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Magazines beginning with


All in original wraps and in good condition unless otherwise stated.


v.1/1. 21/3/25. (H Belloc-The Bag-Story; Editor-The First Principle & others; W de la Mare- The Thief -Part 1, story: H Slessor, F G Bettany, L J McQuilland, etc.)
Staples rusty.£10.00
14/5/27. (G K Chesterton-Straws in the Wind. Churchill & Distributionism; Poems by P Ripley, R.V., X. & A.R.U. Reviews by R Berkeley. J K Prothero on Drama. Etc.) £10.00
9/8/34.(T H White-Letter to the Editor.G K Chesterton-The Human Heresies & others; H Belloc-Battle Joined; H de Blacam-How Ireland Heard the News;
Letter from E Pound; G Lansbury, J D Gleeson, D S Harley,etc.) £12.00
(H Belloc on A R Orage. G K Chesterton-Mafficking for Peace; Child's Guide to Economics 1934 by E Pound; C Dawson onLast Words on Mr de Blacam; etc.) £12.00
(Hiram, My Uncle - Poem by E Pound. G K Chesterton -Autobiography Again; F Anderson , C F Hammond , T Baty, K Bogue, etc.) £12.00
2/5/35. (Gentlemen, The King! by W R Titterton. Patriotism & The Case of Claudel by G K Chesterton; The Great Evasion by E Pound; F Hammond -The Mechanism of Loan Finance;R McNair Wilson, etc.) £12.00

Ed W N HERBERT and R PRICE. 1990-1991.
Scottish poetry and prose. 4 Collections, entitled Discovery, Duende (A Dundee Anthology), The Anarchy of Light & Scotland –Maps & Legends. Contributors include J B Pick, Edwin Morgan, Neil Gunn , Andrew Noble, John Burnside, Douglas Dunn, Anne Stevenson, Sean O'Brien, Dinah Livingstone, Richard Price, Alan Riach, John Burns, Joy Hendry, Stewart Conn, Robert Crawford, David Kinloch, John Glenday, James Young Geddes, the editors, etc.)
4 issues in original wraps in very good condition. £40.00
duplicates of Scotland Maps & Legends and The Anarchy of Light available at £10.00 each.
THE GAIRFISH v.1/2. Autumn 1984
. Includes an interview with Edwin Morgan; poems by W N Herbert (in gaelic?), Martyn Crucefix, Keith Jebb, Alan Bold, N S Thompson, David Norbrook, Duncan Glen, David Kinloch, R Crawford, & story by Rabindra Ray. Printed by the Dot Press for Oxford Poetry Workshop. £10.00

GALAXIA 71. June 1977. v.7/1.
(D Aymara-Auto-retrato & "Aprendizaje de la Muerte", 2pp. Other poems by H Meir E, E Dalter, O M Alfonzo, M V Lopez, D Alzano, H P Trejo, C V Zurita, etc. P P Paredes on Aymara; C A Betancourt-Impressiones cultures eb Argentina; etc. )
20pp in original wraps. £10.00

GALLEON. Summer Glory. (1947) The Third Galleon Book with contributions by O Sitwell, E Mannin, Earl Wavell, W R Inge, S P Mais, A Scweitzer, F Stark, R Mortimer, C E Vulliamy, R Church, De Madariaga, Mrs Roosevelt, etc. £10.00

GALLERY. A New Illustrated, Biannual Poetry Magazine.
Ed Valerie SINASON. Nos 1-6. 1974-1978.
(P Shuttle, R Fainlight, J Couzyn, N Jackowska, A Beresford, F Adcock, M Hamburger, F & M Horovitz, M Booth, M Carpenter, J Burns, A Sillitoe, J Burns, J Heath-Stubbs, P Redgrove, V Scannell, A Brownjohn, J Heath-Stubbs, G Ewart, B Patten, G Holloway, J Pudney, W Magee, J Kazantzis, R McGough, W Oxley, N Hidden, M Booth, A Salkey, etc.) No 3 is a special Woman's Issue. Illustrators include M Sinason, G Hefferman, K Walker, etc.) 6 issues in 5 in original wraps together with the very interesting & informative Subscribers's Newsletters. An ALS & ACS from the Editor are laid in. £90.00

Ed Peter HOLLAND & John YURECHKO. Nos 2,6,7,8. 1976-1991
An attractive printed magazine of Poetry, Prose & Artwork. Poetry & Prose by T Clarke, C Matson, Editors, D Bromige, P McGarth, R Waldrop, B Dahlen, S Selby, T Cunningham, N Piombino, etc. Artwork by C Daly, A & L Nievod, C Nast, A Genser, L Greenberg, M Demrovsky, C Bernstein, H Dahlgren, etc.
Approx 60pp in each issue. 4 issues in original pictorial wraps. £40.00

Poems, articles & stories from Oxford University then extended to receive contributions from other Universities. v.1/2. v.3/1. v4/1. v.5/1.7. May 49-June 50 .
(R Mayne, M Ballantyne, M Seymour-Smith, M Shanks, F Huxley, M Ballantyne, J Bowen, M Raper, S A N Raven, N Lunan, J Percival, P Weitzman, P Almond, etc.)
Editor's complimentary slip on Balliol College headed paper laid in.
5 issues in original wraps. Uncommon. £50.00 or individual issues £10.00 each.

