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The issues are in original publisher’s wraps
in very good condition, unless otherwise indicated.


1914 Oct. (Articles on The Poetry of War by St J Adcock, F Bickley;
Reviews by E Thomas, W Jerrold, R Curle, etc.) £12.00

LES ECRITS NOUVEAUX.1918. v.2/10. (L Larguier-Notes du Front; Poemes-L Cendre & P Fort; Aragon-story; Toulet-La Jeune Fille Verte.) £30.00

1914 Dec. (E Carpenter on The Roots of the Great War. H M Tomlinson - A War Note for Democrats. E Thomas - It’s a Long, Long War - 8pp. Poems by H Chappell, E John, J D Symon. Etc.) Covers loose & frayed. £20.00
1915 Feb.
(I Roberts - War at Boulogne; R Lynd - Ireland in War Time; etc.) Spine frayed. £10.00
1915 Nov.
(The War of Liberation - articles by Editor. H Monro - Trees;
S Graham on The Truth about the Bulgars, etc. H Fabre - The Nut-Weevil; H Tree on Human in Tragedy, etc.) Wraps frayed. £12.00
1916 Feb.
(Poem by E A Mackintosh; E Carpenter - Story of my Books; Granville Barker on Trivalities, etc) £12.00
1916 March.
(Poems by W W Gibson, E Kirby, etc; F Tennyson Jesse - From the French Front, etc.) Spine frayed. £10.00
1916 May.
(T Burke - The Lily of Limehouse, etc) £10.00
1916 June.
(Poems by A Symons & T Allen; G Watson - A Raison d’Etre, etc) £10.00
1916 July.
(Poems by B Gilbert & W Thorley; H Fabre - The White Face Dec. iticus, etc) £10.00
1916 Aug.
(Stories by M C Stokes & M Gorki; R Whiting, etc) £10.00
1917 April
(Casuality - A Eckersley; M Gorki - In The World(I); M Stuart - poem; various articles on Imperial Reconstruction; R Radclyffe on Premium Bonds! etc.) £10.00
1917 July.
(D H Lawrence-Reality of Peace(iii); E Phillpotts - The Trench & the Pulpit; Poems by G Gwyn & M Starr. M Gorki - In the World; Various articles on War & Reconstruction, etc.) £15.00
1917 Oct
(Poems by F Ledwidge, W W Gibson & J Gurdon. A Symons on Stendhal; H M Tomlinson - The Voyage of "Mona." E S P Haynes - The Religion of Peace, etc.) £15.00
1917 Dec.
(G B Shaw - What is to be Done with the Doctors(i); The Skin Painter by Y Noguchi; A Man's Confession by A Symons; poems by P Watson-Kerr, Mrs Boden Turner & G K Congreve, etc.) Covers frayed. £15.00
1918 Jan.
(G B Shaw - What is to be Done with the Doctors(ii); G Craig on School; Soldier’s Poetry with contributions from S Sasson, T P C Wilson & E A Mackintosh, etc., D H Lawrence on Love; A Symons, C Baudelaire, etc) £17.50
1918 Feb.
(B Shaw - What is to be Done with the Doctors(iii); D H Lawrence - Life; K Tynan on F Ledwidge; D Ainslie.) £20.00
1918 April.
(Poems by F Madox Hueffer, E E Millard, F V Branford, I Gonne, etc. D Jerrold on The Feminist Movement.) £17.50
1918 May.
(Poems by L Binyon & M Stuart, E Jepson on Recent United States Poetry, etc) £10.00

