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KALEIDOSCOPE . The World Symposium. Australia. Ed P BRIAN COX.
V.11/1. Summer & Autumn 1963.
Poems by Editor, F Apperly, G-H Aufrere,
T Inglis Moore, M Brun, A R Chisholm, L H Clark, A Elliott, R Fox, C E Goode,
A Schmuller, J B May, etc. £8.00

KAMADHENU. Poetry, reviews and translations.
Ed. G S Sharat Chandra.
Coralville , Iowa . USA.
Vol.1.No.1. March 1970. (Poems by Robert Bly, Anselm Hollo, Howard McCord, Paul Lawson, etc.) Original stapled wraps. £10.00
Vol.3. No.1. April 1972. (Poems by N Born, E Fried, R Lettau, K A Paniker, V Sarang, L Goldensohn, T Johnson, M Jay, G Chambers, V K Brock, T Colby, R Meyer, A Soldofsky.)£8.00

Ed T Callwood, M Campbel, et Al

(Poems byG Neutze, A MacFarlane, L Johnson, S Hunt, S Harlen, L Davidson, M Campbell, A Campbell, P Bailey, M Aitken, R Atkinson, S kohler, etc. £8.00

Nov 1986. Ed T Callwood, M Campbel, et Al
(Poems by M Aitken, P Aleich, L Anker, R Atkinson, B Bremner, S Hunt, D Swain,
E Lindsday , A Macfarlane, etc. Original wraps. £8.00

KATHARSIS. Eastern Canadian Writings. Ed F J LEDWELL.
v.2/1. Spring 1969.
(K Doiron, J Hornby, M Hennessey, K Doiron, A F Campbell, R Hancox, H Purdy, M Therien, M Williamson, I Berrouard, R H Cameron, D Walsh, F Turgeon, etc. Illustrations byH Purdy, M Gallant, J Little, D M aclellan, etc) Original wraps. £10.00.

KAURI. Ed Will INMAN. New York.
8. May-June 1965. Contributions by Jim Burns, Michael Brown, Edward Oster, Nelson Lee Preston, Robert Marius, Lillian Smith, Irene Schramm, Henry Strutz, Marc Rosenberg, Kent Taylor, John Harriman, Richard Rutkowski, Editor, Margaret Ricks, Albert Ellis, etc. 26 stapled coloured mimeographed sheets covers a little dusty with small tear(not affecting text ) to page 26. £17.50  

KAYAK . California . Ed George HITCHCOCK .
A Magazine that prints the best poets now working in the United Sates & Canada. It is particularly hospitable to surrealist, imagist & political poems. “Welcome” vehement or ribald articles on the subject of moern poetry.
Nos 4,5,8,11,12,14-16,21,22,24-28,31,32,34,49,53,56. 1966-1981. (M Atwood, L Simpson, W S Merwin, Simic, R Bly, J Merrill, P Blackburn,
T McGrath, L Bruce, D Posner, D Ignatow, Roditi, A Beresford, G Snyder,
J Tate, W Berry, Rolun, Skelton, T Merton, R Carver, A Purdy, Harold Witt, K Slapiro, G Hitohcock, D Wakoski, Nancy Price, G Kinnell, D Wagoner, A Sexton, M McClure, M Bullock, D Hall, W C Williams-a memoir, etc)
21 issues all very good. £200.00

Ed J C Ransome
with a distinguished advisory committee.
Summer 1940-1968. v.2/3,4. v.3/2,3. v.4/2. v.5/1-3. v.6/1,3,4. v.7/1,4.
v.8/3,4. v.9/1,3. v.10/1. v.11/1-3. v.12/2. v.13/2,4. v.14/1-4. v.15/4.
v.18/1-4. v.19/1,2. v.20/3,4. v.21/1,4. v.23/4. v.24/1,3,4. v.25/3,4.
v.27/107. v.28/108,109,110,111. v.29/116. v.30/119.