Editor Muz MURRAY
Eclectic mixture of 1960's flower-power prose, verse & illustrations printed in folio size on various coloured paper.
Issue 2 1968. John Peel on Pirate Radio; Poems by P Finch, B Wake, K Pye; Spike Milligan – The White Flag; Cover by John Hurford. £50.00

Literature, Poetry, Music & Philosophy. Ed J B PICK.
No.3. (nd)
( W Montgomerie on Muir & MaxDiarmid; H Milller-Letter to Emil; A Perles-Paris, Belsen, etcetera; Poems by J Gawsworth, R Bottrall, A Vivian, K Patchen, M Holloway, J Waller, T W Ramsey, J G Braine, J Atkins, etc.) £30.00


International Review of Literature & Art in English & German.
v.1/2-v.2./1.3-4.v.3/1. (last issue). 1947-1949. (S Jameson on Auden; F Nabl by E Ackernecht; 6 Contemporary German Poets-Bergengruen, Schaefer,
Syberberg, Heiseler, Weidenheim, R Pick; W Hesse on T Mann; J Lehmann
on E M Forster; R D Miller on Rilke's Dilemma; Wagenseil on V Woolf;
V Watkins on the translation of poetry; R Huch-Birthday Number; H Sergeant,
Wrey Gardiner, M Hamburger, E Birney, A Closs, G Woodcock, V Sackville-West,
C Day Lewis, J Lindsay, M Spark, etc.)
The last issue is completely devoted to Goethe.
6 out of the 8 issues in this series. Original wraps in very good condition.£70.00
V.1/2. 1947. (C Day Lewis-The Pattern of Images,II. Translations from Rilke
by V Sackville West & V Watkins. Poems by Wrey Gardiner, Hardiman Scott,
J B Pick, H Rohde, H Bischoff,etc.) Staples rusty. £12.00
V.2/1.1948. (E M Forster by J Lehmann. Rilke's Dilemma by R D Miller with other articles on Rilke by H Picton & R F C Hall. Poems by G R Hamilton , M Hamburger, E Foxall , etc.) £12.00

30pp photocopied and stapled production produced by members of Manchester GLF. No.5. June 1974. Articles by B Leeds, S Cohen, M O'Leary, P Conn , M Coulson, C Smith. £10.00

Poetry, short stories, art and review, published in San Francisco.
No.5. Fall 1963. A celebration of Ken Kesey, including an interview with him by the editor. Poems by C Black, P Blackburn, etc; Fiction by T McAfe, D Barthelme, etc; Self interview by Alan Marcus. Lengthy inscription on contents page and some ink annotations throughout. Original wraps. 96pp. £15.00

A Quarterly devoted to generic criticism published by the Department of English, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA.
Winter 1977. Vol 10 no.4. Forms of Prose Fiction. Ed J Paul HUNTER , with articles by him, Barbara Hardy, Robert Kellogg, C J Rawson, JeromeBeaty, G A Starr, Margaret Anne Doody, Homer O Brown, Gay Clifford, etc.) £10.00.

State University College, Plattsburgh ,N.Y.
A Quarterly devoted to generic criticism .
March 1974. v.7/1. Issue devoted to essays on works of prose fiction with contributions by C Sherry -An Ontological View of Narrative Form; J F Dohert -the American novel reconsidered; J R Van Meter - Cultural themes & Literary Criticism; T Freeman - Symbols of Mediation in H H Jahn's Perrudja; J V Hararo on De Sade. £8.00
June 1974. v.7/2 .
(Victorian Renascence by A Golden; Giles Goat-Boy by J T Gresham ; The Articles on the Pastoral by C W Hieatt & J A Gertzman; The Periodical Tradition by R B Schwartz, etc.) £8.00

Ed Sylvanus URBAN
, Gent.
1868 Jun-Nov. Vol.1. (E Walford-A Walk around Clerkenwell-illustrated; Court Costume by L Limner; Croquet by Cavendish; Tom Taylor on Durer & The Fairford Windows; Grammar Schools by J Sutherland; King's Cross Hospital by W Maynard; The Northern Road & Ring by H H D; Theodore, the King by E Arnold; Wimbledon by S H Bradbury; Horse-brushing Machinery-illustrated; Preserving the Dead; Doctors & Infectious Diseases; The Order of St John of Jerusalem; etc.)
Original cloth rubbed & frayed on head & foot of spine. Front hinge parting otherwise contents in very good condition. £20.00
1869. June-Nov. Volume 3. (V Hugo –chapters of L'Homme qui Rit; Charles Wells-The Discovery of America by the Chinese; R Hudson-Our LifeBoat Service; The Origin of Playing Cards by “Cavendish”; J H Stallard-Paupers & Pauperism; C W A-“Schools' Day at Lords; Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe-a Reminiscence; Billiards byH B; A Capture in Canda by N M(Story) G Dore at Home by B Jerrold; etc.)
Original decorated cloth a little rubbed contents firm. £40.00

