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Poetry Magazine 
Edited by Eddie LINDEN

The issues are in original publisher’s wraps
in very good condition, unless otherwise indicated


AQUARIUS. Poetry Magazine. Ed Eddie LINDEN.
Nos 1-24 in 18 issues. 1969-1993
Issues in honour of John Heath-Stubbs, Roy Fuller, the Poetry of the Forties
with Irish, Scottish, Welsh & Canadian issues. Contributors include G Barker,
Stevie Smith, G S Fraser, D Abse, T Blackburn, J Heath-Stubbs, M Carpenter,
Wrey Gardiner, Tambimuttu, K Raine, E Jennings, N MacCaig, M Hamburger,
T Hughes, R Fainlight, G Macbeth, I Crichton Smith, A Ridler, S Heaney,
R Greacen, R S Thomas, J Hewitt, W S Graham, S Goodsir Smith, R Nye,
A T Tolley, B Begronzi, P J Kavangh, W Oxley, J Joseph, M Sweeney,
P Levi, C Levenson, G Woodcock, S Spender, J Symons, A Thwaite, etc. £200.00

No. 1. 1969. Presentation copy inscribed by the Editor for Hamish Henderson whose copy this was. Contributors include Editor, F & M Horovitz, Stevie Smith, G Barker, M Carpenter, J Heath-Stubbs, F Grubb, T Blacburn, Tambimittu, J Okai, Bernard Saint, M Herron,G Benson, A Howell, L Houston, D Livingstone, etc. £25.00
No.2. 1970. (B Patten, K Raine, D Wright, E Jennings, N MacCaig, M Hamburger, J Heath-Stubbs, R Fainlight, C H Sison, etc.) £10.00
No.3. 1970
. (Poems by G Barker, A Ridler, D Abse, B MacSweeney, G Macbeth, M Hamburger, M Carpenter, A Brownjohn, T Blackburn, I C Smith, G S Fraser, I Cutler, etc.) £10.00
No.5. nd. Contributors include A Ridler, P Muldoon, M Friel, D Mahon, Editor,
P Levi, J Heath-Stubbs, N Nicolson, M Hamburger, W Bedford, C Furnival,
T Blackburn, A Lykiard, J Clemo, M Green, M Carpenter, J Tate,
I Crichton Smith, G S Fraser, etc. A very good copy in original wraps. £10.00
No. 6 1973
. Scottish Issue with contributions by W S Graham, N NacCaig,
I Crichton Smith, S Goodsir Smith, T McGrath, T Buchan, S Conn, W Montgomerie,
E Morgan, R Garioch,
G Bruce, M Lindsay, R Fulton, R Nye, A Bold, etc.) £10.00
No.8 nd. Welsh issue with contributions by R S Thomas, R Garlick,
Glyn Jones, D Abse, J Ormond, R Mathias, J Tripp, L Norris, Meic Stephens,
J Heath-Stubbs, etc. Presentation copy inscribed by the editor. £15.00
No.9. 1977. Contributors include G Barker, I Hamilton, N McCaig, L Clark, Editor, J Heath-Stubbs, R Graecen, S Heaney, T Blackburn, M Sweeney, A Stevenson, T Hughes, R Gittings, E Morgan, F Grubb, J Nuttall, etc. £10.00
No 10. 1978. In Honour of John Heath-Stubbs. Articles on him by W S Graham, M Meyer, C W Gardiner, D Stanford, P Avery, M M Badawi, S Hutton, J Van Domlen, etc. Other contributions by G Barker, N MacCaig, A Steven son, R Greacen, M Hamburger, D Wright, C H Sisson, G Ewart, D Hall, T Blackburn, B Patten, S Barker, K Raine, etc. £8.00
No.11. 1979. In Honour of Hugh MacDiarmid with articles on or tributes to him by G S Fraser, W R Aitken, etc. Other contributions by H MacDiarmid, A Bold, G Mackay Brown, S Conn, R Fulton, D Glen, W S Graham, N MacCaig, E Morgan, R Munro, I Crichton Smith, etc. £8.00
No. 12. 1980 . (A Cronin, P Durcan, R Greacen, S Heaney, B Kenn elly, M Longley, T McCarthy, R McFadden, D Mahon, P Muldoon, F Ormsby, G Barker, L Clark, W Cope, J Heath-Stubbs, D Holbrook, J Reed, C Rumens, A Steven son, J Wain, etc.). £10.00
No. 13/14 1981/82. Canadian issue with general section. Cover by R Steadman, (M Attwood, E Smart, S Musgrave, D Abse, M Booth, T Dooley, M Duffy, R Greacen, T Harrison, J Heath-Stubbs, N MacCaig, D Mahon, R McGough, etc.) £8.00
No 17/18. 1986/87.
Issue on The Poetry of the Forties edited by A T Tolley. Contains the only publication(posthumously) of Norman Nicholson's “The Regional Poets of the Forties.” A T Tolley also contributed an article on The Fortune Press. Other contributors include D Gascoyne, L Norris, J F Hendry, G Woodcok, R Fuller, G S Fraser, G Ewart, M Hamburger, N Moore, P Yates, R Greacen-Ulster Poetry 1939-1945. J Barker on W S Graham, H Henderson on the Poetry of the Middle-East 1939-1945; R Fisher, J Heath-Stubbs, N Moore, C Rumens, M Sweeney, etc. £10.00
No 19/20 1992,
Aquarius Women with contributions from H Davies, N Jackowska, C Rumens, V Sinason, E Barlett, A Cluysenaar, E Garrett, U A Fanthorpe, D Randall, E Jennings, J Joseph, M Duffy, etc. £12.00
No. 21/22. 1993. Roy Fuller-A Tribute introduced by A T Tolley & with contributions from J Fuller, G Ewart, B Bergonzi, J Barker, A Brownjohn, C Levenson, P Levi, S Spencer, J Symons, A Thwaite, etc. £10.00


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