The magazine attracted an impressive list of notable authors, poets, reviewers,
critics & commentators from both sides of the Atlantic . These include N Algren, Richler, R P Blackmur, Plutzik, Frank O'Connor, R Lowell, E Hyams, J Dickey,
R Pack, W Stafford, M Green, D Donoghue, Alvarez, F Goffing, R Ellmann,
P Goodman, Nemerov, Honig, R P Warren, D Schwartz, Merrill, D Hall,
J Wain, Eberhart, Flannery O'Connor, J C Ransome, Fiedler, J Ashbery, Rahv, Empson, Abse, Schorer, Roethke, V Koch, Creeley, Trilling, Mizener, C Brookes,
A Tate, E Bentley, Macleish, T S Eliot, Maritain, Jarrell, Vieneck, Ciardi, Garrigni, Lanning, I A Richards, Moss, Cowley, Kozin, M V Doran, Leavis, D Fitts,
A Calder (illustrator), Berryman, D S Savage, Wallace Stevens, Fowlie,
Mattiessen, Mchuhan, Roditi, Taggard, Rukyser, Barzun, O Manning,
J T Farrell, Marianne Moore, J P Bishop, J Erskine, Y Winters, F Prokosch,
Levin, R Heppenstall, W S Merwin,etc.
53 issues in orig wraps. £250.00

Some single issues available.

K-H NEWS LETTER. Ed Stephen King-Hall.
v.1-4. June 1936-July 1938. 4 vols each signed by the Editor.
Original cloth. Gilt spine lettering. £40.00

KHATRU. Ed Jeffrey D SMITH. Baltimore . U.S.A.
Nos 1-6. Feb 1975-1977.
A Science fiction ‘fanzine', a substantially illustrated but text orientated magazine.
Contributors include James Tiptree, Jr., illustrations by Grant Canfield, Mark Gerson, etc. article about Samuel L. Delaney, etc.
6 numbers in 5 issues-most issues limited to 300 copies. Original wraps. 4to. £50.00

Demob Number-Farewell Issue containing much information about the "Front Line Generation" movement.
(H Treece-To Lucasta while at the Wars-poem, H Sergeant, R Heppenstall,
P Ratazzi, D Stanford, D Thompson, D Gibson, etc.) £40.00

Hutt Valley Community Arts Council New Zealand. 1985.
Poems by Editor, L Edmond, M Campbell, L Johnson, D Ward, E Stahl, P alesich, R Mguyen, H Jacobsm K Willoughby, etc.
Original stiff wraps in very good condition. £8.00

KINGDOM COME . The Magazine of War-Time Oxford. 1939-43.
Edited initially by John WALLER & K HARRIS then by Alan ROOK ,
v.1/1-v.3/12. Dec 1939-Autumn 1943
(K Douglas, A Breton, L Durrell, H E Bates, D Gascoyne, S Keyes, M Roberts,
H MacDiarmid, R Pitter, J Symons, R Todd, G Grigson, Wrey Gardiner, N MacCaig,
H Read, A Comfort, H Miller, W Sansom, L Woolf, A Lewis, De La Mare, C Hassall,
J F Hendry, J Middleton Murry, C Day Lewis, W J Turner, L Housman, G S Fraser,
N Moore, Lorca, Tambimuttu, K Rhys, L Whistler, A Douglas, M C Stopes, P Eluard,
E Blunden, & the Editors. .) 12 issues in original wraps-all published.
Als from J Waller presenting copies to T Moult & discussing a poem. £450.00
1939 Nov. v.1/1 . (J C Hall, Dr M Stopes, N Mitchison, G Fraser, Kay Boyle, N Moore,
J Gielgud, M Vaughan Williams, C Dyment, A Rook, etc.)
The 2 last pages have been photocopied. £6.00
Dec-Jan 1939-40. V.1/2. Contributors include J Waller, V Williams, E Blunden, C Foyle, K douglas, J M Murry, N Nicholson, A Breton, N Moore, G S Fraser, R adams, etc.
Contents page foxed . Covers worse for wear but none-the less an issue of a scarce periodical. £20.00
Autumn 1940. v.2/1. (Oscar Williams, Ruthven Todd, Laurence Whistler, George Woodcock, Alan rook, Roy Fuller, Herbert rees, Nicholas Moore, D S Savage, V de S Pinto, etc.) £20.00
Winter 1940/41. v. 2/2. (John Waller, Lilian Bowes Lyon, Wrey Gardiner, Anne Ridler, Oscar Williams, Nicholas Moore, H E Bates, David Gascoyne, Henry Treece, Hugh MacDiarmid, Geoffrey Grigson, etc.) £20.00
1941 Spring. v.2/3 . (Tambimuttu, N McCaig, J Symons, A L Rowse, M Meyer, H Treece, E Blunden, L Thirkell, K Rhys, Woodrow Wyatt, N Moore, L Whistler, M Stanley-Wrench, G Rostrevor Hamilton, A Rook, N Mitchison, R Fuller,
M Vaughan Williams, A Ridler, R Heppenstall, etc.) Orig wraps slightly frayed. £20.00