Ed Arthur WAUGH.
1922-1927. 1-5.
All Published. Contains many first book form & first publications with contributions from E Waugh, E M Forster, D H Lawrence, K Mansfield, A Blackwood, A E Coppard, L O'Flaherty, G Stein, W S Maugham, M Butts, E M Delafield, S Kaye-Smith, O Sitwell, G B Stern, A Huxley, W Gerhardi, etc.
5 volumes. All very good. Uncommon complete. £175.00
Some separte issues available - details on request.,

Ed Michael HUXLEY.
1935-Dec 1981 lacking only 10 issues.
Well bound in publisher's green cloth, gilt, volumes up to April 1965 with index & errata slips bound in, there-after as issues.
All profusely illustrated. £500.00

Ed John IRWIN.
Original wraps in very good condition.
v.23/3. Fall 1969 . ( T H Landers on Edwin Godsey's Cabin Fever & the Aesthetics of Virtue; M T Mellon on Early America Views on Negro Slavery; GL Massey –A Catalogue of the William Faulkner Collection at the University of Virginia; M J Hoffman on Huck's Ionic Circle; Stories by H E Francis, D Huddle, T O Turner, etc.) £10.00
v.29/1. Spring 1975. (Ballad by R Penn Warren with music by A Haieff & A Note on Him by R Howard; T Weiskel on Worsworth; R Alter on History & Imagination in the Nineteenth Century Novel by R Alter; Other poems by W S Merwin, J Merrill, H Nemerov, R Howard, W Berry & W Prunty; Graphics by T Daniels & L Pannell. Etc.) £10.00
v.29/2. Summer 1975.
(Poems by R Wilbur, J Peck, J Haines, M Ott, M Strand, & F Morgan. Schoenberg & Atonality by C Rosen; The Narrative Structure of Absalom, Absalom; H Bloom –The Necessity of Misreading; Coleridge & Ancestral Voices by L Brisman; Fiction by R H Hinck & J H Wildman; Flannery O'Connor Country –A photo Essay by B McKenzie. etc.) £10.00
v.29/3. Fall 1975. (Pound & the Decentered Image by J N Riddel; Unamuno's Niebla by P R Olson; J Hollander on Tennyson's Melody; W Iser on Beckett's Prose; Poems by R howard, J Hollander, Kuzma, W Heyen, etc. Fiction by M Apple & Graphics by W G Rose, £10.00
v.29/4. Winter 1975. (Speaking Silence by H Nemerov; Poems by A Hecht, Daryl Hine, W Berry & L Turco. Fiction by G Davenport; W Rothman On Hitchcock's Nororious; etc.) £10.00
v.30/1. Spring 1976. (A Henry James Centenary by C R Anderson; A Play in Two Acts by R Penn Warren ; Poems by W S Merwin, M Strand & H C Ransom;etc.) £10.00
v.30/2. Summer 1976. (Poems by J Hollander, R Pack, P Dacey, R Blessing, G Kuzma, etc. Nabokon's Despair by D Stuart; M Apple-Inside Norman Mailer-story by M Apple; Death Sentence by M Blanchon; etc.) £10.00
v.30/3. Fall 1976. (Poetry by H Moss, J Merrill, R Howard, A Corn, D Hoffman, T Cassity & D Hine, etc. J Blotner on The Falkners & The Fictional Families; P Brooks on the Aesthetics of Astonishment; A Hollander-Fashion in Nudity;Five graphics by L Bailey; Poetic Crossing: Rhetoric & Psychology by H Bloom; R Boyers-Explanation & Conviction in Goddard; etc..) £10.00
v.30/4. Winter 1976. (R Penn Warren-story; R Langbaum on Beckett; Barry Lyndon Reconsideed by M C Miller; The Working Press, the Literar & the New Journalism by M Dickstein; Poetry by J Merrill, A Hecht, J Peck, J Hollander, M Strand, A R Ammons, M G Cooke & J Mazzaro. etc., etc.) £10.00

Thoughts towards Nature In Poetry, Literature and Art with an introduction by W M Rossetti.
Nos 1-4. Jan 1850-May 1850.
AMS ( USA ). 1965
Reprint of a very scarce magazine with contributions from D Gaa, W M Rossetti, F Madox Brown, etc. Illustrations include “large-sized etching”.
Ex. Library copy with “Discarded” stamp on front end paper & a small accession stamp on verso of half title with the Dewey Number on spine. Apart from this in excellent condition. £25.00

