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GRANTA. Ed Bill BURFORD. C.U.L. Cambridge. Granta Publications by Penquin
Nos 2,3,5-43. 1980-1993. A paperback magazine of New Writing.
“The most read literary magazine in the English language…”
Containing fiction, articles & essays frequently on single themes such as Literature for Politics, Travel, New Europe, The Murderee, Krauts, The Body, New Writing from America, Death, Home, Autobiography, Best of Young British Novelists; etc.
The huge list of contributors includes most notable contemporary writers from the UK, USA & Europe amongst whom are Highsmith, Ishiguru, Graham Greene, Barth, Sillitoe, Gordimer, Updike, Bellow, Le Carre, Martin Amis, Rushdie, McEwan, Erdrich, DeLillo, Boyd, Allende, S Naipaul, Roth, Primo Levi, Grass, Fuentes, Jonathan Miller, Doctorow, A N Wilson, Chatwin, Norman Lewis, Carver, Boll, Steiner, P Theroux, Bainbridge, William Cooper, Gellhorn, Lessing, Milosz, Vidal, Caute, Bryson, Mary McCarthy, Fenton, Greer, Llosa, J Barnes, Banville, Brink, Schama, Durren Matt, Thubron, Iain Banks,
L De Bernieres. K Ishiguro, H Kureishi, Ben Okri, J Winterson, A Carter, etc. etc. etc.
41 issues in original wraps, all in very good condition. £250.00

GRANTA. Ed A CALDER etc. Fiction, Poems, Film, Articles, Reviews. Cambridge.
Nos 1187(1959 Jan). 1191-1193. 1195. 1199-1224, 1227-1235. 1238, 1240-1242. 1244-1247(Nov 1965) , 12464-Nov 1966 & Nov 1973.
Contributors include R S Thomas , B Bunting (5 poems), T Gunn, Z Ghose,
D Davie, J Silkin, T Hughes, M Hamburger, D Holbrook, T Eagleton, E Dorn,
C Middleton, W Stafford, D J Enright, R Creeley, Duncan, Eigner, Levertov, Olson, Zukofsky, A Barrett, A Brownjohn, N Tarn, Clive James, G Gordon, A Lykiard, A Bell, Pete Brown, S Bann, P Dale, E Feinstein, Peter Cook, B Gascoigne, Pete Brown, A Crozier, D Frost, etc.
Issue 1223 is a 75 th Anniversary issue which prints items from past Grantas including those by Searle, Bentley, Plath, Hughes, Gunn, Tomalin, Alistair Cooke, E M Forster, A A Milne, M Frayn, Stevie Smith, J Miller, R Fairbank, etc.
28 issues. 4to, illustrated. All very good indeed in original pictorial wraps. £175.00

ISSUES in original wraps in very good condition.
1963 Oct 19. 1.
(Poems by D Davie , P Dale, T Hughes, M Hamburger, R S Thomas,
C Middleton, W Stafford, J Silkin, Lowenstein, T Eagleton ,D J Enright, etc.
D Davie on Poetry & Lanscape; T Gunn-What Hope for Poetry? J Silkin-Readerships;
Review by A Crozier, etc.) £10.00
1963 Nov 9. 1230.
Editor's copy with his instructions to the printer on the contents page. Poems by A Crozier, R Creeley, P Dale, T Clark , D Eddy, R Salter & J Hilton. Stories by S Gray, V Scott,& I McNicol. P Wennberg interviews Ann Jellicoe; M Pennington on Pinter. Etc. £10.00
1963 Nov 30 1231. ( S Bann on Giacometti; R Harvey on Pop Art; C Harrison on B Nicholson,
Stories by C Huneeus & J Hilton. Poems by J roe, T Clark & J Hilton.
Reviews by T Eagleton & K Sabbagh, etc.) £10.00
1964 Feb 15 GRANTA 75. Special issue no.1233 , commemorating the 75 th anniversary of Granta repeating past issues contributions by R Searle, N Bentley, Sylvia Plath,
T Hughes, T Gunn, N Tomalin, Alistair Cooke, E M Forster, A A Milne, M Frayn, Stevie Smith, Jonathan Miller, R Firbank. etc. A very well illustrated issue. £15.00
1964 Jan 25. No. 1232. Stories by T Kaye, S Gray & L Harris. S Claxton on W Faulkner,
S Gray on N Gordimer; A Trocchi & M Renault etc. Poems by T Eagleton, P Fernandz translated by J Gibson, M Andrews. Haworth, Home of the Brontes-drawings & notes by R Gadney; etc. £8.00
1965 Nov 6 No 12547.
5 poems by B Bunting with an appreciation of him by R Creeley;
Other poems by J Earnshaw, J Hilton & S Jonas R Denys on Jean-Luc Godard. £10.00.
