, F Grubb, R Tong, H Corby, S Cook, S Conn, G Holloway, C Rumens, C Clothier,.G Ewart, P Shuttle, F King, R Fulton, L Lerner, J Kirkup.) £12.00
Ed. F ADCOCK & A THWAITE. 1978. Original wraps.(P Beer, A Bold, K Bosley, E Brock, G Mackay Brown, A Brownjohn, F Bull, etc.) £12.00
No.9. Ed. J SYMONS.
1983. Dw. An Arts Council Anthology with contributions by G Ewart, R Fuller, V Scannell, M Hofmann, D Holbrook, D Stanford, B Cole, J Cotton, Elizabeth Fiske, T Heywood, G Holloway, J Lucas, H B Mallalieu, Gerda Mayer, T Rawling, etc. (G Ewart, R Fuller, V Scannell, M Hofmann, D Holbrook, D Stanford, Barry Cole, John Cotton, E Fiske, T Heywood. £12.00

NEW POETS. Eyre & Spottiswoode. Ed. E MUIR. 1959. Dw.
These substantial collections precede first book publications by the contributors:-
I Crichton Smith, K Gershon & C Levenson, etc. £10.00

1930.Feb.-1933 June. v.61/792-v.75/969. (lacking 1 issue)
A notable American Weekly Newspaper founded in 1914 by Herbert Corby &
Walter Lippmann & still currently published. Often described as liberal “with a strong intellectual streak” it is considered as centrist in regard to foreign & economic policy & progressive on social issues.
Contributors include W B Yeats, J Joyce, A Greg ory, P Colum, A E, V Woolf,E Wilson, A MacLeish, K A Porter, A Tate, Wallace Stevens, J Dos Passos, A Huxley, K Mansfield, W Faulkner, C Aiken, Sherwood Anderson, W R Benet, G Dillon, S Huddleston , M Cowley, J Langdon-Davies, J Dewey, H N Brailsford, A Huxley, Lewis Mumford, etc. Bound in are 5 issues from the 1929 literary sections for Spring, Fall & Winter - containing the 1st 4 articles by Edmund Wilson (introduction, Yeats, Valery, Eliot)
14 volumes well bound in 7 with the original wraps bound in. £300.00

NEW ROAD. Grey Walls Press.
Contains Poetry & Prose of promising British, American & Continental authors.
No 2 1944. Ed. A Comfort, J Bayliss. (Dylan Thomas - Two Poems:-"Amongst Those Killed in the Dawn Raid was a Man Aged One Hundred" & "The Marriage of a Virgin". Essay by D Stanford; other poems by L Durrell, C Fry, R Greacen, J Kirkup, N McCaig, N Moore, H Read, A Ridler, R M Rilke, D S Savage, S Spender, H Treece, etc.) Very good copy in glassine protected dw, signed on title page by James Kirkup. £15.00
No.3. 1945.
Ed. F Marnau. (A Comfort, H Read, K Patchen, N Moore , D Levertoff, R Todd, etc. Plates by Picasso, W Blake, etc. ) Dw. £15.00
No.4. 1946
. Ed. F Marnau. (J Heath-Stubbs, D Gascoyne, I Silone, H MacDiarmid,F Kafka, N Muir, G Trakl, Wrey Gardner, Kokoschka, H Henderson, N Moore, P Eluard, R Manvell, Lorca. etc). Dw. £15.00
No.5. 1949
. Ed. Wrey Gardiner. (D Stanford on Rilke; S Spender on Modern Poetry; poems by A Ross, K Raine, R Todd, N Moore, A Comfort, V Iremonger, R Greacen, etc.) A Very good copy in glassine protected dw with publishre's review slip laid in. Also laid in is a review request from the editor of the Sheffield Telegraph, together with a copy of the actual review by C A Renshaw. £15.00

No.113. 26/11/1964.
Articles by C MacInnes, G Gibson, B Nicol, M Selzer, etc. £5.00

1944-1946. v.1 & 2
. Bookplate stamped on 2nd volume.
Contributors include H MacDiarmid, M Lavin, H Miller, F Urquart, D Val Baker, R M & J Singer, H Manning, A Kavan, J Waller, D K Haynes, S Chaplin, P Ledward, E Taylor, R Moore, etc. 2 volumes. All published. £30.00