A Quarterly Review. Ed L A Willoughby & J Boyd.
An authoritative review of original articles dealing mainly with literary themes.
N.S. v.1/1-v.3/4. Oct 1947-July 1950.
12 Issues. £50.00
N.S.26/3.April 1973. Articles include - The Artist as Citizen: On Georg Lukacs View of Thomas Mann by John Neubauer & An Analysis of Gunter Grass "Katz und Maus" with particular reference to the Religious Themes by N L Thomas. £8.00
N.S.35/4.July 1982.
Special Number for W B Lockwood with a bibliography of his work 1950-1981. £8.00

GESTE. v.7/1. 1961-52.
A Magazine of contemporary Literature published by the University of Leeds. Issue devoted to articles on D H LAWRENCE by J R L Reyner (who has inscribed the contents page), J Edwards, B Ireland, A Andrews & C Bridge. Duplicated , stapled booklet in very good condition. £8.00

A Yorkshire based poetry magazine. 60+pp of poetry & reviews.
No.9. Autumn 1988. (H Dunmore, N Jackowski, D Hughes, S Armitage , etc.)
A very good copy in pictoral stiff wraps. £7.00

39 volumes between Oct 1949 & Sept 2002.
4th , 9th – 25th , 28th -33rd , 34th (being a presentation copy signed by Giles), 35th - 47th ,50th – 51st, 54th, 56th Series.

Original pictorial wraps, all very good condition save the first which has a frayed spine; the 20 th lacks title page & two others have lightly creased upper wraps.
Also included is the Commemorative volume for the 4th Series-limited edition , excellent in slip case. 43 volumes all told. The early series are uncommon. £175.00
9th in the series. £3.00
1956-57. 11 th in the series. £3.00
1960-61. 15 th in the series. Introduced by Bud Flanagan. £3.00
1974-75. 29 th in the series. Introduced by Tommy Cooper. £3.00
1981-1982. 36th in the series. Introduced by Terry Wogan. £3.00
1982-83. 37th in the series. Introduced by J Betjeman. Original wraps. Corner of title page neatly cut away otherwise very good. £5.00
1983-1984. 38th in the series. £3.00

Poetry, Prose and Artwork believed to have been published by Slippery Rock University , Pennsylvania with contributions by various students.
Vol .5 No.1. Winter 1968.
Very good in original pictorial wraps. £5.00

V.1/2. 4. V.2/1. April 1965-Jan 1966.

Articles on many aspects of the work of G Gissing. P Coustiilas, A Lansdowne,
J A Rogers , E F Matthiason, J Korg, S Blackmore, etc. Duplicated sheets. £15.00

Winter 1964-65. (J Silkin on his Flower Poems; Poems by I Crichton Smith,
R Fulton, J Dickie; J Gray on the Animadversions on The Naked Lunch;
Short story by C Gormley.) £10.00
1972 v. 3/1. (J Bridie-Notes for a Scottish Theatre; New Glasgow Poets by T McCrath; Poems by J Ure, I Crichton Smith, G Bruce, A Gray, L Lochhead & M Evaristi. E Boyd-story; Photographs by M Watkins; A Scott-Scots in '72; etc.) £10.00
1972 v.3/2.
(Poems by A Scott, A Mackie, E Morgan, N MacCaig, D Campbell , etc. F Kuppner-story; A Noble on Solzhenitsyn; G Harding on Apollinaire translated by R Fulton; 6 drawings by A Gray; etc.) £10.00
1973. June.v.4/2. (Poems by R Fulton , C W Caldwell , J Allan, K Morrice. T Buchan, M Lindsay-The Orra Man; T Macdonald-4 drawings; Story by T Healy;
A Lewisman in Glasgow-D S Thomson; etc. ) £10.00

THE GLASS. Lowestoft, Suffolk.
Ed. Anthony BORROW and Madge HALES.

To provide…”a platform for fantasy, fable, prose poetry & the Journal.” Critical
articles also appear.
Cover design by M Straus.
No 9. 1953. (A Craig, T Blackburn, O Blakeston, A Borrow, I Coluhoun, R L Cook, B Kops, Erica Marx, R Nichols, E Nixon, G Anderson , P Potts, etc.) £15.00

GLIM. No.23. Summer 1957.
Legal quarterly from the 4 Inns of Court in London :-Gray's, Lincoln , Inner, Middle, containing essays, letters & anecdotes with a legal flavour. Contributors to this issue include A Hancox-A Bookseller's Law; Earl Atlee, Sir Norman Birkett, R D Field,etc.
Original wraps. £10.00