1966 Nov. No 12464. Poems by G Cavaliero, C Wilmer, R Luckett, Clive James, A Katrac
& J -M Le Sidaner. J Cadbury on Angkor; illustrated. £ 6.00
1973 Nov. (D Boadella on the importance of Wilheim Reich; Poems by M Williams, D Holbrook,
W H Allchin, E K Lefermann interviews P Hansford Johnson; J Woolford on E Barrett Browning; D Ladimeji on Arthur George de Gobineau: Apostle of New Social Darwinism.etc.) £8.00
1983. No 7. The Best of Young British Novelists. Special issue featuring some twenty authors including:- Salman Rushdie, Martin Amis, Julian Barnes, William Boyd, Ursula Bentley, Buchi Emecheta, Maggie Gee, Kasuo Ishiguro, Alan Judd, Adam Mars-Jones, Ian McEwan, Shiva Naipaul, Philip Norman , Christopher Priest, Lisa St Aubin De Teran, Clive Sinclair, Graham Swift, Rose Tremain, A N Wilson, Pat Barker, etc. £10.00
1984 No 11. Greetings From Prague. Featuring 3 pieces by Milan Kundera (A Kidnapped West or Culture Bows Out, Somewhere Behind, Soul and Body), and an interview of Milan Kundera by Ian McEwan. Other contributions by Salman Rushdie, Martha Gellhorn, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mario Vargas Llosa, Don DeLillo, etc. £10.00
1984 No 12. The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones by Stanley Booth. Other contributions by Raymond Carver (The Cabin), David Caute (The Guardian and Sarah Tidsall), Günter Grass (Resistance), Gabriel García Márquez (Julio Cortázar, 1914-84), and others including Bernard Crick, David Lodge, Mario Vargas Llosa, etc. £10.00
1984 Autum, No 13. After the Revolution plus: Fiction in Britain. Milan Kundera (Paris or Prague?), James Fenton (Cambodia and Someth May), Doris Lessing (Writing Under Another Name), Anita Brookner (A Wedding), Martin Amis (The Time Sickness), Russell Hoban (A Conversation with the Head of Orpheus), plus Someth May, Orville Schell, and others. £10.00
1984 Winter, No 14. Autobiography. Contributions from Norman Lewis, Raymond Carver, Beryl Bainbridge, Michael Ignatieff, Doris Lessing, William Boyd, Bernard Crick, Josef Škvorecký, and others. £10.00
1985 Spring, No 15.
James Fenton-The Fall of Saigon. Other contributions from Richard Ford, Noam Chomsky, Nadine Gordimer, George Steiner, Salman Rushdie, Günter Grass, John Berger, etc. £10.00
1985 Autumn, No 17. Graham Greene-While Waiting for a War. Kazuo Ishiguro-October, 1948. Doris Lessing-Autobiography (Part Two. My Mother's Life), John Updike on Italo Calvina, and others including Milan Kundera, Nadine Gordimer, Hanif Kureishi, Heinrich Böll, Amos Oz. £10.00
