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ALPHABET AND IMAGE. Nos 1-8. Spring '46-Dec '48
followed by IMAGE. Nos 1-8 . Summer '49-Summer '52;
both being quarterly magazines of the visual arts edited by Robert HARLING.
published by the Shenval Press. They contain authorative copiously illustrated articles contributed by T Balston, P Muir, H Cassoon, F Meynell, Ruari Mclean, Barnett Freedman, D Saurat, S Morison, G Hopkins, J Keir Cross, N Bentley, R Harling, V Ridler, S Nowell-Smith, Strachan etc. writing on such diverse subjects as Henry Moore, W Sickert, E Ardizzone, E Gill, E Ravilious, Rosoman, Shahn, J Piper, Wadsworth, Gibbings, Lovat Fraser, M Peake, J Nash, Bawden, H Gilman, Hughes-Stanton, R Stone, J Updike, Buckland Wright, Stubbs, Kate Greenaway, E White, R Bridges, Lynton Lamb, etc. The majority of the illustrations are taken from the original plates, many previously unpublished.
16 volumes - all published in this series; all in very good condition in their original wraps with dust wrapper's where called for.
Alphabet & Image:- nos 1-4 ring bound whilst 5-8 are in original wraps complete with the original dust jackets.
Image 1-8 in original wraps complete with the original dust wrappers save no.5
Postscripts these are 4 page folded leaflets similar to newspaper& are found in Image 1.2. 4,5.7.
no. 1 also contains a "STOP PRESS" 4pp leaflet & there's an attached order form in Alphabet & Image in 2 of the issues (2& 3) £425.00

1947 April, No 4. (G Reynolds on Daumier; The Typography of Psychological Warfare by H Keeble; M De Sausmarez-The Pen Drawings of T Hennell, etc.) £25.00
1948 Jan, No 6. (V Ridler-Artistic Printing; R Harling on H Gere-Pre-Raphaelite Drawings; A Hippisley-Coxe on H Casson; E Gill's Type designs; N Bentley-Lithographs for Lyons) £25.00
1948 Dec, No 8. (J Shand-Author & Printer: GBS & R & R C: 1898-1948. J Thorpe on C Keene. T Balston on R Gibbings; K Bauer-on H Jost; A Heal-17th Century Tarot-Cards. D Newton on E Wadsworth, etc.) £25.00

IMAGE. Ed. R HARLING. A Periodical of the Visual Arts.
No.1 . 1949. Dw. . (G Grigson on W Mulready; S Rose on J O'Connor; D Newton on Daphne Hardy's Sculpture; J Lewis on Minton's Book Illustrations, etc.) £20.00
No.3. 1949-50. Dw.(The Drawings of L Rosoman by M Middleton;
B Taylor on G Stubbs; T Balston on Ethelbert White.)
Front of dust wrapper marked not affecting text. £20.00
No.4 1950. Dw.(W J Strachan on the Drawings of Gischia, Houplain & Clave;
J Mayne on the graphic work of John Gross; R Gainsborough-Buckland-Wright's wood-engravings.) Lacks dusr wrapper. £20.00
No.7. 1952. Dw.(G White on Sickert's Drawings; H Casson on The South Bank Sculpture with a photographic supplement. Untidy inscription on title page. £20.00
No.7. 1952.Dw. as above but one page has been neatly extracted & a photocopy of the page is inserted. £8.00

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