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(Later Gemini/Dialogue.)
An Oxford & Cambridge Magazine.


GEMINI. 1957-1960. Nos 1-11. Contributors include Sylvia Plath, S Spender, E Jennings, C Day Lewis, P Levi, M Horovitz, G Corso, A Ginsberg, C Logue, P Redgrove, P Hall, B Kops, M Bradbury, W H Auden, V Scannell, Dom Moraes,
P Hobsbaum, A Wesker, T Hughes, D Pryce-Jones, C A Trypanis, G Hill, A Brownjohn,, etc.
11 issues in original wraps in very good condition. All published.
A complete set of this magazine is extremely scarce least ways I have yet to have seen another set. £275.00

Individual issues in original wraps in very good condition unless otherwise described:
No.1 Spring 1957
. 9Articles by S Spender, G Wightman, H Bredin, A Sinclair. Poems by S Plath(2), E Jennings(3), P Levi(2), C Day Lewis, C A Trypanis(3),R Aldridge(3), G Strachan. B Bergonzi on the Poetry of Lawrence Durrell; C Levenson, J Jospeh.etc.) £30.00
Summer 1957. V.1/2. (Poems by Dom Moraes(2), T Hughes,(3), O Bernard(3), Allen Tate, K Pitchford,(3), P Levi, R Stow, M Johnson(2), R Symmons,etc. Sylvia Plath-long review on the work of The Stones of Troy by C A Trypanis; A Brownjon on The social comedy of Anthony Powell; other articles by H Hobson, R J Mills on E E Cummings; B Bergonzi.etc.). £30.00
Autumn 1957. V.1/3. (M Bradbury on Henry Miller, A Sinclair on Universities & the Left Review; Fiction by P Ferguson, R J Mills on Faulkner's Essential Vision; P Hobsbaun on Joyce Cary; etc. Poems by O Bernard, Dom Moraes, J Spink, W H Auden, C Levenson, & V Scannell.etc.) £15.00
Winter 1957/8 v.1/4. Poems by V Scannell, R Selig, R K Wright, M Simpson & N Woodin. P Potts-A Jorney to Jerusalem; J P Stern-Look-we've come through; M Bradbury-The American Tradition & the Novel; T Roethke - A Tribute to R Selig; P Wildeblood on th Wolfenden Report; C Levenson-review, etc.£15.00
Spring 1958. v.2/1. (Stories by F Hilton, J D Fraser; articles by S Hardy(on language), A Lyon(Philosophy in Cambridge), S Smith(not believing), P illiams(France'58), D Gillmore, etc. P Potts-Instead of a Poet' ; J D Fraser-story; Poems by T Hughes, Stevie Smith, E Jennings, G Hill, Q Stevenson, P Garland, P Levi,etc.) £15.00
Spring 1959. V.2/6. (G Corso-Variations on a Generation: Poems by J Fuller & A Ginsberg. Fiction by P Garland; M Bradbury on The Horizon & the English Nineteen-Forties; P Levi-Humane Art & Learning; H Coombes on the Paintings of D H Lawrence;A Russell-fictions; Other articles by D Pryce-Jones, C Levenson, C B Cox, Lord Altrincham, Archbishop of York, J Vaizey, P Kirk, M Stockwood, etc.) £15.00
Autumn 1959. v.2/8. (Poems by C Logue, N Vane, P Redgrove, R Ellis & B Kops. J Housten-story. Other articles by P Hobsbaum, E Lucie-Smith, C B Cox, A E Dyson, M Jaffe, R McGregor-Hastie, A Buffinga, translated by C Levenson; P Hall on Films; Cartoons by A Hatden-Guest; etc.) £12.00
Spring. 1960. V.3/2. (A Wesker-The Modern Playwright; B Way on Orwell; Stories by J Farrell & B Bergonzi. G Ruthven on Charles Tomlinson; Poems by J Hogg, I Orton(3), I McLachlan(2), P Dale, G Ruthven(3), etc. M Horovitz-reviews; etc. ) £15.00
1960. Summer. V.3/3. (D Caute-From the Dress Circle; Poems by N Vane, G Corso & P Wollen; R Aragno-The Do it yourself drama; A Sinclair-The Project. Chpt.1, etc.) £12.00

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