NEW STORIES. Blackwell. A Magazine devoted to the short story.
Edited by H E Bates, A Calder-Marshall, E J O'Brien, L A Pavey, G West.
Dec 1934-Jan 1935.
Contributors include P H Johnson-Suddenly a Woman-6pp; Dylan Thomas-The Enemies-a very early short story-5pp; S Spender-By the Lake-29pp; A Calder-Marshall, R Swingler, J Lehmann, O M Manning, H A Manhood, E Myers, R Swingler, E W White & H Miles. J Stern, D Webbe, J P Hogan, M Whitaker, T C Worsley, H Nicolson, L Whistler, J Lavrin, L A G Strong, etc.
Six issues bound in publisher's orange cloth - worn on edges & inscription on front end paper but internally tight & clean. £60.00
Vol 1/1. Feb-Mar 1934. S Spender – By The Lake; R O'Brien – An Accident; J P Hogan – An Old Man's Tale; etc. £12.00
Vol 1/2. Apr-May 1934.
L A G Strong – The Escape; J Lavrin – Zimin; S Vogler – The Old Woman; etc. £12.00
Vol 1/3. Jun-Jul 1934. J Lehmann – Three Sketches; Dylan Thomas – The Enemies; H A Manhood - Love at Ease; G Ewart – Inner Circle ; etc. £25.00
Vol 1/4. Aug-Sep 1934. J P Hogan –A Winter's Tale; H Woolf – Twenty-Four Hours; G Dent – Vision; etc. £12.00
Vol 1/5. Oct-Nov 1934. O M Manning – A Scantling of Foxes; P Hansford Johnson – Suddenly a Woman; W Allen – Morning Progress; M Whitaker – The White Line; etc. £12.00
Vol 1/6. Dec 1934-Jan 1935. L Whistler – A Sheraton Table; T C Worsley – The Crest; J stern – Our Mother; etc. £12.00
Vol 2/1 Feb-Mar 1935. G Friel – You Can See It For Yourself; P Chamberlain – Fanciful; D Hedges – Tanya's Son; etc. £12.00
Vol 2/4. Aug-Sep 1935. S Vogler - David; J Warburg – The Arks; M MacTaggart – The Estuary; F Breen – The Shadows; etc. £12.00
Vol 2/5. Oct-Nov 1935. S Vogler – Old Anna; A H Mendes – Lulu gets Married; L A Paul – Pears; etc. £12.00
Vol 2/6. Dec 1935-Jan 1936. A Calder-Marshall – Pickle my Bones; J L Mont – Ten Minutes from Town; J Partridge – The Last Straw; etc. £10.00
Vol 2/7. Feb-Mar 1936. G Friel – Her Brother Died; M Sayers – Story of a Revolutionary; A E South – Spare Room; J Hampson – Transition; etc. £10.00

NEW TESTAMENT STUDIES. An International Quarterly Journal. Cambridge.
Ed. K Aland et al. v.23/1-v.25/1. 12 issues. £20.00

NEW THEATRE MAGAZINE. Ed Derek Wicks. Published by Department of Drama, Univesity of Bristol. Vol 5 no.1. Not dated. Articles on Camus, Sammy Davis Junior, Nottingham Playhouse, Bristol Old Vic, etc. Uncommon. £5.00

NEW VISION. International Quarterly Review. No 17. 1943.Spring-Summer.
(The Fruits of Victory –Editorial; A Comfort- Prose Reporting in the Second World War-Ehrenburg's Realism; Poems by M Lindsay, W T Nettleford, J O Ure & R Reynolds. R H Le Messurier-story; O Blakeston-Responsibilities & a short poem: R Mathias, Etc.) £10.00

NEW VOICE. No.1. Autumn 1962. Ed Colin R Fry. Rochester , Kent.
Poems by A Hollo, J Burns, J Robson, etc. £10.00 

London Weekly on matters of Clean Government. Ed Cecil Chesterton.
V.3.No.53. 6/11/1913 (G K Chesterton – Built in The Eclipse; Poem by Vance Palmer – A Ballade of Questions; Review by G S Street; etc.)
Original wraps unevenly sunned. £15.00