A rich source of bibliographical detail & Kiplingiana published for the members
of the Kipling Society.
Among the scholarly contributors are A Lang, Croft-Cooke, E Blunden, K Amis, W Allen, M N Cohen, R Lancelyn Green, R Sutcliff, B Dobree, J Craig, M Newson, T F Evans, L Cotterell, C E Carrington, G C K Dunsterville, L A F Lewis, Kipling himself & other fresh material. Original wraps in very good condition.
Nos 1. 10-40.42-51 . 41 issues between March 1927 & Oct 1939 .
Nos 134-251 lacking 5 issues. 1960.
118 issues between June 1960 & Sept 1989. 159 issues in original wraps. £300.00

March 1914
. V.1/1.“The Kitchen dominates the World.”
Articles range over "woman's" work undertaken at that time:- meat canning,
Fruit Picking, ,Jam Boiling, the stock-pot,Spring Costumes, (for the luckier ones); Household Novelties, Tommy Atkins as a husband, How to dress on £8.00 a year; Gardening, Poultry keeping, etc. not to mention the odd story.
Illustrated photographically. A magazine of the age-60 pp illus.. £10.00

KITES. Nos 9 & 10. 1986.
Journal devoted to Highgate Poets with contributions from R Blake, R Batt, C Rowbotham, J Mikellatos, E Trew, F Bowers, M Brown, C Woods, D Evans, S Farooqi , V Kingsley, J Moore, M Schneider, etc.
2 issues in original wraps. £8.00

KOLOKON. No. 1. Spring 1966. Ed Peter LATTIN & Rodney COWARD.
Contributors include Short stories by P Hawkins & S Waddell with poems by
A Aston, R Kendall & K White. John Fletcher on Apollinaire, L Allen on David Bean,
N Paxton on Mallarme, Other contributors include S le Fleming, K Wise, D J Manning
& E Sunderland. Etc. £5.00

KONKRET. Hamburg. Dec 1965. (M Buchholz-Rauschgift in Berlin ; D Boyksen-Mit Haschisch-Bertie ubern Kudamm; etc. C Trefflinger-Sex in der DDR; War Jesus Kommunist.
U M Meinhof-Politik der Erpressung; etc. Original wraps. £5.00

KOREA ANNUAL. Hapdong News Agency. Seoul.
Volumes for 1967, 1970, 1973, 1974.
All very good in dust jackets. 500pp-650pp . Each volume £8.00

KOSMOS. 4. 1978. San Francisco.
Special translation issue of this Journal of Poetry with verse translation of Alberti, Neruda, Seferis, Cattafi, Jandl, Rilke, Kunert, Dib, Picabia, Levi, Rimbaud, Hirschman, Tanikawa, Enzensberger, Khelebnikov, Csoori, Jozsef, Anghelaki-Rooke, Jandl, Nervo, etc. 88pp. Original wraps. £8.00

KRINO. Ed. ED GERALD DAWE. Galway , Ireland.
Nos 3-6, 10,13. Spring 1987-1992 . A substantial periodical containing poetry, fiction, prose, graphics, reviews of Irish poetry and drama.
Contributors include I Crichton Smith, P Fallon, M O'Donnell, J Banville, U A Fanthorpe, M Longley, T MacIntyre, J Montague, S Dunne, M Foley,etc.
No 13 running to 150pp & devoted to ‘Theatre and Ireland '. 6 issues.. £48.00

KROKLOK. A Magazine of Experimental typography & illustrations.
Ed. Dom Sylvester Houédard
, advised by Henri Chopin,
Stefan Themerson & Bob Cobbing. Writers Forum.
No.1. 1971. Contributors include : D.S. Houédard, F.T. Marinetti, Bob Cobbing,
R. Hausmann, E. Jandl, F. DeVree, P. Claire, J. Kerouac, F. Dufrene,
M. Seuphor, P. Scheerbart & Lewis Carroll! Ect.
Mimeographed, 32 pages, stapled in illustrated covers.
A very good copy of a scarce magazine which only ran to 4 issues. £50.00