No 2-3.1978. (M Burnside, M Haslanger, S Jaffe, A Kelly, M L Ukeles, L Weiner,
R Wilson ,etc.) £12.00
No 5.1979.
(P Burne-Jones, L Chester , B Finzig, K Robinson, K Rosen, K Shaw, etc.) £10.00
No 6. 1980. (C Bernstein, L Camitzer, L Hejinian, D Huebler, T Mandel, G Young, etc.) £10.00

GNOMON. San Francisco Ed Jonathan Greene & Bruce Marcus.
No.1 1965 Fall.
Medieval Issue with translations by J Ferrante, Bruce Marcus, P Blacburn, J Greene, G Cavaliero. 46 pages. Original wraps. £25.00

GOLDEN BOOK MAGAZINE. Review of Reviews Corp, USA.
Ed H W Lanier.
1925. June.
v.1/2. (Lord Dunsany-The Tents of the Arabs-a play; Stories by Jack London, A Puskin, C Dickens, W J Locke, O Wister, etc.) £15.00
Sept. 1925. v.1/6. (Dunsany-A Moral Little Tale-1pp; Lady Gregory-Spreading the News; G K Chesterton, etc.) £15.00
Apr. 1933 . Vol. 17. No.100 . (Henry Williamson – Death of the Killer, 9pp original story; Katherine Mansfield – The Singing Lesson; Joseph Conrad – Heart of Darkness; Edgar Wallace – A Dream; John Galsworthy – Indian Summer of a Forsyte part 1; poem by John Masefield; Don Marquis, etc.) Original wraps in good condition. £20.00
Jan 1935 . Vol.21. No.121. (Naomi Mitchison-Toll for the Brave; Gertrude Stein-One Stein in Two Acts; Stories by Luigi Pirandello, Don Marquis, Eden Phillpotts , George Sand, Lord Dunsany, Thomas Mann, Bret Harte, John Galsworthy, etc. ) Original wraps frayed & sunned, but contents good enough. £15.00

Screeches Publications, Blackburn.
Scarce second printing of this Erotic Anthology which includes original verse & prose, published in the 1960's, was the subject of a court case & charges of obscenity. & which after a three day trial was adjudged "indecent" but not "obscene" & therefore forbidden to be sent via The Royal Mail.
Contributors include Norman Iles, Charles Marshall, Dave Cuncliffe, Bryn Griffiths, Ian Vine, Tuli Kuoferberg, George Dowdeb, Lionel Kearns, etc.
Paper covers illustrated by Moyse, typewritten text, 4to. 40pp. £35.00 

THE GOLDEN HIND. A Quarterly Magazine of Art & Literature.
Ed C BAX & A O SPARE. v.1/1-v.2/8. Oct 1922-July 1924.
Literary contributors include R Church, F M Heuffer, W H Davies, A Huxley,
E Sitwell, D Richardson, N Mitchison , G Greene, E Rhys, L Housman, F S Flint,
L A G Strong, Havelock Ellis,Tagore,etc. Original illustrations (lithographs & woodcuts) by R Gibbings, J B Yeats, A O Spare, Pissaro, E Waugh (woodcuts & pen drawings), J Nash, H Macfall, John Austen, C French, F Brangwyn, Powys Evans,etc. 8 Issues bound in publisher's original linen backed boards with original wraps preserved. All published. £1200.00
V.1/2. Jan 1923. ( Wurzburg by H J Birnstingl; R Tagore translated by
T Sturge Moore; E L Grant Watson. Poems by C Bax, R Church, F S Flint , etc. Illustrations by A O Spare, R Gibbings, A Odle, J Austen, L Bouquet, J Nash,
G Pippet, Powys Evans, etc. ) Lacks front & rear ads & 2 pages which have
been photocopied otherwise complete. Other pages loose.
Suitable for reference work only. £20.00

Dec 1921-April 1922. Sept 1922. v.1/1-8
lacking 2 issues.
A Monthly theatrical magazine published by the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.
A well produced illustrated magazine with reviews & articles which spread well
beyond parochial matters.
6 issues in original wraps in very good condition.
48pp per issue. £36.00

An Anthology from BBC Radio edited by Derwent MAY. Dw. 1969. Gollancz. Contributors include Isaiah berlin, R Cutforth, M Drabble, J Holloway, R Ingrams, N MacCaig , H Pinter, G Fiennes, etc. £10.00

(Poems by T Carriero, V Lunt, S Martin, R Fox, S Mooney , R C Long, R J Johnson, E Keller, S Morris, J Caples, C Itzin, etc; stories by K Molder, J Caples.
Illustrations by E Fox, S Nelson.) £6.00

GOWER. Volume Six. 1953.
Issue on the death of Dylan Thomas with his portrait by Augustus John on the front cover; another as frontis by Alfred Janes & with a short obitutary by him.
Other contributions include J D K Lloyd on John David Davis; Latimer Davies-A Gower Worthy by G J; Poems by D E G; articles on The Gower Peninsula by H Libby, J M Davies, F V Emery, A F James, A Cuthbert, W I Tanner, E E Allen,
M C Taylor, etc. £25.00