No.1-21. 1952-1964. Contributors to this important cross section of current literature & criticism include Isherwood, Lehmann, Lowry, Gide, J Baldwin, Dylan Thomas, Eberhart, Sitwells, Pasternak, Rajan, Silone, R Bly, Moravia, Sansom, Roethke, J T Farrell, Lorca, A Clarke, Kavanagh, Auden, Picasso, H Miller, G Barker, S Bellow, Brecht, S Beckett, Wallace Steven s, Tambimuttu,E E Cummings, Fuller, Genet, R Graves, Ionesco, Larkin, J Wain, Mailer, Neruda, O'Faolain, Seferis, Seghers, R S Thomas, S Kunitz, R Lowell, R Beloof, R Wilbur, J Berryman, R Nye, J Dickey, Hafiz, M Butor, D Wagoner, F O'Connor, J C Ransom, B Deutsch, J L Borges, J Purdy, D Davie, J Updike, etc.
21 issues all very good in original wraps. £210.00
No.1. 1952.
(C Isherwood , Tennessee Williams, F O'Connor, H Nemerov, G Vidal, J C Hall, H Moss, J Schuyler, F O'Hara, etc.) £10.00
No.2. 1952. ("New Soundings" A programme of poetry & prose. Ed & intro by
J LEHMANN, broadcast in London for use by American Stations (17pp); Mailer,
Dylan Thomas, Eberhart, L Simpson, Roethke, Merrill, R Fuller, Auden, Genet.) £10.00
No.3. 1953. (Dylan Thomas- "Four Lost Souls" 1st bookform of last part of
Adventures in the Skin Trade. Also Eberhart, Pinget, M Lowry; Poems by
E & S Sitwell, J Ashbery, H Moss.) £10.00
No.4. 1953. (G Lamming, J L Borges, J T Farrell, N Gordimer-"The World Repeated Upside Down" early chapter of 1st Novel; Kunitz, Kallman, D Devlin, A Clarke, P Kavanagh, Fallon, Farren, Roethke..Illus by Shahn, Rattner, Steinberg, etc.) £10.00
No.5. 1954. (Dylan Thomas-The Followers; S O'Faolain, J Lehmann, M Cowley,
J M Brinnin, S Beckett(Molloy), H Gregory, etc with poems by Wallace Stevens,
D Hall, K Rexroth, R Wilbur, W Carlos Williams, etc.) £10.00
No.6. 1954. (J Wain "Remember Stop Milk";  S Bellow, J T Farrell, R Eberhart etc. Eight Contemporary Japanese Poets.) £10.00
No.7. 1955. (H Bohl, G S Fraser on New British Poets- E Jennings, N Moore,
H Corke, D Cooke, Alvarez, T Gunn, P Oakes, D Hall etc. Dylan Thomas-Seven Letters to Oscar Williams 1845-1953; J Lehmann, J Heller-Catch 18; D Hall on
New Poetry. H de Onis-Five Brazilian Poets.) £12.00
No.8. 1955. (Nine Modern Dutch Poets sel by Hans Koninsberge; R Wilbur
introduces poems by E E Cummings, W C Williams. P Hutchins- James Joyce
on Holiday.) £10.00
No.9. 1956. (Poems sel & intro by J Ciardi-K Rexroth, S Kunitz , J Wright,
Dudley Fitts. Ionesco- Seven Modern Korean Poems sel & intro by P P Hyun.) £10.00
No.11. 1957. (K Rexroth on The Beat Generation 14pp; L Simpson intro Poets
of the "Silent Generation": R Pack, R Bly, D Hall; Pound in Kensington,10pp by
P Hutchins..) £10.00
No.12. 1957.
(J Wain on Orwell; Tambimuttu introduces poems by M Hamburger, H Gregory, C Madge, R Selig, J Garrigue etc; S Bellow, W S Merwin.) £10.00
No.14. 1958. (R Graves introduces poems by J Reeves, T Hards, A Reid,
M Seymour-Smith; New Poems from Latin America; G Barker- a Verse Play;
Story by P Roche, etc.) £10.00
No.15. 1959. (J H Kwabena Nketia introduces Voices of Ghana in Prose & Poetry; Contemporary Icelandic Poets intro by I Fey; B Pasternak, E Caldwell , R Bly.) £10.00
No.18. 1961.
(M Lowry- The First Path to the Spring.) £10.00

D M Thomas on Chekhov; T Flanagan on Irish Literature; E Benedict on Valerie Sayers; etc. £5.00

NEXT WAVE POETS. Ed David Mycroft.
Nos. 2-5. 1970-1975.
Poetry by poets yet to achieve prominence.
Each issue is between 90-120pp.
(Y Daniel, S Fugard, D Markish, D Hertzberg, Editor, C Nixon, & many others.)
4 issues in original wraps. £20.00

NEW WORLDS. Ed Langdon JONES assisted by Michael MOORCOCK.
An illustrated magazine of science fiction & unusual stories.
1969 June. no. 191. (M Moorcock-A Cure for Cancer-14pp illustrated; B Aldiss-The Firament Theorem; A Burns-Babel; Between the Tracks by R Padgett & T Veitch; A Passes-Spoor; G Charnock-Sub-entropic Evening; etc. Illustrated. £30.00
1969 July. No 192. B W Aldiss-The Shape of Further Things, 8pp; Langdon Jones-The Garden of Delights-15pp illustrated; N Spinrad-The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde; G Charnock-The Erogenous Zone; Surface if you Can by T Champagne; M Butterworthl L Zorin, R E Toomey, etc. £25.00