1986 Spring.
P Levi, G Steiner, J Fenton, J Berger, A Munro, S Deane, D Hare, etc. £6.00
1986 Summer, No 19. MORE DIRT : New Writing from America. Richard Ford (Empire), Jayne Anne Phillips (Fast Lanes), Louise Erdrich (Knives), John Updike (Getting the Words Out), Primo Levi and others. £6.00
1986 Winter, No 20. In Trouble Again – A Special Issue of Travel Writing. Contributions from Redmond O'Hanlon, Salman Rushdie, Colin Thubron, Martha Gellhorn, Amitav Ghosh, HanifKureishi, Norman Lewis, etc. £10.00
1987 Spring, No 21. The Story-Teller. Authors include John Berger, Michael Ignatieff, Bruce Chatwin, Ryszard Kapuscinski, Richard Ford, Raymond Carver, Patrick Süskind, Isabel Allende, Václav Havel, Primo Levi, and others. £10.00
1987 Autumn, No 22. Hanif Kureishi (With Your Tongue Down My Throat) – first novel. James Fenton (The Truce), Doris Lessing, Wycliffe Kato, Nadine Gordimer, Carlos Fuentes and others. £10.00
1988 Spring, No 23. Home. Contributions from Václav Havel, Jonathan Raban, Bill Bryson, Martha Gellhorn, Norman Lewis, Seamus Deane, Jeanette Winterson, Johnathan Miller, Nicholas Shakespeare, Iam Hamilton and others. £6.00
1988 Summer, No 24. Inside Intelligence – The Incomplete Life of Anthony Cavendish. Other contributions from Bruce Chatwin, Philip Roth, Tobias Wolff, Peter Carey, James Fenton, E.L. Doctorow, Jay McInerney, and others. £8.00
1988 Autumn, No 25. The Murderee – Martin Amis. Graham Smith, Raymond Carver, Angela Carter, Don DeLillo, John Berger, Amitav Ghosh, and others. £10.00
1989 Summer, No 27. Death. Work from fourteen writers and photographers, including Mary McCarthy, Adam Mars-Jones, Roger Garfitt, Michael Ignatieff, John Treherne, William Cooper, Louise Erdrich, and others. Otiringal wraps. £8.00
1989 Winter, No 29. NEW WORLD – Jonathan Raban. Paul Theroux (First Train Journey), Patricia Highsmith (Scene of the Crime), and others including Patrick McGrath, Josef Škvorecký, Robert Fisk, etc. £6.00
1990 Winter, Winter. No 30. NEW EUROPE ! Contributions from Graham Swift, Michael Ignatieff, Josef Škvorecký, George Steiner, Isaiah Berlin, Noel Annan, Tony Benn, Czeslaw Milosz, Stephen Spender, Joseph Brodsky, Jonathan Raban, and others. £8.00
1990 Spring. No. 31.
G G Marquez, Salaman Rushdie, B Morrison, C Hitchens, B Byrson, M Attwood, R Fod, J Raban, T B Jelloun, etc. £6.00
1990 Summer, Summer. No 32. History. Authors include Simon Schama, Julian Barnes, Gore Vidal, Martha Gellhorn, Jonathan Raban, and others. £8.00
1990 Summer, Summer. No 33. What Went Wrong? William McPherson (In Romania), Martin Amis (Time's Arrow), Victoria Tokareva, Christa Wolf, Isabel Allende, and others. £7.00
1990 Autumn., No 34.
S Schama, W Boyd, J Bogaerts, A ghosh, D DeLillo, M Amism J Harding, J Bogaerts, L Erdrich, S Alexiyevich, etc. £6.00
1991 Spring, No 35. The Unbearable Peace – John le Carré. Nadine Gordimer (Some are Born to Sweet Delight). Other contributions from Max Frisch, Freidrich Dürrenmatt, John Berger and Jean Mohr, etc. £10.00
1991 Summer, No 36. Vargas Llosa for President – Mario Vargas Llosa. Martin Amis (Time's Arrow (Part Three): The Conclusion), George Steiner (Proofs). Alvara Vargas Llosa, Graham Scift and others. £6.00
1991 Autumn No 37. The Family. Sappho Durrell (Journals and Letters), Harold Pinter (The New World Order), Mikal Gilmore, William Wharton, Seamus Deane, and others. £10.00
1991 Winter. No 38. We're So Happy! Contributions from Jeremy Rifkin, Tracy Kidder, Louise Erdrich, Adam Mars-Jones, Sue Halpern and others. £6.00
1992 Spring, Spring. No 39. THE BODY. SalmanRushdie (At the Auction of the Ruby Slippers), Hanif Kureisha (Wild Women, Wild Men), other authors include Redmond O'Hanlon (The Congo Dinosaur), Jeanette Winterson, Todd McEwan, and others. £8.00
1992 Autumn No 41. BIOGRAHPY. Saul Bellow (Memoirs of a Bootlegger's Son), Gabriel García Márquez (Dreams for Hire (Frau Frida) ), Andrew Motion (Breaking In (Philip Larkin) ). Other contributions by Todd McEwan, Louise Erdrich, Ian Hamilton, John Banville, and others. £10.00

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