GRADUATE JOURNAL. Fall 1961. Univesity of Texas.
(H Nemerov- The Swaying Form; So Long as the Moon Endureth-illustrated; R Dubos, etc.) £8.00

Ed A D MILLER. Spring 1993.No.2. (H Duhnke, Cuba, Berlin & The Cold War; M E Norton on Fidel Castro; Poetry by E M Beekman, D Bromjige, J Brittenham, J Derrick & S Thomas. Cartoons by J De Pillis,etc.) £8.00

GRAFFITI. The Stockbridge magazine of Poetry & drawings. Edinburgh.
Nos 1-4
(nd) (Pete Morgan, R Garioch, H Mackay, N MacCaig , R Bradbury,
Ted Hughes, Alan Jackson, David Loewe,etc.)
4 issues in original pictorial wraps. £60.00
Poems by Pete Morgan, N MacCaig, D Loewe, K Bourne, C Mackay, D Potter, D Christopher, R L Wilson , etc.) £15.00

THE GRAIN. Scripps College. Ed Ruth HATCH. V.9. 1969.
Contrbutors include D Wakoski, Editor, S Lee, B Rose, M Jennings, etc. £6.00

THE GRAND MAGAZINE. The All-Fiction Monthly.
1906. Feb-July Contains original stories, many of which are of a detective nature, by E Wallace, H G Wells, E R Punshon, W Hope Hodgson, F M White, Baroness Orczy, P Bottome, E H Hornung, M Pemberton, R Marsh, M Maartens, G R Sims, B Ruck, W Graham, B Pain, J London, B Atkey, B Lessing, W Le Queux, G Hadath, H B Marriott Watson, W Freeman, O'Henry, H C Bailey, J Farnol, E P Oppenheim, K Tynan, F Britten Austin, D Newton, L Merrick, B Darwin, S R Crockett, F T Jesse, Lloyd Osborne, E Pugh, Bartimeus, G A Birmingham, E Bramah; etc. £35.00
Nov 1906. v.4/22. (The Secrets of Success with contributions by C Kernhan, MissBraddon, H A Vachell, Q, W Le Queux, F Anstey, W W Jacobs, R S Hichens, M Pemberton, A Morrison, J 0 Hobbes, etc. Stories by G R Sims, T Douglas, D Moore, E Nesbit , B Lancaster, C N & A M Williamson, C C Andrew s, M Grover, etc.
Original wraps in very good condition. £20.00
Vol. 17-22. Nov 1912-Oct 1914. (H G Wells-The Passionate Friends, complete in X1 chapters & Bealby, chpts 1-4; E Wallace-Queen of Sheba's Belt; Campbell MacCulioch-Chan of the fragrant Garden; Other contributors include E Burke, E Oppenheim, Baroness Orczy, Jack London, R M Ayres, B Atkey, K Tynan, F Britten Austin, G Villiers-Stuart, E M Jameson, Baroness Orczy, , 0 Oliver, A & E Egerton Castle,F Tennyson Jesse, Lloyd Osborne, T Gallon, H C Bailey, D Newton, L Merrick, R Austin Freeman, E R Punshon, B Darwin, E Pugh, S R Crockett, L J Beeston, H B Marriott Watson, Gunby Hadath, etc.) 6 volumes in publisher's red cloth, gilt. Vol 20 is stamped, "Editor's compliments" on fep & the binding is a little shook in vol.18, two front hinges are cracked otherwise in very good condition. £120.00

1981-Autumn 1989. Nos 1-13 - Farewell Issue.
A Magazine of New Poetry with contributions by H Szirtes, I Caws, J Cotton, G Ewart, J Mole, W Cope, G Holloway, W Scannell, J Lucas, G Heywood, N Gumilov, R Pybus, Wes Magee, etc.
2 notes from J Gohorry laid in. £130.00

GRAND STREET. NY. Quarterly Literary Periodical.
Ed B Sonnenberg & E Pochoda.
Vol.1/1. Autumn 1981.
Poems by Ted Hughes, R Fainlight, P J Kavanagh, J Michie, J Hollander; Other contributions by Alice Munro, W S Merwin, P Gilliatt, T Kilmartin, etc. £15.00

Edited by W STAFFORD et AL.