NIMBUS. A Magazine of Literature, the Arts and New Ideas. Ed Tristram Hill et al.
V.1/1-v.4/1. 1951-1957 lacking only the last two issues for all published.
(W H Auden, D J Enright, H Read, Stevie Smith, W Empson, J Heath-Stubbs,
W S Graham, V Watkins, V Scannell, A Cronin, M Holloway, P Neruda, J Cary,
Zoshchenko, G McBeth, C Aiken, G Barker, A Thwaite, T Corbiere, I Svevo,
R Campbell, J Cocteau, J Kirkup, C Logue, H Read, E Dahlberg, F Bellerby,
P Kavanagh with 19 of his poems; C G Jung-Ulysses-a 13pp monolgue;
B Brecht-The Private Life of Mr Julius Caesar; etc.)
11 issues in original wraps as issued. £175.00
No.1. Dec 1951. (Poems by F Bellerby(2), R M Rilke, J-M De Heredia, R F C Hull , etc. Short stories by J Wallis, Clive Spencer, G Britting, etc. T Jellinek –essay, etc.) £15.00
v.1/3. Summer 1952. (Poems by V Watkins, V Scannell, M Holloway, Hardiman Scott, A Cronin, M Green, F Lissauer, R F C Hull , etc. Short stories by O J Bierbaum, D Hambourg & C Newell. ) £15.00
v.2/1. June 1953. (C G Jung-Ulysses-A Monologue. Poems by R F C Hull, D J Enrght, J Kirkup, H Read, B Brecht, (translated by I Jarosy), C Logue. B Roberton on Ishbel McWhirter together with reproductions of 4 of her drawings. Other articles on Sam Francis by G Duthuit; Contemporary Italian Writing by J Cairncross; P Valery. A Trocchi, J Whiting, etc. Stories by L Bigiaretti,(trans by Cairncross), Laurie Lee, etc.)
Original wraps frayed, contents very good. £18.00
v.2/1. Autumn 1954. (Poems by W S Graham, P Valery, H Read, P Eluard, H MacDiarmid, etc. J Cocteau-An Unknown Sexuality trans by M Crossland. Stories by H Nicholson & G Britting. B Robertson on the Sculpture of F E McWilliam-illustrated. D Wright on the Work of G Barker. P Toynbee, R Hayman, E Wilkins, etc.) £18.00
v.3/2. (J Cary on Gerald Wilde-illustrated with 3 of his paintings. A Thwaite on The Poetry of Drummond Allison. G Barker on Spender & W S Graham. Poems by R Wilbur, Stevie Smith(with drawings) & Geoffrey Hill. Other articles by J Heath-Stubbs, A Cronin, etc. ) £18.00
v.3/3. Summer 1956. (Poems by W H Auden(2), G Mackay Brown, D Abse & V Watkins. Articles by P Kavanagh, W Empson , G Barker, A Cronin,etc. Michael Hastings- Don't Destroy Me - 22pp Play.) £15.00
v.3/4. Winter 1956. (A Cronin on Patrick Kavangh's poetry with 19 of his poems. D Goacher on the Pictures of Ezra Pound. P Swift on Caravaggio. Other contributions by A Thwaite & James Pirie.) £15.00
v.4/1. Summer 1957.
(Poems by C Logue(6), P Brangwyn. Stories by J P Donleavy, Keith Johnstone. Articles by Charles Fox, John Berger, Ian Dallas, etc.) £18.00