THE FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW. Vol 93. N.S. Jan-June 1913.
(A Conan Doyle-Great Britain and the Next War;
A Hurd-A War-Book for the Empire, Racial War in The Pacific;
E Pound on R Tagore-9pp. J Ellis Barker-The Peace Conference;
the Armament Race, A Hamilton-A Captured War Correspondent;
M Hewlett, H James, Noyes, Tagore, E Phillpotts,
S Campbell-The Dissensions of th Balkan Allies; S Carmen,
E Clodd, H Gordon-What's wrong with Cricket; O Onions, E Phillpotts,
C Shorter, R Tagore, H Baerlein, Woodrow Wilson, A Noyes,etc.)
Bound in half leather, a little rubbed at edges. £35.00
(G B Shaw & A Henderson on The Great War;
P Megroz-poem; Captain Wedgewood Benn on New Tariff Proposals; etc)
Original wraps £15.00
1925 Dec. No.708
. (J Murphy on Fascism; F Gribble on Gobineau; G De Nerval – The King of Bicetre translated by M Gough; Serialisation of Children of the Morning by W L George; etc. ) £15.00
1933 July. No.799. (Article by D H Lawrence – Christs in the Tirol;
A Zimmern – The Right Road to World Order;
C F Melville on The Austrian Crisis; Commentary by S Gwynne; etc.) £30.00
1934 Sept . No.813
. (A Keith on Sir Oliver Lodge; W W Davies – The Price of Peace; Story by M Armstrong; C C Arswell – The One-Child Family;
Story by L A G Strong ; etc.) £20.00

GEORGIAN POETRY . Poetry Bookshop.
1911-1923. (W B Yeats, W H Auden, D H Lawrence, R Graves, R Brooke,
T S Eliot, D Gascoyne, S Sassoon, J Masefield, W H Davies,
G K Chesterton, W De la Mare, J Stephens, F Ledwidge, M Baring,
R Nichols, E Blunden, R Campbell, O Gogarty, C Day Lewis, Sitwells.
6 vols:- 1911-12,  1913-15,  1916-17,  1918-19(reprint), 1920-22, 1923
& Recent Poetry 1933 edited by A Monro-this with dw.      £175.00
5 volumes all reprints with Recent Poetry. £60.00
GEORGIAN POETRY.1911-1912. 1913. Reprint.
(G K Chesterton, R Brooke, W H Davies, J E Flecker, W W Gibson,
D H Lawrence, J Masefield, T Sturge Moore, J Stepehens,
R C Trevelyan. R Ross, etc.) Spine cracked. £6.00
GEORGIAN POETRY.1913-1915. 1915.
Bookplate on front paste down.
(R Brooke, W H Davies, H Munro, W De La Mare, J Masefield,
J Drinkwater, W W Gibson, R Hodgson, D H Lawrence, F Ledwidge,
J Stephens, D H Lawrence, J E Flecker, R Hodgson,etc.) £25.00
GEORGIAN POETRY. 1913-1915. Reprint. Lacks backstrip. £5.00
GEORGIAN POETRY. 1918-19. 1919. Reprint. (W H Davies, Sassoon,
D H Lawrence, R Graves, De La Mare, J Drinkwater, W W Gibson,
F Brett Young, H Monro, J C Squire, L Abercrombie, J Freeman,
E Shanks, W J Turner, T Moult, R Nichols, G Bottomley, etc.)
Spine a little marked otherwise very good copy. Illustrated. £15.00

3rd Anne. Vol. 5. Maison de la Bonne Presse, Paris. A monthly account of the War, each approx 150pp along with war poems by combattants and others
who include Botret. Bound copy Jan-Jun 1917 which includes the individual content pages as well as a general index. Very good condition except that April lacks the final 4 pages containing poems. Topics covered include Zeppelins over Paris, the end of the Dardanelles expedition, The Battle of Jutland, Verdun, etc. £10.00

THE LABOUR YEAR BOOK 1916 . 1916. Almanac style publication issued under the auspices of The Parliamentary Committee of the TUC , the Executive Committee of the Labour Party & the Fabian Research Department.
Foreword by G B Shaw. Blue boards, gilt. Slight foxing to edges but contents very good. £12.00

LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS 19/12/85. (R Fainlight-Poem; A Motion-review; M Howard praises the Poets of the Great War..)£6.00

