Edited by J C RANSOM et AL.
Kenyon College. Ohio.


1940 Autumn. ( W Empson -Basic English & Wordsworth. P B Rice on Santayana as a Poet. K Mann on Karl May_Hitler's Literary Mentor. Poems by C Weir Jr, M Young, T Spencer. A Symposium on Literature & the Professors with articles by A Mizener, C Brookes Jr, S Cox, H Saunders, L Trilling.. etc.) £5.00

1941. Spring. (The American Culture: A Symposium with contributions by R Coulborn, C Kluckhohn, J Peale Bishop. Poem by J Berryman. Y Winters on T S Eliot. D Schwartz-The Isolation of Modern Poetry. J Erskine on Virgil, etc.) £8.00

1944. Summer. (Essays on G Manley Hopkins by H M McLuhan, H Whitehall , J Miles & A Warren. E Roditi on Paul Valery. Stories by C Lemon, E Waldron , O Manning. Poetry by Delmore Schwartz, M Zaturenska, J Miles, etc.) £8.00

1944. Autumn. (Poetry by Wallace Stevens. 1944 Short story Prizes by J Garrigue & F Gray Patton. W Fowlie-Memory of France , April 1944. E Mallea -The Lost Cause of Jacob Uber. The Hopkins Centennial with contributions by R Lowell, A Warren, A Mizener.) £8.00

1946. Autumn. (Stories by W Elder, A Mizener. Poems by J Garrigue, B Vazakas. Henry James & the New Jerusalem-Q Anderson. L Trilling on the Life of the Novel. F R Leavis-Doctor Johnson, etc.) £6.00

1947. Summer. (Stories by C Audrey [translated by J R Loy], S Sulkin, W Elder. Poems by J Merrill, H Moss[2]. K Jaspers, G Marcel. D O'Donnell on E Waugh. J C Ransom on Poetry. M Cowley-A Natural History of American Naturalism.) £6.00

1951. Autumn. (A Conspectus of Dramatic Genres-N Frye. Stories by W Elder,
G Lanning. H Levin on Ernest Hemingway. C Amyx on Max Backmann.
Poetry by J Wright, W S Merwin, W Donahoe , H Norse, etc.) £6.00

1952. Winter. (Poems by Merrill Moore, P Viereck, J Woods, T Roethke. R P Blackmur on Tennyson's Scissors. E Clark on G G Belli. R Poggioli on Dostoevski & Western Realism. R Jarrell on Whitman. Empson-Dover Wilson on acbeth,etc.) £5.00

1956. Spring. (A Hundred Years After Kierkegaard with articles on him by A W Levi W Kaufmann. Story by H Nemerov. Poems-J Logan, J Ashbery, T Holmes.
Fiction & the Criticism of Fiction-P Rahv; L Fiedler.etc.) £5.00

1956. Autumn. (R Fitzergerald on E Pound. B Watson on E E Cumming's Revolt Against the Future. Poems by R Stone, D Nichols, E Bogardus . J Peter-Joyce & the Novel;. Story by W Van O'Connor. B L Reid-Johnson's Life of Boswell.) £5.00

1957 Spring. (Stories by J Wain, R Macauley. A J Guerard on Conrad's Nigger of the Narcissus. H R Hays on Ben Johnson; Poems by W S Merwin , T Holmes, H Morris, etc. H Nemerov; F Kermode,etc. £5.00

1958. Summer. (S F Morse-The Native Element. Poems by E Bogardus , J Miles, D Hall, J Merrill, Delmore Schwartz, P Goodman. Stories by D C DeJong, J Logan. R P Blackmur-Ara Coeli & Campidoglio. B Brecht-The Life of Confucuis.etc.) £6.00

1962. Summer . (Stories by H Corke, E Leogrande , E White. Poems by J C Ransom, W Dickey, B Ghiselin,etc. E Hyams on Peyrefitte. ) £5.00

1966 March. (Stories by J Rulfo, C Knickerbocker, W Wiser. Poems by P Russell, C D Wright, D Posner, J Gilbert, B Ghiselin, etc. J W Reed on Boswell.
F Kermode on R Musil, etc.) £5.00

1979 Winter. (E L Doctorow-Poem; V Nabokov-Poem & A Letter to Edmund Wilson; Anthony Hecht-Poem). £4.00

1984 Spring. (J C Ransom-Selected Prose; R C Day-Short Story; Peter Stitt on
James Wright; Poems by J Kenyon, P Jenkins, C Simic, M Irwin, J Randall, etc. Review by F Kermode,etc.) £5.00

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