NINE. A Magazine of Poetry & Criticism. Ed Peter RUSSELL.
Nos. 1-11.
1949-1956. Contributors include Wyndham Lewis, P Colum, J Heath Stubbs, B Bergonzi, R Wagner, E Milne, S Goodsir Smith, C Madge, E Pound, T S Eliot, R Campbell, W Empson, B Bunting, G Barker, R Graves, A Ridler, etc. 11 issues in original wraps. All published. £125.00
No.2. Winter 1949-50. (Santayana, G S Fraser, M Hamburger, G Barker, C Madge,
H G Porteus, C Middleton, Gorrell..) £12.00
No.3. Spring 1949-50. Special Contemporary Poetry Issue with contributions by Allen Tate, P Russell, E Morgan E E Cummings, B A Bose, K Raine, R Campbell, C Madge, S Goodsir-Smith, R Eberhart, H Menai, G S Fraser, J Heath-Stubbs, C S Lewis, R Bottrall, R Duncan, D Gascoyne, C Middleton. etc. £15.00
No.4. 1950. Summer. (A note on Ayrton's The Passion of the Vine by Wyndham Lewis
with 4 illustrations; E Pound, T S Eliot, T E Lawrence, R Campbell & B Bunting.) £17.50
No.6. Winter 1950/51 . (R Campbell- versions of Baudelaire & Lorca;
J L Borges-The Library of Babel; An illustrated Bestiary by P Kneebone & I Fletcher; Poems & translations by S Goodsir Smith, G S Fraser, N Coghill, E Morgan...) £12.00
No.9. Summer/Autumn 1952 . (S Sitwell, W Empson, B Bergonzi, S Goodsir Smith,
R Campbell, G S Fraser, E Pound (a note). Article on C Williams' Novels,
Japanese Poetry, etc.) £15.00
No. 10. Winter 1953-4. (E Pound-poem; P Eluard, E Milne, B Bergonzi, S Goodsir Smith, E Morgan, T Scott, G Wagner, J Heath-Stubbs, etc.) £17.50
No.11. April 1956. (W Barnes-the Dorset Poet & B Bunting translate Persian poems; H E G Rope on C M Doughty's Dawn in Britain-4pp; Poems by R Campbell, T Scott, E Milne, A Ridler, E Pound, etc. Correspondence between A Waley & J Liu; H Kenner on Wyndham Lewis' Self condemned; 6pp; Other contributors include J Heath-Stubbs, B Bergonzi, B Lyle, Editor, etc.)  £12.00

Zero Issue.
n/d. (1970's?) Contributors include A Cronin, L Raffery, P Kavanagh, P Durcan, J A Ryan, B Siverly, M Harding, M Kessler, J Weiners, etc. £10.00

NINEPENCE. Ed Patrick Brangwyn, Charles Fox & Christopher Logue.
No.1 Sept 1951. folded foolscap duplicated magazine.
(Poems by Charles Fox, Andre Davis, C Logue, A Cherryl. S N Moxley on Poets and Politicians; reviews by C Fox & C Logue.) £25.00

NINTH WAVE. No.3. Ed J Drinkall, M Williams, J Silver.
A Collection of Poetry, prose & graphics by both 'student' & 'real world' writers living in Cardiff , London & other exotic places. (J Whale on Jack Cade, A Savage, J Evans.) Duplicated. £6.00

These volumes contain a wealth of topical material relating to the current events of the time.
The boards are loose/missing but the contents are in good condition.
Vols 1-7. March 1872-June 1880.
Vols. 9-10. Jan-Dec 1881.
Vols. 12-14. July 1882-Dec 1883.
Vols. 16-18. July 1884-Dec 1885.
Vols 20-21. July 1886-June 1887.
Vol. 34 July-Dec 1893. £10.00 per volume.

Nos 1-10. 1983-1989.
A Magazine of Poems, Prose & Graphics with contributions from T Pickard, N Wheale, C Berge, J Silkin, M &erson, D Ignatow, A Kleinzahler, R Sheppard,
P Finch, L Eigner, A Halsey, C Middleton, R Fulton, D Jaffin, R Fisher, N Tarn,
E Morgan, G Turnbull, L Harwood, D Wevill, J Ash, J Kazantzis, D Wevill,R Fulton, E Mottram, R Char,etc.) 10 issues in original wraps.£50.00
Poems by G Sorrentino, P Middleton, G Evans, etc. £5.00
Poems by C Middleton, D E Steward, G Evans, P Crick, etc. £5.00
. Poems by E Morgan, G Turnbull, J Taggart, J Katantzis, etc. £5.00
Poems by R Fisher, I Weinman, P Crick, etc. £5.00
Poems by D Chaloner, L Eigner, P Finch, etc. £6.00
No.8.1987. Poems by T Olson, G Evans, P Dent, J Tranter, H Rand , etc. £5.00

USA. A biannual literary magazine edited by Saul Bellow et al.
No 1-5. 1960-62. (D H Lawrence, J Feiffer, N Algren, A Miller, R Ellison, H Nemerov, J Berryman, G Paley, P O'Connor, T Pynchon, G V Desani, L Simpson, A Kerrigan, D Jacobson, I Babel, R Miller, L Unger, H Gold, etc.)
5 issues in original stiff wraps. All published. £75.00
No. 1. 1960. (Includes Berryman's “Twelve Dream Songs”; Arthur Miller, “Please Don't Kill Anything”; Howard Nemerov's “Life Cycle of a Common Man”; Ralph Ellison, Wright Morris, etc.) Very good in original printed wraps. £12.00
No.2. 1960. (N Algren, J Feiffer, G Paley, L Guilloux, C Ozick, K Botsford, R G Stern.) £10.00
No.4. 1961. (G V Desani, L Guilloux, J Berry , D Jacobson, J McCormick) £10.00