Nos 1-90. 1914-1916
. 4to. An unusually good run of this major German satirical weekly magazine spanning the first two years of the First World War, from 12/8/14-15/4/16. The publishers numbered the “Kriegs Number” from the beginning of the War with the intention of their preservation as albums, but few sets have survived. Like Punch, in England , there was anti-allied propaganda aimed at the English with many caricatures of Churchill. The most distinguished coloured art-work comes from the young Berlin resident caricaturist, Walter Trier, 1890-1951, who worked prolifically for the magazine throughout the War, & who, ironically, produced propaganda images for the other side during the Second World War. 90 issues, 16 pages each, illustrated throughout, including colour lithograph front& rear covers & 2 full page colour lithographs, stapled as issues in 3 original“Kriegs Album” pictorial portfolios in excellent condition. £1,400.00

Each issue contains short stories, articles& minor verse, many being war poems,with sections headed “From the Front” & many accounts of solider's diaries, including those relating to the death in action of family & friends. During the war years the contributors (often the Editor) are identified only by their initials. Original wraps. Uncommon as issues.
Summer 1916 V.2/2. (Poems – June Song, An Incident in the Great War, The Meadows at T'Eagle; Short story – Black Pack Harold; etc.) £15.00.
Summer 1917 V.3/2. (Poems – Two Love Songs, A Thanksgiving,
The First of July; Article on Tennyson; etc.) £12.00
Spring 1917 V.3/1. (Poems – To an Ivory Miniature, March Wind, King Frost; etc.) £12.00
Autumn 1918 V.4/3. Poems by P C Young, M Clarke, D U Ratcliffe; etc.£12.00

Winter 1918 V.4/4. Poems by P C Young, D U Ratcliffe, M Clarke; etc. £12.00

Autumn 1917 V.3/3 . (Poems – From Me To You, At Sundown,
Jock of Mull , Peggy Whitethroat, The Preacher Saith; etc.) £12.00
(Other issues available)

NATION. Original wraps.
All the War issues have articles/doggerel about the war.

NEW NUMBERS. 1914. v. 1/1-4 . A periodical devoted to the work of
W W Gibson, L Abercrombie, J Drinkwater & R Brooke containing the first printing of several of his well known poems.
4 issues in original wraps No.1 having a slightly frayed spine. All firsts. £225.00

LE PETIT JOURNAL. 18 Fev.1917. No 1365.
The rear cover entitled“Les Femmes et la Guerre-Les charpentieres de l'armee britannigue” in colour shows women soldiers hammering, sawing, constructing a hut. The front page is a portrait of Le General Halloun& there are various articles & cartoons relating to the war. £20.00
LE PETIT JOURNAL. 15 Juillet 1917. No 1386.
The rear cover, in colour, “Les Soldates Anglaises a L'exercise.
The front cover, again in colour, is of Le General Deville & there are various articles & cartoons relating to the war. £20.00

PEARS ANNUAL. 1916. An Old Time Christmas by James Burnley with 4 large coloured plates by John Hassall; Stories by H De Vere Stacpoole; Boyd Cable, Max Pemberton-illustrated by Cyrus Cuneo, etc. Poem by John Oxenham-To Men of Good Will Peace; with full page coloured ads for Dewar’s Whisky, Vim, Sunlight Soap, Buchanan Whisky and Pears’ soap. Original wraps in excellent condition for their age, but lacking the three seperate presentation plates which were originally inserted. £30.00

Contains 2 poems by R Brooke, Clouds & Town, Courting; & reviews Brooke's Collected Poems, from which these two poems are reprinted. The first English Edition of Collected Poems did not appear until 1918 . Also contains C Aiken's "Turns & Moves"-22pp poem. £25.00

The war years contain much original verse from combatants from “Camp & Battlefield.”commemorating dead comrades; describing actions, etc.