Poetry, review and graphics. Duplicated stapled sheets.
No.2. 1965. Spring. M ANDREWS Editor. Contributors include R H Bayes, J Bell, D Blazek, D Cull, L Davidson, S Hutchinson, C Mendelson, M Randall, D N Pettinella, D S Rath, S Shafarzek , R Sneeden, L W Wagner, P Whalen, J Williams. 32pp & cover. £10.00
Vol 3 No.1. 1970. Sacramento , California. Ed B L Hiatt. (Poems by D Hiatt, H Johnson, R H Bayes, S Hutchinson, D Sandberg, T Enslin, W C Dell, L Goodwin, J Merrill; stories by B Kennedy, M D Lally, P L Sawyer; H Luz, etc.) Original wraps. £10.00

GRANITE. A biannual journal of poetry, fiction, poetics & thought.
Nos 2-7/8. Winter 1971-Spring 1974.
As well as poems by native Americans there is a good deal of translation from a wide variety of foreign languages:- Japanese, Urdu, Italian, American, Sweedish, Russian etc. Contributors include W Stafford , Ignatow, Ammons, Merwin, Bly, J Tate, Simic, Eberhart, Enslin, D Levertov, Ian Hamilton, etc. The first 8pp of the last issue deals with the magazines loss of Grant for publishing an “obscene” poem, which it reprints in this issue. Two issues have marginal staining of early pages due to bleeding from the coloured upper wraps not affecting the clarity of the text. 6 numbers in 5 issues. £60.00

International Monatsschrift. Zurich.
No.162-173 lacking No.167, 1972-1979. 11 Issues. Illustrated in colour & black/white. Text in English, French & German. 10” x 9 ¾” Original wraps. £100.00
1976/77. Dw. This volume has a very small, only half printed, ex-library stamp on the front end paper. £15.00
GRAPHIS INDEX 1945-1953. v.1/1-v.9/10. Original wraps. £10.00

Volumes 1 & 2.
1971. Dw. With 370 illustrations, 113 in colour. (H Lubalin, P Max, H Wolf, R O Blechman, P Davis, Chermayeff, L Danzinger, Geismar, R De Harak.) £40.00

GRASS EYE. 5.6.54. v.2/5. "Now in maturity I am crying, Volunteer turns into pig-R Roberts, Addis abbaba; & a lot else which needs deciphering!) £5.00

GREASE BALL COMICS. Ganglia Press. n.d.Toronto.Single illustrated sheet folded. £3.00

GREATEST HITS. Vol.1. 1978?
Poor Men, Rich Men & Modern Lovers. Inscription by the Author, L J Wesker on the paste-down together with note in his hand asking for "cheque or postal order!". Original wraps. Possible privately printed. £10.00

GREEN RIVER REVIEW. Saginaw Valley State College , Michigan , USA.
Ed R Tyner. Poetry, prose and reviews. Original pictorial wraps.
1976. v.7/2
. (Poetry by P Dale(12), A N Vergara translated by S C Mohler,
J Griffin, J Idler, J Barnes, P Sterling, E G Burrows, J Miller, J Adler, M Delp,
J Alvarez, R Vander Molen, G White, J Barnes, D Pinner, etc.
Stories by P Sterling together with “Shakebag.” A Play in Act One by David Pinner & as a separate issue. ) Edges of pages damp stained. £5.00
1979 v. 10. No.1
. (Poetry by L C Rose, E Mumford, D M Eddy, J Ower, E Lense , D Arndt, J Barnes, etc. Short story by R Berman. ) £6.00

THE GREENSBORO REVIEW. Ed by J Reynolds, et al.
5 issues of this review containing poetry & fiction by members of the University of North Carolina , Greensboro , USA. V.2/1(Dec 1966), v.4/1 (Winter 1968) v.4/2 (Spring 1969) No.7 (Summer 1969) & No.8 (Spring 1970)
£6.00 each or £20.00 the lot.

THE GRIFFIN. Ed. Auden, Trilling & Barzun for The Readers' Subscription, NY.
Issued free to subscribers to a book club offering selected books at a discount
& choosing a “Book of The Month”; selected by the editors. 15a bottom
The books selected were of a high literary & cultural calibre & usually contained
one to three articles written by the editors as well as specially written articles
by notable contributors. Occasionally pre-publication extracts from the selected
books were printed. The first issue was only 8pp but the later issues gradually increased by degrees to 24pp.
V1/1. 1951 . (EM Forster-3pp Open Letter to “My dear America ”. 4pp review of Forster's “
Two Cheers for Democracy” by Barzun. £8.00
V1/4. 1952. D H Lawrence The Spirit of Place-5pp reprint from authors “Studies in Classic American Literature” plus “Lorenzo the Magniloquent”; 3pp articles on Laurence by Jacques Barzun who also translated for the first time; 4 portraits by Collette-Proust, Debussy, Sarah Bernhardt and Mme Marniffe(4pp) etc. £5.00
V1/7. 1952 . Barzan, 4pp review of Annan's biography of Leslie Stephen plus two single
column reviews each by Auden, Trilling, and Barzun; etc. £5.00
V1/8. 1952 Trilling, 6pp on Henry Adams arising from Arvin's Selection of Adams' letters plus 6pp reprint of part of the latter's “The Grant Administration” from The North American Review published in 1870 £5.00
V2/3. 1953 Auden, 3pp on “ T.S.Eliot So Far “ plus George Williamson on “ A Guide to
Portrait of a Lady “, 4pp reprint. Upper wrap very slightly soiled. £6.00
V2/7. 1953 . “Zola's Quality”- 8pp article by Trilling; “The Candle is Lighting”-8pp short story
by Bryan MacMahon. “The Letters of Keats & Byron”; 4pp by Mitton Rugof. £5.00
V2/8. 1953 . The Triumph of the Comic View 7pp article on Bellow by Trilling.
“In Praise of Diversity”; 3pp poem by Phyllis McGuiley; 2pp letter from Proust to Antoine Bibesco; £5.00
V3/3. 1954 . “Hand Book to Anliquity”- 4pp review by Auden. “The Village Elder”-5pp translation of a story by Chekhov; Prepublication of Two Fables of La Fontaine by Marianne Moore. £5.00
V3/4. 1954 . “A European View of Peace”-5pp review of Aron's “The Century of Total War” by Auden & 6pp reprint of H S Commager's “Who is loyal to America ” from the his” Freedom, Loyalty, Dissent”. £5.00