NOETICS. Poetry, prose and commentary edited by Walter Shepperd.
Published by the Fugitive Press, Syracuse NY.
Vol 1 No.1. 1964
. Story by James Tucker; poems by Robert Morrison and Judy Labow; etc. Original wraps age marked but contents bright enough. Staples starting to rust. Name on front end paper. £7.00

NOOSE. Stone Academy. NY. Ed Joe Early.
No.22 Feb 1972.
Tont Weinberger –On Cord Wood; Donald Phelps-Thoughts of Blaise Pascal; Paul Blackburn from Diogenes Laertius, 10 pp,
A4 stencilled & stapled. With postal stamp & address on rear. £10.00

NORCH. Hornet issue. August. Nd.
(Poems by J Nuttall, M Matias, J Kiddell, T Sillence, P Hoida, B King, D Glendining & J Tisserant. Illustrated by J Nuttall, Dave G & C Barnes.)
Duplicated magazine in very good condition. £15.00

NORMAN. Southsea. Ed John MEAD & Tony MILLETT.
ONE. Sept 1969. (Poems by R V MorrisB Clarke, J Mead, I Jackson, S Delserina, R Needham, AD A Levy, etc. Drawings by Y Mead, R Morris, etc. ) £5.00

18 issues between 1944 & 1958.
(T S Eliot-Responsibility of the Man of Letters; Issue devoted to Nordahl Grieg with contributions from Grieg himself, G M Gathorne-Hardy, J Auslander,etc. Televaag by Sigmund Skard a 6pp war poem translated by Gathorne-Hardy. D Val Baker-several short stories; Article & cartoons by A Engstrom. H Ingstad on Erik the Red. E Grieg & the New Norse Poets(2) by T Stoverud. J L Runeberg by Ven Dufva. Edvard Munch & Depth Psychology by J P Hodin(12pp). Gathorne-Hardy on Nansen in 1905,etc. H K Laxness, Tyronne Githrie, Odd Nansen, K Stanjukovich, A Brownjohn, P Haanpaa, J Edfelt, D Stanford, D Una Ratcliffe, H Baerlein, F Urquart, S Dageim, T Heywood, Rhys Davies, J Bayliss, I English, Cora Sandel, etc.)
Original wraps a little frayed-contents very good. £40.00

NORTH MAGAZINE. Ed Norman SMITHSON. Leeds. 1971.
KIDS IN ACTION. Special Editions-Leeds International Children's Theatre Festival.
An account of all the varied activities which took place during two festival weeks. £5.00

NORTH COUNTRY MEDINE. NY. Bulletin 2. 1972.
Wekwom Teks a dialogue between M & N. by Jacob Little. 7pp. A4 sheets stencilled & stapled with front cover also used as postal address to George Boweing. £5.00

NORTHERN NUMBERS. T N Foulis , Edinburgh. 1920. 1st Series. Ed. C M Grieve.
Representative selections from living Scottish Poets:-H MacDiarmid-Editor, J Buchan, A S Falconer, I Hamilton, J Lee, C Murray, V Jacob, R W Kerr, L Spence, R Ross, J Ferguson, etc. Inscription on front end paper. £25.00

NORTHERN REVIEW. The Literary Voice of the North. Ed B de B NICOL.
v.2/1-2. 1947 July-Dec. (Poems by V Scannell(3), N Nicholson, H Sergeant, R L Cook, W K Severs, W Porritt ,etc. Phyllis Bentley-A Personal Criterion. F Hill on John Nicholson- the Airedale Poet. G A North on Sid Chaplin-“A New Northern Writer”. R L CLayton on The Novels of Forrest Reid with a biographical note on Reid.A Shadwick on Ammon Wrigley-Poet of the Moorland. A E Thompson writes about his impressions as a soldier in Italy & Austria. V Rayne on the Bronte Sisters. J Davies-The Lake District Germans(16thCentury). M Horspool-Licensed Piracy off the Yorkshire Coast. G J S King on Richard Oastler-The “Factory King”. Stories by E Gibson,A Shadwick, J Lyth, V Rayne.etc.) 2 issues. Rusty staples otherwise very good. Uncommon. £25.00