No.1. 1918
. (Conrad, E Bagnold, J K Jerome, Beerbohm, Kipling, Barrie , etc.)
Spine slightly frayed owvg. £55.00

SIMPLICISSIMUS. 1915. Kriegs-Sammelhefoot Der Grosse Parifer Kriegsrat. 8 Issues each devoted to the War between June 1915 & Feb 1916 in publisher's own pictorial wraps cartooning a meeting of the Allied Command. Excellent condition with brilliant & biting propaganda cartoons both in colour& black & white. £150.00

SIMPLICISSIMUS. 1916. Munich . 3 war-time issues:-March 14th,
July 4th & Dec 5th, in original wraps-all frayed along the edges,
two resulting in loose pages, however the text & illustrations are unaffected. All 3. £25.00

v.6/4. (J Silkin on Owen, Rosenberg & the War; K Burke on W Carlos Williams; K Smith, T Walker, G Hill...) £8.00

v.17/3. 1976. (J Silkin-The War & Rosenberg. Looking Backward & Forword by Laura (Riding) Jackson . Poems by P Levine, T Hughes,
I C Smith, M Schmidt, etc.) £8.00
v.21/2. 1980. (The First World War:-Owen & Barbusse by J Glover; Rosenberg by P Dickinson; J Silkin on I Gurney; Montale, Blok, Ungaretti, Tavetayeva, Klemm, Traki, Musil; Poetry by R Todd, Follain translated by Gascoyne, Holloway, etc.) £8.00
v.19/4. 1978 (The War Diary of Edward Thomas by W Cooke;
From the Winter of 1947 by T Transtromer trans by R Fulton;
Poems by G Traki trans M Hamburger, P Muldoon, C Hardy, V Scannell; Fiction by M Kelly, O Gunnarsson, etc.) £8.00

TO-DAY . Ed Holbrook JACKSON.

The following are bound volumes.

WHEELS. Ed Edith SITWELL. 1916-1921 .
1916-1921. Blackwells. (A Huxley, E, O & S Sitwell, Iris Tree, S Vines, E W Tennant, H Rootham, F Quevedo translated by A V L De Guevara, W Owen, A Porter, P Selver, A James, C Orange, A Rivers.)
The front end papers of 1917 & 1918 have neat inscriptions while those of 1916, 1919 & 1921 have bookplates otherwise they are all in very good condition with only some of the corners very slightly bumped.
6 volumes-all issued. Full sets are very uncommon. £500.00

19172nd edition of the First Cycle with black & red cover.
Bkpts on front end paper & paste down. (E, O & S Sitwell, N Cunard,
A James, E W Tennant, V T Perowne, H Rootham, Iris Tree.) £25.00
1917. Second Cycle. (A Huxley, the Sitwells, I Tree,
Sherard Vines, A James, E W Tennant , H Rootham.)
Inscription on front end paper. Boards a little worn with bumped corners but internally very good. £45.00
1918. Third Cycle. (The Sitwells, A Huxley, Arnold James, Iris Tree, Sherard Vines, A V L De Guevara.) Covers with Lawrence Atkinson Vorticist design a little marked, corners bumped otherwise very good.. £45.00
1921. Sixth Cycle. (the Sitwells, A Huxley, Alan Porter, Sherard Vines, H R Barbor,
Charles Orange, Paul Selver, Augustine Rivers ). Corners bumped otherwise very good indeed. £45.00

THE WIPERS TIMES. Ed. F J Roberts. 1918.
Introduced by Lord Plumer. A Facsimile Reprint of the Trench Magazines:-The Wipers Times,The Kemel Times, The New Church Times, The Somme Times, The B E F Times.Slight damp stain on front cover. £50.00

THE YEAR 1914 ILLUSTRATED . 1914. Daily News.
A Record of Notable Events& Achievements Nov 1913-1914.
Illustrated with photos, paintings & cartoons.
Original pictorial paper covered boards portraying war themes. £10.00

THE YEAR 1918 . 1918. A Record of Notable Achievements and Events. Illustrated. £12.00

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