KUDOS. Ed G Sykes . Leeds , UK .
Magazine of poetry ,art & modern writing in original pictorial wraps.
No.1. 1979 (Poems by D M Thomas, D Blazek, P Redgrove, G Mayer, J Heath-Stubbs,
J Burns, S Sneyd; Prose by A Sillitoe – The Hound of Lake Baikal;
A Darlington on C Mingus; Artwork by K Robinson, K Royle; etc.) £8.00
No.5. 1980 (Poems by L Eigner, H Guest, D H W Grubb, T Baybars, I P Taylor, P Sirrah, B McIlroy, G Adkins, P Lester; D Tipton - Extract from Paradise of Exiles;
Artwork by I Robinson, T Burrell, J Michals; etc.) £4.00
No.8. 1981 (Poems by Y Lovelock, R Murphy, S Brown, C W Bryant, A Hollins, J Fairfax, M Hulse, B Walker; Short stories by P Sansom, M Kelly; Artwork by H Shaw,
C Gottfried, T Wood, W Turner; etc.) £4.00
No.11. 1982 (Poems by M Dyregrov, B Barnes, E Harriman, H Spears, N Holding, J L Borges, J E Harris; Short stories by P Sansom and R Tallis; Artwork by A T Holyer, C Gottfied, K Richmond, L Calvert, B Wood; etc.) £4.00

KULCHUR. A New York Literary and Critical Magazine.NY.
Autumn 1962. No.7 . (Paul Blackburn, Leroi Jones, Gael Turnbull, Louis Zukofsky, Edward Doen, etc.) £20.00
Spring 1963. No.9. (Frank O'Hara, Morton Feldman, Barbara Guest, Gilbert Sorrentino, Arnold Weinstein, etc.) £20.00
Summer 1963. No.10. (Paul Blackburn, Larry Eigner, Andelm Hollo, Charles Olson, George Oppen, etc.) £20.00
Autumn 1964 No.15. (Ted Berrigan, Frank Busto, Charles Boultenhouse, Donatella Manganotti, etc.) £15.00
Winter 1964/5. No 16 . (Ted Berrigan, Le Roi Jones, Robert Creeley, Charles Tomlinson,Jack Hirschman, Andy Warhol, etc.) £20.00
Summer 1965 . No.18. (Matthew Andrews, Ted Berrigan, Charles Boultenhouse, Morton Feldman, Felix Pollak, David Ross, John Sinclair, etc.) £15.00
Winter 1965/6. No.20. (Ted Berrigan, George Bowering, David Ross, James Waring, John Palmer, Ellen Maslow, Joe Brainard, etc.) £20.00

KUNST CHRONIK. Munchen. Feb 77. Heft 2 . Mitteilung des Verbandes Deutscher Kunsthistoriker e. Protokoll der Ausserordentlichen Mitleider-Versammlung an 15 September 1976. (A Wolff, D Kimpel, S Schwedhelm, R Strobel, J van der Meulen, etc.etc.) £8.00

KYK-OVER-AL. Georgetown, British Guiana. Ed A J SEYMOUR.
v.4/14. 1952.
Special Issue being an anthology of West Indian Poetry which includes Poems by George Lamming (2), Derek Walcott (4) & Frank Collymore (5) with short biographical notes on the contributors. Original wraps a little marked & corners of pages cracked but a far better than good copy of an uncommon item. £65.00
v.5/16. 1953.As well as the usual verse, reviews & articles
a special feature ‘Is a description of some of the cities of the British Caribbean
in which the West Indian spirit is finding a local habitation & a name'.
It also contains ‘The Genius of the Place'- a short anthology of Commonwealth
Poetry. Near fine. £35.00
v.5/17, v.6/18,19. 1953-1954. 3 issues containing the usual mixture of verse, fiction, articles, graphics & reviews, their being a special issue featuring an anthology of Guianese Poetry. Contributors include P H Daly, Editor, E Melville, M Carter, R Heath, C L Herbert, A N Ford, G Cambell, etc. Original wraps obviously read but otherwise in very good condition. £60.00

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