A Quarterly Magazine of the Arts. Ed M MITCHELL & P LYNCH.
v. 1/1 & 2. 1965
(A Burgess-Conflict & Confluence. D Ireland on Wee Willy Yeats & his Fairies. P Hobsbaum on Joyce Cary. B S Johnson-an autobiographical piece. Poetry by T Hughes; G MacCann recollects L MacNeice; F Berry, M Bell, S Heaney, M Longley, D Mahon, P Redgrove, F Berry, M Bell, F O'Connor, etc.)
2 issues. 4to. 100pp each issue. £35.00
v.1/1. Spring 1965.
(Poems by T Hughes, P Hobsbaum, F Berry & M Bell. Fiction by S Parker, J Bond, P Doherty & P Smyth. A Burgess-Conflict & Confluence. G MacCann on F E McWilliam; etc.) £20.00

NORTHERN REVIEW. Poetry from Saskatchewan.
Number One. 2nd Edn. 1979. Ed R Currie, G Hyland, B Sapergia & G Ursell.
(Editors, E Allen, T Heath, D Waltner-Toews, J L Mclean, E F Dyck, L Uher, G Raddysh, B Sapergiz, etc. ) £6.00

NORTHWEST REVIEW. U.S.A. Fiction, Poetry, Reviews & Photographs.
v.9/3. Spring 1968. (L Fiedler-interviewed. Memories of Chekhov's Family by G Altschuller. Poems by H Carlile, D Madden, D Ray etc. Stories & Reviews.) £6.00
v16/3. 1977. (Interview with & a poem by Charles Bukowski(21pp); Others include Lucien Stryk & Takaski Ikemoto & Robert Holland , etc.) £15.00

NOTES AND QUERIES for Readers & Writers, Collectors & Librarians.
Ed D Hewitt, J D Freeman, E G Stanley, et al.
"Not so much a literary journal as a journal for literary facts."
Notes and Queries was founded in 1849 under the editorship of the antiquary W. J Thoms. One of its purposes was and is still the asking and answering of readers' queries.
It is devoted principally to English language and literature, lexicography, history, and
scholarly antiquarianism. Emphasis is on the factual rather than the speculative.
In addition to notes, readers' queries and replies there are book reviews.
Each issue gives emphasis to the works of a particular period.
2nd Series. 1856-58.
v. 1-5. Jan 1856-June 1858. with index. All in very good condition. £100.00

The following issues have been extracted from bound volumes & so lack the front wraps.
9th Series
No 1-5. 1 st -29 th Jan 1898. No 19-22 7 th -28 th May 1898.
No 32-35. 6 th -27 th Aug 1898. No 40-44. 1 st -20 th Oct 1898.
No 45-48. 5 th -26 th Nov 1898. No 49-53. 3 rd -31 st Dec 1898.
No 58-61. 4 th -25 th Feb 1899. No 262-266. 3 rd -31 st Jan 1903.
Nos 267-270. 7 th -28 th Feb 1903. Nos 271-274. 7 th -28 th March 1903.
No 275-278. 4 th -25 th April 1903. No 279-283. 2 nd -30 th May 1903.
No 284-287. 6 th -27 th June 1903. No 310-313. 5 th -26 th Dec 1903.
Index to 9 th Series vol.X1 Jan-June 1903 £50.00

X1th Series.
No 215-218. 7 th -28 Feb 1914. No 219-222. 7 th 28 th March 1914
v.21/9. v.23/3.10. v.24/4. v.25/3. V.26/3.4.6.. v.27/4.6. v.28/5.6. V.29/2.3.5. V.30/2.6. 17 issues between 1974 & 1983 all very good. The range of topics is so wide that there is not a single issue that does not contain matter of interest to the specialist or general reader. £1.50 per issue or £15.00 the lot.

(Caroylyn Cassidy –Kerouac's lover explores the Beat Generation; Mary Paterson on Mystery Paintings; Russell Brans, Tim Key. R Milward, M Hillier, etc.) £8.00

Ed A BARNETT. One & Two. 1966 & 1968.
Original loose leaves in original printed wallet folder. Edition limited to 500
numbered copies. Contributors include S Beckett-Film treatment of Act Without
Words by Paul Joyce; Cocteau, Deguy, A de Lacerda, A Crozier, T Pickard,
S Montgomery, etc. The printed container of “One” is a little stained & dusty but
quite acceptable otherwise very good indeed. Number “Two” is mint in original cellophane cover. 2 issues - all published. £50.00
No. 2 1968. Original loose leaves in original wraps in cellophane cover.
Edn Ltd to 500 numbered copies. (A Crozier, T Pickard, H Aridjis, Editor,
S Montgomery, F Castillo, G Oppen, D Coxhead, J Barelli, E Jabes.) £25.00

No.19. Jan 1929. J P Mendes France on Economie et Finance; illus.
Luchaire on The Great War; J J Bernard-Le Roy de Malousise(fragment) £10.00