GRIST. No.5 April. 1965. Ed John Fowler.
Modern Poetry published in Lawrence, Kansas.
Contributors include E Kiviat, F E Warren, P Lacsley, T Morris, W Wantling , D S Rath, R L Tyler, etc. Original pictorial wraps. Staples rusty. £35.00

GRONK. Canada.
Series 6/4. nd. Poems by Steve McCaffery-6pp duplicated sheets. £10.00
Series 7/1. nd. Contents:- david uu, Amy, Mr Scrubbs, Anegton, Valerie.
10pp duplicated sheets illustrated. £12.00

GRUB STREET. New Writing edited by John PARRY.
No.3. Jan/Feb 1954
. Stories by T Tully, A Moyse, I McLeod, D M Hodges, M Gregory & D Maggs. Poems by I Colquhoun, P Garland, A Moyse, J Sibly & H R Bramley. L Carmen on Matthew Smith & others; Ian Norrie on Tynan & the Future; T Fassam, M Worth, M Goff, etc.) Original wraps. £20.00
No.4. March/April 1954. Stories by A Vincent, O Blakeston, I MacLeod & L Townsend. Poems by I Colquoun, H R Bramley, K Loewenthal, J Parry, R D Alexander & G Priestland. I Norrie-A Theatrical Winter; M Worth on the National Film Theatre; B Leacock-Rational Service; Other contributors :-L Carmen, M Goff & M Welles. Original wraps. £20.00

Spring 1950. N.1. Ed Glen COFFIELD. 66 pp. (Cid Corman, G Orlovitz, D Stanford, T Heywood, G Magner, Scot Greer, A P Leary, K L Beaudoin, J Crews, H Obermayer, W Hull, J Gross, etc.) Duplicated magazine in original wraps. £17.50

H Pinter Pinter v the US. The full text of Harold Pinter's Nobel acceptance speech 5pp illustrated by D Pudles. Other contributors include John Myatt-The Master Forger; The Day Lennon Died; etc. £15.00

Putnam. Nos 1-5. 1956-1960.

Contributors include Slyvia Plath, W H Auden, K Amis, C Day Lewis, G Barker, G Grigson, T Gunn, D Gascoyne, L Durrell, S Beckett, R S Thomas, C Causley, G Corso, J Heath Stubbs, T Hughes, R Campbell, A Clarke, J Betjeman, L MacNeice, P Larkin, C Hassall, R Conquest, F Cornford, etc) 5 volumes. All published in this Series. £120.00
Published 1958. (V Watkins, C Day Lewis, R Fuller, D Gascoyne, F Kendon, Slyvia Plath, L Whistler, R S Thomas, L Durrell, T Blackburn, P Beer, E Jennings, P Kavanagh, T Kinsella, L MacNeice, E Muir, J Pudney, J Wright, R Wilbur, A S J Tessimond, V Scannell, W S Merwin, etc.
Covers unevenly faded otherwise very good. £20.00
1958/59. Published 1960. (W H Auden, R Lowell, E Muir, E Sitwell, W Plomer,L Whistler, J K Baxter, T Blackburn, C Causley, J & R Fuller,Sylvia Plath, R S Thomas, P Larkin, V Watkins, J Wain, J Montague, L MacNeice, R Graves, J Heath-Stubbs, T Hughes, etc.) Covers unevenly faded. £20.00

THE GYPSY. 1915. May. v 1/1. Lacks most of the paper spine.
(Poems by T Watts-Dunton, A Symons, E Jepson , H Savage, W De La Mare,
etc & other contributions from F G Miller, R Middleton, L J McQuilland, K Tynan,
H Garland on J Conrad, A E Waite, A Machen, E Gosse, R LeGallienne, etc.
Illustrations by A Odle, N Hamnett, A Rothenstein, etc. £30.00

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