Privately Printed. Cambridge. 1969. Contributors include J H Prynne, N Totton, W Mulford, G Vickers, F Buck, I Patterson, A Barnet, D Oliver & E Feinstein. Fashion editor P Bovill with 2 illustrations. Large foolscap. Unpaginated. Illustrated.
Plain brown cover has paper label with title and stamped date 19th Feb 1969.
Frayed front cover only present. Stapled, unpaginated, magazine. £35.00

Summer 1978.
M Williams – Tennessee Williams in Nottingham; A Sillitoe- No Name in The Street; poems by S Brown, D Buttress, J Downar, etc. £10.00

NOT POETRY. Galloping Dog Press. Nos 1 & 2. 1980.
Contemporary Prose Writing & poems with contributions from K Smith, T Pickard, Allen Fisher, A Halsey, W Pryor, T Jackson, P A Green, P Riley, M Haslam, I Breakwell, P Metcalf, J Sherry, etc. 2 issues, mimeographed, in original wraps in very good condition. £25.00

LA NOUVELLE CRITIQUE. Revue du marxisme militant.
March 1963.
B H Ali, M Goldring, J Rollin, H Richter, B Taslitzky, etc. £5.00




La lente venue de Dostoievski en France by D Arban; Un Garcon sans importance by M Mouloudji; la Metatanque by H Mitterand; Un Voyage interieur by G Friedman; La Conduite en Hiver by D Merlin; Elie Wiesel: Joie et Lumiere by V Malka; Le Siecle d'or de la peinture anglaise(W Blake) by A Cacan. Jean-Louis Barrault by P-A Glastre; etc.)M Kitson, M Florisoone, J Daleveze, etc.
17/12/72. (R Sabatier-Crise dans la presse litteraire; G Cesbron-Une nouvelle inedite; R Las Vergnas- La Science-fiction intronisee; M Galey-Corneille chez les sauvages.)

NOVEL. A Forum on Fiction. Ed E BLOOM.
V.1/1. Fall 1967. (S Hynes-The Contention between Mr Bennett & Mrs Woolf; M Bradbury-Towards a Poetic Of Fiction; B Morrissette The Evolution of a Narrative Viewpoint in Robbe-Grillet; L A Fiedler-Second Thoughts on Love & Death in the American Novel; R Adler-Fielding & the Uses of Style; J E Irby-Cortazar's Hopscotch & Other Games;S J Hohnson-Identities of Cassandra; J Moynahan A russian Preface for Nabokov's Beheading; C Baker-The Slopes of Kilimanjaro; etc.) £5.00
V.1/3. Spring 1968. (F Kermode-Novel, History & Type; J P Stern-Stifer's Fiction; J Kraft- Janes Bowles as a serious lady; R Foster-Mailer & the Fitzgerald Tradition; etc.) £4.00

NUMBERS. A Quarterly Collection of New Zealand New Writing.

Nos.1-4. 8 & 9.
July 1954 - Feb 1959.(Stories by J K Baxter, J C Sturm, P Mincher, L Johnson, M Shadbolt, M Insley, J Graham, H Shaw, B Mitcalfe, P Excell, M Duggan, Poems by A Campbell, R Chapman, C Doyle, K Smithyman, H Witheford, R Packer, L Johnson, V O'Leary, G Rawlinson, K Sinclair, P Dronke, etc.. Articles by the Editors & F Sargeson, P Bland, J Boyd, Y du Fresne, M Duckworth, etc.)
6 issues in original wraps £50.00
No.2. Nov 1954. (J K Baxter-Dante in the Antipodes ; L Johnson-Sex & Material Culture; Stories by H Shaw, J C Strum, B Mitcalfe. P Excell; Poems by J K Baxter,
V O'Leary, G Rawlinson, K Sinclair, P Dronke. Notes & Reviews. £10.00
No. 8 July 1958.
Stories by Y Du Fresne, M Duggan, C Doyle, R Packer, C Styles, B G L Taylor. Poems by P Bland,W Macky, M Duckworth, L H Trowern, J Boyd, E Ratcliffe, L Johnson, D A Patterson, K Sinclair. £10.00

NUMBERS. A New Poetry Magazine.
Nos 1-7. 1986 & 1990. (Poems by R L Barth, S Heaney, T Gunn, K Smith, M Mead, J Ashberry, L Edmond, J Ash, C Middleton, C Tomlinson, D Dunn, E Morgan, N Moore, E J Scovell, J Welch, O Paz, D Davie, J Cayley-translations from the Chinese, etc. Prose by E Feinstein, R Fisher, M Yourcenar, N W Jouve , etc.)
6 issues in 5 in original wraps. £42.00

Postage extra at cost.
All subject unsold.


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